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I've just started getting into block b and I was wondering if you could help me get to know them/their personalities☺️ so far I know Zico, taeil, p.o and ukwon, i still need to YouTube them tho I feel like I'm gonna be in deep rip lol

Hi, hello and enjoy, cause it’s about to get crazy in here

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the Block B fever them so excuse if I mess up on some points, I’m rolling on 2013 knowledge ^^’

ZICO - Woo Jiho

  • Since he’s one of the ones you know, I don’t think I will write much and most of it you will probably know.
  • A talented lyricist and rapper who is inspired by other successful artists such as G-Dragon
  • He is the blunt and straight to the point leader who works really hard to achieve success
  • Loves each one of his members, but is the closest with Kyung
  • He actually went to school with Kyung and they were best friends back then
  • He is fun and does not care about his image that much. He wants to be known as a funny guy who just happens to be dead serious about music
  • He can point out a mistake and pick a fight if something goes wrong
  • He does not put on a fake act to seem friendly around people he dislikes, but he wouldn’t be an ass about it either, pretty mature if you ask me
  • Affectionate
  • Talented
  • Likeable
  • Caring
  • BUT blunt and dead honest
  • Lead meme

If you want to see his serious side, watch the making of “Jackpot” <- it’s actually a nice video to get to know them

TAEIL - Lee Taeil

  • The oldest member who just happens to suffer from baby face syndrome (I know the feels)
  • A very dorky member, he has a special charm to him and he can get flustered quite easily
  • He is warmhearted, cute and sweet
  • He’s like honey but sometimes a bit bitter, you know
  • Every member loves to smooch and bother him
  • He has his little crazy moments, he likes to have fun
  • But he loves them too~
  • He’s like the baby of the group, how is he the eldest

Come and die watching this cute compilation, and have something sweet for bitter days /HERE/

B-BOMB - Lee Minhyuk

  • The sexy member
  • Has a nice butt and he knows it
  • He’s a bit awkward and evil
  • My bias wrecker *cough*
  • Mispronounced ‘dimples’ for something extremely inappropriate, I could send a gif but most will probably know what I’m talking about
  • He is a great dancer
  • How many times will I write ‘dorky’ in this post… Block B is all dorky so that’s a problem
  • He never can’t do something, and when he can’t - he can
  • He wants to be influential to people (He’s failing but let’s overlook that)
  • Loves bothering Jaehyo
  • Sexy
  • Awkward
  • Evil
  • But weirdly caring and loves to share kisses
  • Dork
  • Sexy meme

Watch him be evil /HERE/

P.O - Pyo Jihoon

  • ShaMeLEss
  • The youngest but he’s such a freaking boyfriend material
  • He’s a walking angel
  • Like he literally couldn’t stand watching another member clean up everyone’s mess (the loser had to clean up) and he ran back to help him, such a freaking sweetheart
  • He felt like Mino was better suited for Block B and also felt as if he stole his place, this boy gives me feels
  • Extremely derpy
  • Has a good fashion sense… usually
  • He was quite awkward for a long time, but he warmed up to cameras and fans
  • Will give you second hand embarrassment
  • He let a fan touch his eyebrows, this pumpkin >w<
  • Stanning him will bring you happiness and riches
  • Shameless
  • Sweetheart
  • Caring
  • Helpful
  • Awkward sometimes
  • Baby meme

Watch him help Jaehyo clean to have a nicer life!

U-KWON - Kim Yukwon

  • Mood maker of Block B
  • Shining bright like the sun
  • Always messes up something, but he’s pure perfection so don’t mind it
  • Cheerful and dorky (of course)
  • Loves to see people smile
  • Knows the ‘lyrics’(?) to Ievan Polkka
  • He is supposedly very innocent according to the members but I’m not that convinced
  • He’s random. He accidentally made a word ‘beup’ and used it as a meme in conversations and gave it a defiition. Tsk tsk
  • He is also awkward. Welp
  • But he always makes people around feel more at ease and it’s a truly beautiful trait!

Have a very fun day with this stuck in your head

JAEHYO - Ahn Jaehyo

  • Hates receiving affection from other members. They disgust him (What a loving guy)
  • He has a prince disease (In love with his own looks, very confident)
  • Loves Pikachu and especially his Pikachu onesie
  • He’s the diva of the group. He’s sassy and the failure of others amuses him
  • But also helped a few (two?) other idols get into the kpop industry, so he’s quite helpful!
  • He gets flustered quite easily, but he will never shy away from admitting he has godly looks
  • He has a dorky (omfg can I stop) side to him too. He’s cute and weirdly charming in his own way
  • Yes, he is my bias fml (it’s funny cause he’s not even my type wtf)
  • Members + Affection = NO
  • confident
  • Sassy
  • Helpful
  • Easily flustered
  • Charming
  • Handsome meme

Watch Jaehyo be violated by everyone

KYUNG - Park Kyung (A.K.A. Cucumber)

  • Can’t control his face
  • Produced all the Block B albums with Zico
  • He’s a mess
  • The derpiest of them all
  • I can’t really tell for sure, but wasn’t he like the most perverted member as well? Let’s give him that
  • His smile is contagious
  • His laugh is contagious
  • His voice is freaking beautiful
  • He’s one of the smartest people living, he may not look like it but that boy has a higher IQ than I could ever imagine

