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I have a Colombian colleague who finds the expression "Latin America" super offensive and she HATES being called Latina, she hates people calling South America Latin America and she insists on her Colombian identity. I mean the word Latinx always sounded very us centric to me, so it's an intersting input/

well in theory latin america is already a fairly colonialist-ish term in itself because i mean latin = spanish/portoguese colonization and while it includes most people from central/south america in the US I highly doubt people outside it identify themselves like that without blinking but then again latinx for me is a linguistic…. well, let’s say interesting neologism but that x at the end makes me want to weep because that’s not how latin/romance languages work so idek but in general the US have a certain tendency to put everyone under one umbrella (ie people talking about africa as if it was a COUNTRY and not a continent) in the name of sticking together as immigrants/second gen. immigrants who come all from the same continent sooooo *shrug* it’s very us centric indeed


As I’ve discussed in a previous post, I’ll be discussing how face-to-face interviews are transcribed.

To copy-paste from the aforementioned post, face-to-face interviews are the most common method of getting an interview. The writer sits down with the person being interviewed, turns on a recorder and goes through a bulleted list of questions that would flow with the idea of the article that he or she is writing. Sometimes, it could also be a free-flowing conversation between the writer and the interviewee.

  • Who uses/does this: Big-name magazines (Vogue, GQ, etc), national newspapers (though depending on the country, ie. national newspapers in America and the UK may get a face-to-face interview, national newspapers in, say, smaller regions or other countries might not) or, to add, outlets that have been given exclusives.
  • What gets printed: After transcribing the conversation, the journalist picks through the responses that they think are relevant or will fit the frame of the article that they want. 
  • PR interference: As early as the face-to-face interview stage, a PR representative might ask the journalist to take some quotes ‘off the record’ or coach the person being interviewed what to answer or not answer. Pre-printing, depending on the person’s PR team, the article might sometimes be further proofread, other times not.
  • How much truth is in the final article: 50%, with interference from their PR team. Bring it down to 25%-40%, depending on the journalist’s agenda and how he/she chooses from the transcribed conversation.

Now, since I haven’t really interviewed anyone lately, I will use this interview of Harry and Liam for ODE. I’m going to pretend that I’m Lucy Jones and I’m interviewing Harry and Liam for a print article. 

We’ll go through the stages as to give you an overview of the process:

FIRST STEP: The face-to-face interview. Notice that there is a bulleted list of questions but I (as Lucy Jones) also drift the interview into free-flowing conversations.

SECOND STEP: After the interview, the recorded copy (either a video or an audio record) is transcribed. (For the purposes of brevity,we’re just going to use one segment from 0:06 to 1:08)

I’ve transcribed the conversation as thus (this now serves as the ‘official’ transcription and will remain unprinted as this is an unedited version of my conversation with them):

START (0:06)
Lucy Jones (LJ): Uhm, how’s your bum by the way?
Liam Payne (LP): How’s your bum?
LJ: After the old falling over?
Harry Styles (HS): Ah, oh, oh! It’s fine.
LP: Ah, I didn’t know if it was ‘how’s your mum’ or ‘how’s your bum’.
HS: Fine, fine. I think both are quite content, yeah.
LJ: I was breaking the ice you see, the little pun. You fell over didn’t you?
LP:Ehhhh, ehhhh.
HS:No, not like that.
LP:But did you break the ice.
HS: Yeah but, but it was on purpose.
LJ: Right, they all say that, don’t they?
HS: No.
LJ: They do they?
HS: No, they don’t.
LP: Whoever they are.
LJ: Guys, did you ever dream that you’d have four albums?
LP: I don’t think so, I would be content with one.
HS: I thought it was gonna be a number.
LP: Having four, all the better. The more the merrier, I’d say, in the album frontage.
HS: I think, ah, that we’re very lucky that anyone, you know, that, people still care.
LP: That people buys our stuff.
HS: I think we’ve always been, uhm, incredibly kind of surprised but, uhm, that’s the thing, the fans… We’re very lucky that they’re so dedicated, they kind of keep surprising us, uhm, and I think yeah, we’re lucky that.
LP: True story.
END (1:08)

*It’s important to take note during the interview that a PR representative, management team member, etc might have interrupted any time and told Harry or Liam to not respond to certain questions. The same person could have requested me take off parts of the interview as ‘off the record’ ie, to stop the recording, not include that part into the official transcription etc.

THIRD STEP: Since I’ve transcribed the article, I will now start editing/writing it to fit the kind of article that I need it to be.

Let’s say, I, Lucy Jones, am writing for a national news paper or a ‘serious’ online news outlet. Let’s say I’m aloof about One Direction and will write this is as a feature article.

Using the transcribed article above, I would edit and write it as thus:

I sit down with Harry Styles and Liam Payne, members of the teen-pop sensation One Direction. 

