Private Life ep 2 faves:

  • Youngjae’s strange flirting with Dae
  • Daehyun eating Yongguk’s ramen
  • Youngjae enjoying Daehyun’s ramen
  • Yongguk’s face before eating Zelo’s ramen
  • Himchan?? In Yongguk’s lap??? Bouncing???? WHAT
  • Yongguk meowing
  • Jongup reenacting funny cat clip
  • Yongguk shaking his lil butt
  • Himchan following Jongup to the bathroom (I think???)
  • Younglo
  • DaeUp singing Tears
this fansite is nasty (pls reblog/participate) aka “Cherish” is one of the worst offenders when it comes to whitewashing daehyun. daehyun has already expressed severe internal colorism and dissatisfaction with his darker skin tone, and he has already been teased into lightening himself (as you saw with the whole selfie situation). if you look at any of this fansite’s pics, daehyun is almost the same color as his hair, which has been edited to nearly white. if y’all can tweet @ this fansite and tell them to stop whitewashing daehyun, that would be great.

1. support daehyun’s natural skin color

2. please don’t whitewash daehyun

3. daehyun has expressed sadness over his skin tone, please support him instead of editing his skin 

4. anything else y’all want that gets the point across

if someone can reblog this with korean translations, please do!!!