Eclipse’s Temptation || M

►Character: B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk || Female Reader

►Summary:  Before you could proceed with his other hand, Yongguk wrapped his strong arm around your waist to crush you into him making you gasped. “Yongguk…” He cursed. “You smell so good.”

►Genre: alpha;omega!au, wolf!au; Smut

►Word Count: 2 877

© Inspired by @tayegi Tinder 2.0

 Part of my Halloween’s Special.

 I’ve added B.A.P and Teen Top to my list

You took a deep breath before letting it out shakily. Standing in front of the door of a medium-sized cabin inside this tremendous forest which contains a few more cabins, situated a few miles away from the others. A few months prior, you would have never guessed that you would sign an agreement to help an Alpha during the mating season. For money. You need the money to pay for your tuition fees and the rent so you took the risk. It’s quite intimidating. It’s not like this is your first time, you’ve helped a few of your Alpha friends before and you’re not a virgin, but because of the rumours circling around the town lately, saying that a few Omegas were tricked by the Alphas, telling them that they are a mate. Only the Alphas would know whether the Omega is his mate or not. They have their way, according to your few Alpha friends.

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