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Some Batfamily Headcanon
  • Every year around the same time, Jason will go and steal the tyres off the Batmobile. Damien sometimes helps.

  • Bruce and Cassandra learned to bake cookies together. Alfred supervised.

  • Tim likes to do logic puzzles with Alfred.

  • Horror movies are Officially Bat-Banned from Wayne Mansion. 

  • So is The High School Musical trilogy.

  • Stephanie once replaced Dick’s entire iPod with nothing but the Crazy Frog Song. Dick retaliated and now nobody has an iPod.

  • It is an tradition in one Diner that every year, one week to Christmas, Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batwoman, Red Robin, Black Bat and Robin get free hot chocolate and get to sit on the roof. The owners often thrown in free cookies as well.

  • Bruce’s typical response to the ‘You’re not my Dad!’ is ‘The paperwork says otherwise!’. It acts as a reminder that Bruce chose them and chooses to love them. 

  • Dick managed to rope Jason, Tim and Cassandra into crashing a Justice League meeting and doing the Spanish Inquisition skit. Bruce was the one who said the fatal words.

  •  It is collectively agreed by the Batkids that the couch in Bruce’s office is the best place to nap.

  • It is second only to his chair in the Batcave.

  • Batman banned inter-Batkid prank wars. He said nothing, however, about the Young Justice vs Batkid Battle.

  • Stephanie and Damien share a love for Harry Potter.

  • Cassandra and Jason once managed to change Arkham Asylum into saying Karma Lay Mush. No one is entirely sure what is means or how they managed it.

  • Due to Alfred’s dislike of swearing, Bruce implemented a competition for most creative swears. Winner gets to drive the batmobile at the end of each month and an automatic win if Batman laughs.

  • When Cassandra discovered the terrible pasts of each of the original Young Justice team (ie Wally’s discord with his parents, M’Gann’s white Martian heritage, the Superboy fiasco), Bruce found adoption papers on his desk the next day.

  • Dick is the one who instigates most of the mischief. Bruce is a close second.

  • Damien takes immense pleasure in hiding in vents and popping out of them to scare people.

  •  Originally, Dick was only Batkid allowed into the Justice League Watch Tower. After the incident with the frogs, he is now the only Batkid that is required to have supervision while in the Watch Tower.

  • It is widely known by the Batkids that Batman’s cape makes a great umbrella when it is raining on a stake out.
Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

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one of my favorite concepts a friend of mine suggest is “trickle-down social justice” ie; the belief that its progressive to have stuff like more non-white CEOs because if something like “anti-racism” is installed at the higher levels of society it will eventually “trickle down” to lower classes

anonymous asked:

the comparisons between palestine and ferguson are useless. these situations have nothing to do with each other. apartheid ended in america long ago while palestine is still under occupation. 1 person vs. 2000 people, you guys are stupid.

Black people are killed in this country every 28 hours by law enforcement. So no, its not just one. But even if it was, why does it need to escalate to such a staggering level for you to care? This isn’t some buy in bulk discount at Costco’s. These are other people and their livelihoods you’re talking about. If you don’t care about one person who succumbs to oppressive violence, what’s to say you’ll care about 5 or 10 or 100? You can’t talk about grander schemes of liberation and justice but lack basic empathy for others, for an individual unit.

I’m gonna let you in a little secret; Michael Brown and Eric Garner and Rekia Boyd and so many others extrajudicially executed by a state apparatus are individuals yes, but they’re also representations of the continued disavowal the US has for Black people. When we’re talking about sanctioned anti Black racism, this also includes the prison industrial complex that has deemed thousands of Black people pariahs of the state, deemed unfit for work, to vote and benefits due to petty and nonviolent offenses and exploits labor by paying prison laborers cents a day. It includes the legacies of the exiled and assassinated. Assata Shakur and Kwame Ture to name a couple. It includes both MLK and Malcolm X, who though have been understood in different and almost antagonistic ways in mainstream consciousness, are with manipulated histories to hinder those of today from benefitting from the fullness, vibrancy and unadulterated honesty of these figures’ legacies. There’s an entire intricacy at play here. I can guarantee that 50 years ago, someone like you would look at Jim Crow and scoff by citing slavery and how things are relatively better.

You mention Palestine, so let’s talk about Palestine for a second.

Who is stupid? The people who see parallels between the brutality in the US and Israel against marginalized subjects. I hope you realize you’re calling prominent Palestinian figures stupid. There has been much solidarity forged between these two regions groups over the past several months. Activists in the West Bank offered advice to Ferguson protestors. Ferguson protestors responded with gratitude. The PFLP released not one, but two official statements of solidarity on their website. I don’t favor unnuanced comparisons myself and I understand the need to have your narrative dignified enough to stand alone. I get that so much, but Palestinian activists in occupied regions and Black activists in America HAVE been able to retain their own identities and perspectives while understanding that their oppressors collaborate and retain similar strategies, so therefore collaboration on our parts is not only important, but essential. The Dream Defenders went to Palestine last week and iterated that exact notion. I don’t know why the comparisons bother you so much when its been a preferred method by the very people resisting. And I suspect it has more to do with your disdain of Black activism than concern for the Palestinian narrative.

