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After Malachor we just couldn’t take Kanan anywhere.

Hera: Me
Kanan: @Scruffy_Scoundrel on instagram
Sabine: Mystery Sabine with the amazing Dark Saber that I took a million photos with but am blanking on your name, please let me know! @paleocat

Still going strong! Meanwhile, Dan looked dapper as ever in a b&w-patterned suit, white top, and tie alongside his wife of eight years, Susie Hariet. When the Beauty and the Beast heartthrob and the South African jazz singer welcomed their first child, seven-year-old daughter Willow, they made Rebecca the godmother x


Opposite Gender Challenge

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I have no idea who should I pick, so.. I chose Sven. Why? No reason. I present to you, Vivi-chan~ hohoho. You get to see the side view only because I suck in this :’(

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I’m laughing this is hilarious I love him

bbbb i feel like i’ll never find someone who’ll love me again because im gross and a generally bad person to talk to and boring and whenver im in a relationship it always fails. i just want to be in love with someone whos in love with me and we can date and be happy and have a future together and everything. i feel so sad and lonely

Summer School Pt. 2 (Jeff Atkins X Reader Imagine)

Request: you should totally do a part two for the “summer school” imagine, I LOVED IT THE FEELS ALSJDJSNSKSKSKSSN!! need more!! loveeee your writing btw :)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~*Jeff’s Pov*~
“Seriously Jeff?” Clay asked unamused “How the fuck do you fail gym?”

“I don’t know dude.” I lied to him. The truth was that there was a schedule change recently, causing (Y/N) (Y/L/N) to be in the same gym class as me and I’ve been so distracted lately. The way her hair flips about when she runs and how she’s insanely amazing at volleyball. I’ve had a crush on her since summer school before freshman year, but I’ve never really talked to her since then. She’s pretty shy and quiet but shes also friends with many people and gets along with everyone, unless you fuck with her. If you get her mad she can be a bitch, and I’ve always admired the way she stood up for herself.

“Hey!” I get cut out of my thoughts by Clay “you really need to get your shit together.” He says right before the bell rings.

“Yeah I’ll work on it, see ya later.” I say as I hurried to my 3rd period class: Gym.

I walk into the gym to see three nets set up side by side. ‘Another volleyball day I guess’ I say to myself as I wait to see what net I was assigned to. I got net 2 and (Y/N) got net 1, meaning I was on the team next to hers.

About half an hour later I decided to walk up to Tony, who was on the same team as (Y/N). She was standing next to him and they were sharing a few words, not a full on conversation though.

“Hey Tony!” I go up to him saying.

“Jeff!” He replied “I saw Clay in the hallway, he told me you were failing gym.” He said smirking

“How do you even fail gym when you’re on the baseball team?” I heard (Y/N) say and I see her trying to hide a laugh.

I smile but as I was about to say something I hear the coach yelling.

“Atkins get back to your net!!”

“Oh shit” I whisper and walk away but I could hear (Y/N) giggling. Fuck she’s so cute.

I was now walking to my last class when I saw Clay talking to (Y/N) by his locker. Perfect! I went up to Clay just as an excuse to see (Y/N).

“Hey Clay. When does our tutoring session start today?” I ask

“Uhm right after school at 2:30, just like how its been all year.” He said raising his eyebrow and I can tell he knows whats going on. “Right, thanks man” I say

“He’s gonna be there too?” I hear (Y/N) ask him just as I was about to walk away.

I quickly turn around looking surprised. “What?” I ask

“Oh right! Jeff I have to help (Y/N) with history too for a few days for the test next week.” He said “I really hope you don’t mind” he said smirking.

“Uh yeah of course, it’s totally cool if (Y/N) is there.” I said as I internally face palm myself cringing at how nervous I sounded.

“See you there I guess.” She smiled and walked off which made me realize that I was going to be late to class.

“See you later Clay!” I yell as I begin running to my last class of the day. I sit in my seat and spent the rest of class thinking of things I was gonna talk to (Y/N) about. God I hope I don’t mess this up.