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What I kinda maybe wanna see in Life is Strange season two:

- completely different cast but still in the same universe, ie news articles on “devastating storm hits Arcadia Bay” or “Oregon teen shot dead in school bathroom (sorry).” Or maybe even interacting with some minor characters from season 1 (like saving a stranger with purple hair)
- different power instead of time travel.
- still heavily music based (like season 1 was indie) but maybe a different genre like grunge or jazz
- Love path again with the option to be straight, gay, bi, or asexual without the whole plot revolving around the romance.
- complete change of scenery while still keeping the style and charm that it keeps.
- main character is still a teen in/just out of school to make it more relatable
- still revolving around photography or a different form of art.
- aesthetic af parts

Thank u for ur time

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Pitch a baragon and godzillla movie (any 'era' ie. In the legendary universe or heisi, etc)

I LOVE THIS ASK, THANK YOU! Get ready for…

GODZILLA vs. BARAGON (1966) Dir. Ishiro Honda

This film is something of a counter to War of the Gargantuans and an alternative followup to Frankenstein Conquers the World

American title: Baragon, the Hollow Earth Monster
Literal Japanese title: Godzilla vs. Baragon: Great Battle at Earth’s Core
International title: Godzilla vs. Baragon
German title: Frankenstein und die Ungeheuer aus der Kern der Erde

Hanayo Sumi as Yuriko Sagawa
Susumu Kurobe as Dr. Hoshi Takashi
Tadao Takashima as Dr. Ken'ichiro Kawaji 
Akira Takarada as Police Chief Kazuo Matsuno
Kumi Mizuno as Dr. Akemi Togawa (cameo appearance akin to Dr. Yamane’s in Godzilla Raids Again)

          The movie begins with a giant sinkhole collapsing in the middle of Akita due to a battle between Baragon and the Frankenstein monster. Rumors of a lost city spread as a gentleman thief known as the Starry Night steals an ancient scroll from a Tokyo museum. What was so special about this artifact? It had a prophecy written on it that a giant hole leading to a lost subterranean city would appear on the exact day the Akita sinkhole appeared, along with a map to the city’s treasure. It also contained a warning: the many cities beneath the surface are protected by monsters. (Seatopia is briefly mentioned as one of these subterranean civilizations.) This city is protected by Baragon, the giant monster who attacked Akita one year prior. 
          Against the judgment of police chief Matsuno, Dr. Takashi and Dr. Kawaji (an obvious pick considering he dealt with Baragon before) lead the expedition to find the lost city and find a way to put an end to Baragon. As they enter the sinkhole, Godzilla emerges from the ocean and approaches. To escape, the scientists have no choice but to go deeper and try to lose the monster somewhere in the gigantic subterranean caverns. 
          Now on the run from Godzilla, the team rescue a young woman from a swarm of Meganulon. Astounded, they discover that she is the Starry Night thief searching for the lost city’s treasure. Her name is Yuriko Sagawa, a rich heiress who steals purely for the excitement. As the team and Sagawa make their way to the lost city, they discover a massive subterranean sea they believe must have passageways connected to the ocean above. Over the course of their adventure, Sagawa and the scientists form an unlikely friendship. When they finally reach the city, they encounter a young Baragon and its dead mother, killed by the Frankenstein monster. The creature attacks the humans, but is thwarted by Godzilla. Meanwhile, Sagawa finds the treasure at the heart of the city: a massive golden statue of Baragon, encrusted with priceless gems. She steals it and meets up with the others as they try to escape. She’s nearly killed trying to take the statue with them. At last, she throws away the statue and they all make their escape. Godzilla defeats Baragon, who will stay underground until rounded up years later for the Monsterland project. Godzilla walks into the underground sea, which the scientists note could lead him to any lake or ocean in the world.
As the team returns to the surface, police chief Matsuno captures Sagawa. She escapes nonetheless.

This was a lot of fun to write, thank you so much to whoever sent it!!

Darkiplier appears again and so do I!

I don’t have that big of a theory yet, but I can confirm what I was assuming beforehand. Darkiplier has been mentioned in two other games: File.EXE and MONO.exe. Both of these games involve a program running amuck in another world opposite their own. I theorized that all Darkiplier cameos up until the next BIG one will be relegated to games that play on this particular concept.

Sure enough, here comes Don’t Play this Game, a game that, supposedly, only works well when combined with other games…ie…other universes. And here he is, in his biggest cameo since the Valentine’s incident.

So it looks like my theory holds water. For all you Darkiplier nuts, stick to games that play with the concept of breaking the fourth wall.

Except One Shot. Cause Darkiplier has to pretend to have class and it’s hard to do that when you’re tormenting the viewer who’s already tormented by poor Niko.

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Hi from Mexico! I just got a nomination from my uni to study abroad at IE University in Segovia. Do you know if its a good one or should I rather concentrate in my studies and not bother with the exchange? Love your blog and how you run it!!!

Hola! Any experience that takes you beyond your known periphery as a student will enrich your education. I don’t know much about IE University in Segovia but a simple Google search yielded plenty of positive reviews. 

If I was you I would absolutely go for it!

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In which Jackie and Clarkson ask the really important question.

