Last Night's Episode of Teen Wolf Went A Little Like This... (I.E.D Edition)

Already 5 episodes in and almost half way through the season! Let’s get started shall we?

Random girl running through Beacon Hills.

And she’s missing a hand?

Oh, She’s a werewolf.

“The Sun, The Moon, The Truth”

And she got away, only to get in the car with assassin Garret.

Stiles and Scott explaining the dead pool to Sheriff Stilinski, and Stiles talking about the population of Beacon Hills declining.

The dead pool might be for Beacon County and not just Beacon Hills.

Scott saying Allison’s name was the first cypher key.

They need two more names to figure out the other 2/3 of the list.

The benefactor is using the $117 million dollars stolen from the hales to fund this little supernatural hit list escapade.

Lydia at the lake house trying to decode the rest of the code.

Scott putting two and two together that whoever ordered the keg is one of the assassin’s and not only that, a student!

Kira thinking her dad knows about the dead pool, but it was actually that she joined the lacrosse team.

Liam will be facing his old school in the lacrosse scrimmage.

Derek breaking Liam’s lacrosse stick to make him angry.

Derek smiling.

Malia hovering over Lydia.

Malia saying maybe they should get help from another Banshee, meaning Meredith.

“If I could grade you on how profoundly you disturb me you, you would be an A+ student”

Stiles realized that one of the killers is a lacrosse player.

Violet and Garrett in the lab making a poison concoction for the dagger in Garrett’s lacrosse stick.

Lydia telling Malia that she’s not like them and can’t just turn her powers on and off.

Welcoming committee Stiles.

The whole interaction with Scott, Stiles and Liam.

Meredith strolling into the Sheriff’s station wanting to talk to Lydia.

Derek and Chris working together to find Kate.

Derek is losing his powers!

And let the lacrosse game begin!!!

Deputy Parrish knowing something is up with Lydia and being allowed in the room while she tries to get answers from Meredith.

Stiles helping Malia score a goal!

And Kira get’s benched because she didn’t pass the ball.

Scott realized that Garrett is the assassin.

Deputy Parrish getting Meredith to give him the number.

Hard hit on the lacrosse field and Liam’s arm get’s broken but Scott sets it, and jerk wad from the other team has to be taken to the locker room.

Scott tells Liam that he’s the target of Garrett.

But in a plot twist of plot twists, the player from the other team (jerk face) was actually the target!

Malia telling Lydia that maybe the numbers are like algebra and Lydia figures it out that the name to decode the list is…. Aiden.

And surprise surprise, guess who’s name is on the list, Deputy Jordan Parrish.

Scott finds Jerk Face in the locker room apparently dead, but he jerks back to life, not dead.

Violet tries to strangles/cut off Scott’s head, but he’s a total badass and knocks her out.

Chris saying “We hunt those who hunt us” as the code instead of “We protect those who can’t protect themselves”

And that is it for this week! See you all next week!