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He was beginning to lose his mind.

It was clear that Zelana was gone the moment he saw her with her mutation complete. Whatever the Dr. had done to her had destroyed her. He knew he’d played with her memories before, like with all of them, but this was something different. It was like she was just an empty beautiful shell with nothing inside. Nothing but hatred and destruction.

She was Iexo made flesh.

But he couldn’t help but to wonder, to hope that there was still something…a small part of her in there. Some part that remembered the things they’ve been through together, and how much she had once cared for him.

Zelana was leaning to the counter and staring blanky at the wall when he entered the kitchen. She payed no attention to him, not untill he was standing directly from her with her hand in his.


She hissed, “Don’t call me that.”

“It’s your name. I won’t be calling you by anything else.”

“Your mistake.”

“Please, wait. There must be…something. Some part of you that feels. I know you want revenge and trust me, I want it too. But this, this is a suicide mission.”

“One shot, one kill.”

No. Let me help you find a way. There must be a way to get you back.”

She was staring at him with such intensity he hoped it was a sign. She was acknowledging his words, understanding. So he took a step closer, so close they shared breath,

“Does your heart really refuse to remember everything?”

Her expression changed at his words to something he’d seen before. Pain. She leaned even closer, taking his face between her hands and said with unnerving innocence,

What heart?”


8/ edits of 엑소; 1 year since showcase

 A year since we’ve first seen the 12 of you on stage together, thank you giving us a year of amazing performances.

感谢你们的每一个舞台  [31.03]