Ok so what i’m getting from Girl Meets World of Terror 3 is:

1. Smarkle would happen in any universe

2. Rucas would be drawn to each other in any universe (ie Lucas always loves talking to and protects Riley in any universe)

3. And l*caya was only a thing in the current universe because of Riley case closed–

without Riley, l*caya wouldn’t even b a thing in the slightest and this fact is proved with this very episode

Remember what MJ said: this ep is about how ppl would be without Riley, proving that l*caya certainty wouldn’t happen even with Riley out of the way….

In other unrelated news I am currently thriving whilst sipping tea ☕️

DC Reboot brainstorm #4 - Kryptonians

Some more reforms for my reboot universe, ie me trying to come up with explanations for things that make sense to me.

I’ve concluded that Kryptonians’ powers all come from the ability to manipulate gravity. They can create a gravity “force field” around their body, which is how they are mostly invulnerable. They can also extend the field around things they touch, which is where their super strength comes from. “Heat vision” happens when they focus their energy in a compressed stream. It’s easiest for them to use their eyes to do this, but they don’t have to do it that way. And obviously they can fly too, duh.

These powers are at full strength only when they’re fighting, which means if they’re not careful they can be caught off guard. As far as kryptonite goes, it emits radiation that is harmless to most humans, but deadly to Kryptonians (which is how I always thought of it anyway…). 

Kryptonians don’t get their power from Earth’s sun. Krypton’s sun actually starts constantly emitting a very low level of kryptonite radiation, causing Kryptonians to become more and more sick with each generation, which also reduced their powers. Earth’s sun counteracts the effects of Kryptonite to a certain extent, which is why it appears that Superman gets his power from the sun.

The end


Any pairing you want! (ok maybe not house elves please)

You have a sentence or a particular AU in mind? (ie: Coffee shop, university, muggle, post-war etc…) GIVE ME. If not, that’s ok, just send the pairing. 

Do you want a non-romantic story? Give me few characters, and a situation you want them in. don’t go into too much artistic detail or I won’t be able to do something with if.

If you want something NSFW (you can) you must be +18 (according to the laws of my country), the characters you request will be accepted of age as well! 

Okay so I’m rewatching Steven Universe and I noticed when he popped the bubble, before the gem became the centipeetle, it had a normal body silhouette, like a crystal gem. We’ve all already established these are corrupted gems, and this isn’t news. But to a degree, who these gems used to be still exists, they aren’t permanently monsters. How does one become corrupted? Is it reversible? What if it is, and they unleash other crystal gems in the temple? Would they be friendly? Would they just want to return to homeworld, like Lapis? I mean the temple is only designed for the five gems (rose/steven, pearl, amethyst, garnet/ruby+sapphire) so would they stay? Would they know these gems? Would they remember what happened while they were corrupted? WHY ARE THEY CORRUPTED THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS I NEED TO KNOW

like many anime Yowapeda has image songs by several of the seiyuu, but the goofy semi-canon DS game Yowamushi Pedal: Ashita e No High Cadence did something else: each character has various unlockable bonus content, one being a short rendition of the theme song for the in-universe anime “Love Hime by each character, in-character

i say “in-character” because while all the “official” image songs are very nice, they’re meant to meet the “industry standard”, that is to say, very good, but the good you’d expect from professional voice actors. i can’t guess how the seiyuu were directed for these recordings but it really sounds like they were really trying to sing how their character would sing in-universe, ie, like a bunch of awkward teenaged jocks, and the results are incredibly charming. notable examples being

  • Aoyagi, who is attempting to sing too quietly for the microphone to pick up 
  • Kuroda, who clearly hates every second of this
  • Arakita, who sounds like he fell asleep after practice, was shaken awake by Shinkai, had a microphone and some lyrics shoved in his hands, and just mumbled through the song while his eyelids were slowly sliding shut
  • Teshima, who sings like a jackass
  • Toudou, who sings like a Chihuahua on a treadmill 
  • Tadokoro, who is trying very, very hard
  • Midousuji.

it’s that time of year again!  onwards to our second year of RinShi week!  An entire week celebration dedicated to the pairing of Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama  (◕ᴗ◕✿) please join in on the fun, in RinShi week 2016 as we dedicate a week to our precious Demon and Angel exorcists in training!

/7th November  – 13th November 2016/

Day1: Precious Treasure

Day2: Cooking

Day3: AU (ie. Alternate Universe)

Day4: Kimono

Day5: Cosplay

Day6: Forbidden

Day7: Warm Flames

/Bonus prompts./

RinShi Week Bonus Prompts in this link here: Bonus Days info/prompts list

Basic Rules:

  • Do not post art or edits/graphics that is not yours, they will not be accepted.
  • Do not use another artist/s art as a base/trace please respect others and be original with your work~<3 if you do it will not be accepted
  • N/.SFW content should be under a cut/read more or tagged appropriately and anything else that may trigger, remember there are fans of all ages, and might be uncomfortable with this type of content; so please be courteous and respectful.

More Rules in this link here: Full Rules list


  • Fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, videos, etc. are all accepted whatever you wanna do!.
  • Please include ‘RinShiweek’ or ‘RinShiweek2016’ within the first 5 tags so that they can be found.
  • Late entries are accepted! so don’t worry if your late.
  • The Prompts given are optional, they are merely here to be a guidance and to inspire. but if you have something else in mind go for for it!.
  • If you have any questions please send this to the ‘RinShiWeek’ or ‘Flower-Of-Assiah’ blog and not the admin’s personal blog.

I hope you will participate and enjoy our lovely celebratory week for RinShi!╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

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