ied tea

Burning Low. Sometimes you gotta let yourself feel things. 

Yo this is the one and only time I’ll ever draw angst goodbye forever friends.

peaches are out of season,
but the cold air calls for tea.
it isn’t the same without the sticky sweet,
the flesh caught between teeth- 
it isn’t our love,
it isn’t.

but the flavor is reminiscent 
and if I close my eyes on an inhale 
I could nearly pretend,
go back in time before the pit.
except, the wounds are closed. 
you were only kind when steeping.

- I burnt my tongue on peach chai this morning || O.L.

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heellllooooooo! what type of dad do you think Voldy would be in the voldy timeline??

He wouldn’t be a ‘dad’ in any timeline because it’s a role he’d never be able to fulfil. He’s incapable of love by this point. A child of his own wouldn’t have changed that. But even if he felt something for her, he’d never have the type of bond with her she wants. At best, he’d play on it to keep her loyal but I can’t see it having any real depth to it. Not on his side anyway. I’m sure it’s a whole different story in Delphi’s head. 

Just look at her in Godric’s Hollow. She says she’s studied to be worthy of him, yet she believes it without hesitation when Voldemort (who’s actually Harry in disguise) holds her by the chin and accepts her so willingly. She’s so busy trying to prove herself and earn his respect that she doesn’t question him back. Not until it’s too late. I know we’re suppose to hate her but it’s really quite sad. She’s just so desperate for his affection and approval that she ends up throwing away years of planning and patience because her father used the word ‘daughter’ and she slips. Her face when she hears that word says it all. In a way it reminds me of Scorpius’s face when his dad says they can hug too, and of Albus’s when Harry puts an arm round him in the graveyard. It’s a mixture of happiness and relief. It’s what they, and we as an audience, have waited five hours for.

You know the line, “I believe it kind of got us into this mess”? Well that’s the play. These ‘cursed children’, unable to connect with their fathers in the way they need. It’s the root of all their problems. It’s a theme that runs not just throughout the play but the entire series. History repeats itself time and time again. Harry and Albus. Draco and Scorpius. Voldemort and Delphi. Lucius and Draco. James and Harry. Tom Riddle Sr and Tom Riddle Jr. All these connections are damaged. They range from frayed and repairable, to permanently and prematurely severed. But wherever they are on that scale, Harry is right. “That never leaves you”. Even once Albus and Scorpius sort things out with their dads, they’ll never forget this period of their lives. It will continue to affect their future decisions and actions. Whether that’s for good or bad is up to them.

Life is fragile and relationships disintegrate as quickly as they bloom. They’ve had to learn that the hard way, as do we all, but it’s why this play is an incredibly important and beautiful addition to the HP series. Our need for each other is universal and requires no magic at all.

“If our adventures have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that.”

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Your first on the "list" it seems. Well. You are, to be honest, the nicest. You and Cam. Danni and Zayan have been realy mean to me. :-(. *sighs dramatically* Why are you on the list first? I mean, you are kind of annoying. You reblog and say mean-ish (ISH!!! DON'T HATE ME PLZ!!!!!) things in the tags. :'-(

dude it’s way too late i already hate u :/ we all tried to be nice and joky (esp cam?? i envy her patience) but really ure quite the brat. we’ve all spent a long time trying to thoroughly explain o u what’s wrong ab ur actions and u don’t seem to comprehend any of it. so im just sittin here with my tea sippin bc this is hilarious at this point. there’s so many other nets…we rnt special…. also im first on the list bc im fabulous and cam knows it 😇 (just kidding i think it was just random order lol). and i know some of us aren’t being very articulate but i literally wrote huge paragraph for u being very explanatory and forgiving and may i say MOTHERLY EVEN THOUGH IM ONLY A YEAR OR TWO OLDER THAN YOU but you completely ignored all of my and everyone else’s advice. hey look this is turning into another useless paragraph rn. why do i always have to waste my words


so my girl Tea @louisarsetattoo aka the loml tagged me to do a september/october moodboard so here goes!! it features my dogs, random photos i’ve taken at the park/beach, harry and his rainbow boa bc his constant pride means a lot to me, louis looking stunning as usual, my face, and a pastel rainbow pattern!!! it feels accurate tbh

i’m tagging @soloutomlinson @moonlightlouie @harryisabean @anklou @shythyme @nauticaltwinks @blougreen @ssoftlou @louiswantstomarryharry @delicatelou @panlouie