And proceed with /THIS/
Then finish off softly with cute little smirk when reminded that he’s the only one who saw Zico shower /THIS/


  • This group took a huge part of my childhood
  • My info may be old
  • But I’m sure it’s still relevant
  • Love these guys, because they need and deserve it

Block B is:

~ Maya signing off


sally polkka.mp4

i had to do this

forgive me

Jattu tsup aridik arirallan, dit ari dillan dits dan dulla
Dippi dappi dalla roop uttiroopi ran, guri gan gook aia girrigan goo
Aratata ja rippirappirilla, baritsdan dillan dellan doo
A baribata bari bari, baribi ribi ribi ristan dellan doo
Ya barillan stillan deia do, wadava dava dava duva dava duviavoo
Barisdan dillan stillan do, wadaga daga daga doo doo deiadoo

music - original gifmaker lost to the ages…

Workout Log 7-11-17

So. I tried out the higher weights and lower reps, and I think I like it! There are even a few of these moves that I think I can push more next time, but I had to start somewhere and be careful not to hurt myself.

I’m keeping this post a little on the short side and slapped together today because I have to run my lease over to the property office. I did my legs and back today. I also walked the two miles to and from the gym, so I don’t think I’ll have to get up again today. LOL!

Treadmill Warm Up (10 minutes)
Leg Press: 175 lbs 3 x 10 (+15)
Calves (leg press): 175 lbs 3 x 10 (+15)
Dumbbell Squats: w/ 25 lb dumbbells 3 x 10 (+ 5)
Sumo Squats: /w 30 lb (single) dumbbell 3 x 10 (+ 10)
Dumbbell Dead Lift: w/ 25 lb dumbbells 3 x 10 (+ 5)
Bridges: w/ (single) 25 lb dumbbell 3 x 10 (+5)
Lat Pull Down: 50 lbs 3 x 10 (+10)
Low Row: 50 lbs 3 x 8 (+ 10)
Bent Over Row: 25 lb dumbbells 3 x 8 (+15)
Walking Cool-Down (until I get bored)

Playlist Picks: Scratch the Pitch by Guano Apes and Ievan Polkka by Korpiklaani

Apps featured in this post include Fitbit.


(Notable concert songs, 4th wall songs, songs about Miku herself, some of Miku’s biggest hits)

-Yellow, livetune
-Tell Your World, kz
-39, sasakure.UK & DECO*27
-Blue Star, Hachioji-P
-Sharing the World, BIGHEAD
-39 Music!, Mikito-P
-MIKU, Anamanaguchi
-2Dimension Dream Fever, PolyphonicBranch
-Packaged, livetune
-Nebula, Tripshots
-Burenai Ai De, Mitchie-M
-Melt, supercell
-DECORATOR, livetune
-Hibikase, Giga-P
-Glass Wall, GHPZ
-Satisfaction, livetune
-Rolling Girl, wowaka
-World is Mine, supercell
-The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, cosmo@Bousou-P
-Hoshi no Kakera, Eiji Hirasawa
-Ievan Polkka, Otomania
-Electric Angel, Yasuo-P
-Last Night Good Night, livetune
-News 39, Mitchie-P
-PoPiPo, Lamaze-P
-Project Diva desu., Utata-P
-Senbonzakura, WhiteFlame
-Deep Sea Girl, Yuuyu-P
-Ten Thousand Stars, Circus-P
-Unhappy Refrain, wowaka
-VOICES, tilt-six
-Hand in Hand, Hachioji-P

the signs as vocaloid songs

Aries: Bad Apple

Taurus: Evil Food Eater Conchita

Gemini: Matryoshka

Cancer: Rolling Girl

Leo: World is Mine

Virgo: Black Rock Shooter

Libra: Ten Faced

Scorpio: Trick and Treat

Sagittarius: Just be Friends

Capricorn: Kokoro

Aquarius: Spice!

Pisces: Ievan Polka

Block B in Finland [questions from fans & answers]

[BLOCK B IN FINLAND] Membersquestions and answers for each other (questions from fans)
I actually got a video of this but the quality is very bad.. D:
Don’t know if I got all the things they said but at least most of them~


Ukwon(to Taeil): Did you know that you have this many fans in Finland?

Taeil: I didn’t know that the venue would be this full and I’m so surprised to see all the fans here

Zico: Thats it? KKeut?

Zico (to B.Bomb): What you think about finnish people? Would you be able to keep one as a friend?

B.Bomb: It’s really possible. There are so many beautiful girls here.

B.Bomb(to Zico): Who is the member that is most popular amongst the girls?

Zico: That member is the coolest and puts himself out the best, so I chose Jaehyo

Taeil(to P.O): What was the most surprising and amusing thing in Europe?

P.O: I am so amazed that there are so many people who love us

P.O: I was just wondering if I look ugly..


Kyung(to himself): Which member would you marry if you were a girl?

Kyung: Umm.. Zico… I think he’s sexy…

Kyung: I want Zico to show his sexy dance!

*and so Zico did sexy dance with Kyung*

Kyung: He’s just as sexy as I thought

P.O(to Jaehyo): What is the sexiest part of a girl?

Jaehyo: I think I need a bit time to think this.

Jaehyo: It’s the butt.

P.O: I would like to see some butt dance!

*Jaehyo doing really short butt dance*

Jaehyo(to U.Kwon): I heard that you know one finnish song! Can you sing it?

*U.Kwon sings ievan polkka*