I ask them about their fourth album and Payne, 21, answers, chuckling, “I don’t think so, I would be content with one.” Styles, 21, says in his usual monotone, “I think, ah, that we’re very lucky that anyone, you know, that, people still care.”

The quintet has been performing and recording since 2010. Entertainments pundits have slowly started foretelling when will the five get tired of the flashing lights of show business.

Let’s say, this time, I’m writing for an entertainment magazine, with a mostly female audience. 

Using the transcribed article above, I would edit and write it as thus:

Today, I’m sitting down with Harry Styles and Liam Payne, two swoon-worthy members of a band that has all equally hot members, One Direction. Harry leans over, clad in a purple shirt with most of the top buttons undone, tells me that his bum is quite content. 

Very cheeky, isn’t he? 

Liam, meanwhile answers my questions about their fourth album, surprisingly titled as, well, ‘Four’. 

“Having four, all the better. The more the merrier, I’d say, in the album frontage.”

Let’s say I’m a tabloid writer now. I’m not aloof from One Direction, however, I don’t really overly like them, either. What I do want, however, is to write an article that people will read.

Harry Styles, 21, fidgets nervously. He and Liam Payne, 21, have kept glancing past me, like they’re uncomfortable with their answers. What do they keep look at, I wonder?

Harry mumbles on, “I think we’ve always been, uhm, incredibly kind of surprised but, uhm, that’s the thing, the fans… We’re very lucky that they’re so dedicated, they kind of keep surprising us, uhm, and I think yeah, we’re lucky that.” As usual Harry answers as indistinctly as possible. Liam supports him, keeping the focus, chiming in that people still buy ‘their stuff’.

Harry keeps on fidgeting and keeps looking at another part of the room. Is he looking at a pretty intern or is there a blonde, model that I don’t know about? Harry, who’s been rumoured to have once slept with hundred of one year alone, could be looking for his next lady-love.  

FOURTH STEP: A quick run-through with my editor and a submission. If One Direction’s team feels the need for it, they might contact me or may editor to check the article.


USE YOUR JUDGMENT WISELY when it comes to print interviews or anything that is printed on the paper. The moment that celebrities give their answer, there is already interference. As the interviews passes on for one stage to another, the truth strays a little bit further. 

Note the ‘articles’ that I wrote above. How each statement mentioned that I’ve included from Harry and Liam is true but when I placed it in the story, through how I phrase it, makes the story different.

Read interviews, take away the information, but use your judgment to decide if the interview has bearing or not. Look at the people being interviewed (do they have a history of telling the truth? Does his team have a habit of embellishing things for PR? Or hiding things from the public?) and the people doing the interviewing (is the news outlet trustworthy? Do they cover stories as they ought? What is their outlook on the person that they are interviewing?).

Bernie Bros Threaten Kids

This was found in the Facebook group.  There is video going around the internet showing Bernie’s trash supporters screaming at kids.  This happened at East L.A. College in Monterey Park on May 5.

This is an account of what happened in LA from a Hillary supporter not me
My birthday is Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 8th. My husband asked me what I wanted. I said that I wanted to go see Hill speak. We drove up from San Diego to East LA College. We got there about 10:40 and there was already a line. While waiting in line I was pulled to sit in stand behind Hillary!!! The crowd was huge! Everyone was excited and so enthusiastic. There where a few Sanders supporters that tried to disrupt but the crowd was not having it and drown them out with chants of Hillary! At the end I was able to shake hands with our next POTUS! It was just awesome more than I expected.
When we left the building we where forced to walk through the protesters. It was like running the gantlet. The protesters where on either side of us. I was walking holding the hand of my 18 month old grandson. He was starting to get scared due the yelling and screaming of the protesters. A girl jumped down and yelled in my face “you can kiss your family goodbye” then said if I voted for Hillary my son (pointing at my grandson) would die. The Hillary volunteer kept her from charging me. The Sanders supporters where targeting families that brought children. One other mother tried to tell the protesters that she liked Sanders but preferred Hillary and they threatened her 2 children too. One girl about 9-10 was crying and shaking it was just terrible. I know that Hillary Clinton is the only sane choice for President. There is absolutely no way I could ever support Sanders he has not tried to reign his supporters in. He has allowed them to escalated to the level of rabid terrorist. I came home and donated to Hillary. I will do everything within my power to make sure Hillary wins. I will NEVER vote for BS

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

-when either candidate mentions a scandal
-when Trump says ‘wrong’
-when Hillary pretends to ignore Trump
-when either candidate goes over their time limit
-when Trump interupts Hillary
-when Trump denies he said something thats been recorded
-when either uses a fun catch phrase (ie 'make america great again’ 'trumped up, trickle down economics’)
-when either candidate ignores the moderator’s question to talk about something completely different
-when Hillary acts hip or like shes not upper class

Finish Your Drink:
-when the camera pans to the moderator and they look like theyve lost all hope in this election.