I’m sure you know that most days aren’t the two month period last summer. The IDF isn’t raining hellfire on Gaza and killing dozens of people a day, everyday. The genocide that occurs against Palestinians is physical, no doubt, but its also cultural and pastoral. Its exemplified in rhetoric, literature and mysticism surrounding the land. Israel is a very well oiled machine that has employed historical fallacies, a false sense of a “right to return” (at the cost of indigenous populations), PR experts, religious fervor (such as Evangelical Zionists who believe that Jewish people need a unanimous claim to Palestine for Jesus to return) gaslighting (“support Israel’s existence or else you’re an antisemite!”) and hijacking pre existing markers of social justice (ie. “Israel treats LGBTQ communities well, while the rest of the Middle East does not) to proliferate its illegitimate existence and do so while appeasing many different groups. The only time I think I’ve ever seen homonationalists and homophobic Christians be spotted on the same side of an issue is when they support Israel.

I’m not sure if you understand the histories of genocides at all, but many of them started off gradual, with many observers sharing your viewpoint. That its not quite urgent enough for them to express condemnation. That actually happens with Palestine as well. The bombings in Gaza are over, so the collective outrage has disintegrated. The NYT recently called the situation in Gaza “calm”. But guess what? Children are arrested and funneled through the settler prison complex everyday. Houses are demolished in the West Bank by the hundreds. Fishermen are shot. Sewage is still dumped in sewers. The blockade has yet to recede. So by your own logic, you shouldn’t even care about Palestine most days, because hey, other places are under harsher, more consistent repression.

Your angle is useless and quite literally the definition of counterproductive and trollish. I suggest you do better.

anonymous asked:

i don't understand why its bad to talk about the U.S. turning down Ann Frank's father's visa application in relationship to how we are dealing with refugees now. like people (i hope) view Ann Frank in a positive light i.e...feel sad that she died the way she did. so is it bad to get them to think about the idea of not repeating past mistakes. i do understand how its a problem when people say "they wouldn't treat X' group this way." but this confusing me.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, thinking how best to approach it.
I’m not entirely opposed to the connection being made between Jewish refugees during the 30s and early 40s and the Syrian refugees now. The situations are not particularly closely parallel, but I guess ‘running for your life’ shares a basic commonality. I am seeing references to the closed borders and the turning back of the St. Louis being exchanged on Jewish activist forums, and it doesn’t bother me there.

What bothers me is the way it is being used, especially on Tumblr, by Gentiles, for a variety of reasons.

First, if you use that horrible piece of art where they’ve put a keffiyeh on Anne, you can just shove off. The history behind that is all bad, and the use of it shows an incredible disregard for Jews and Jewish experience.

Most importantly, though, for me, it’s about how the Holocaust is treated on this site when non-Jews and non-Roma don’t want to use it for something. Specifically, it is dismissed. It is described as white-on-white genocide. People complain that they had to learn about it. They compare it dismissively to ‘real’ genocides. They accuse Jews of using the Shoah to harm Palestinians. They accuse Jews of failing to learn the ‘lessons’ of our own genocide. They make stuff up, including entire groups they claim were targeted by the Nazis who weren’t. They complain about reparations to survivors. They claim that Jews, not white Europeans, disregard the genocide of the Roma, and ‘hide’ it. They tell us we’re unaffected today and should get over it. And this isn’t an occasional bad apple, this is Goddamn Social Justice Tumblr. Over and over and over again, the cold-blooded murder of a third of the Jews in the world is dismissed as something that’s not really very important, that we should maybe just shut up about, or use as a ‘lesson’ to teach us how to be nice to more important people than ourselves.

And Jewish refugees from other places, and more recently, are treated just as disrespectfully. The entire expulsion of the MENA Jewish communities is treated as an irrelevancy that wouldn’t have happened if Israel had just not existed. The recent directive to Yemen’s surviving community to convert or get out was met with, well, essentially a giggle from Tumblr. Any reference to the flood of Jews leaving France is just extra-unimportant, especially considering that they’re going to Israel, and are therefore scum. Any discussion of antisemitism, no matter how violent or state-sanctioned, in the MENA region is justified because of Israel, and instantly excused and trivialized.
Jewish lives count for NOTHING on this site.

Until they need Anne Frank’s sweet face to provide a sentimental punch for a real social justice issue, ie, one that doesn’t involve Jews.

Suddenly, it’s “Never Again”?

Actual Jewish community agencies and organizations appealing for the Syrian refugees can use what images they see fit. But from Tumblr, which is consistently anti-Semitic, I really don’t want to see it.

at this point anyone who implies fighting for social justice (ie ‘social justice warrior’) is anything but a necessity for marginalized folks should be assumed to be living under a fuckin rock when you got so much social inequality and disorder becoming the norm. like shut the damn fuck up most of us are just trying to live a life with some dignity and avoid having the same shit that happened to our ancestors happen to us again. it aint about tryina come off as a hero, the titles you give us don’t mean shit, we’re just tryina survive in tact at least for a couple more centuries before they try to wipe us out in the name of white assimilation.