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What is the difference between 家(うち)and 家(いえ)?

いえ refers to a building that people live in. うち refers to a home.

いま から うち に かえる!
I’m going home now!

But wait, there’s more!

1) うち is also used to refer to other people’s homes. Name+の+うち becomes nameんち or if the name ends in ん or you’re using an honorific that ends in ん, just add ち on the end. 

さっちゃんち に いく よ!
I’m going to Sacchan’s!

2) You can also use it when you would say ‘at home/in my family we do such and such’.

うち は まいしゅうまつ がいしょく します。
In my family, we eat out every weekend.

うち は ピアノ を もっていません。
We don’t have a piano at home.

3) Finally you can also use うち to refer to some kind of group that you are affiliated with.

うち の しゃちょう は たなか さん です。
Mr Tanaka is our company president.

Extra note!

うち is also used as a first person pronoun in the Kansai region, mostly by females. However, the pitch accents of this うち and the うち I’ve described above are different.

Bold indicates the high pitch, (so non-bold is the low-pitch obviously!)
first person pronoun: ち (high-low)
other uses: う(low-high)
EDIT: I just noticed that the bold doesn’t show up very well so I’ve written out the pitches as well.

If you find pitches hard to get the hang of, think of how ‘produce’ as a noun goes from high to low, but as a verb ‘to produce’ it goes from low to high.

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