You wanna hear a thing or two about Rome? Here we go.

 I’ve had the time of my life, like I’ve felt so good, all the time. Happy, bouncy, excited. I’ve spoken a lot of Italian and people have complimented me on my accent, no one I talked to in Italian switched to English, I’ve solved problems in Italian. I’ve spoken Dutch to a native. I’ve been eating pizza and pasta every day, I’ve eaten pizza on the go while almost running to the Spanish steps, me and my friends were at a restaurant for three hours one night, eating and talking. I’ve eaten gelato in front of the pantheon, I’ve eaten gelato in the last twenty minutes before the monastery closed. I’ve seen a lot of cool buildings, colosseum, roman baths, churches, basilicas, forum romanum, Ostia antica, a roman domus, beautiful architecture. I’ve been with friends all the time, every day and my introversion has been on a low, I’ve built on friendships I’ve wanted to build on for a long time. We had the best weather, up to 20 C and shining sun every day, I’ve barley seen a cloud on the whole trip, I’ve gone without jacket and in a skirt, I got a little burned on my nose. I’ve managed not to get run over in the roman traffic and felt that the fast speed fit me. I’ve been thinking about if I prefer Rome of Riva and I really can’t decide. I’ve had the time of my live, I haven’t felt anxious, I haven’t thought about school, I have spoken Italian, I have felt sunshine, I have radiated sunshine, I have radiated happiness, I have been going and going all day everyday, loving it, I have felt so good, been so happy and I’m so sad we had to leave. I love Rome, I love Italy, I love Italian and soon I’ll be back, I have to go back or I won’t get any peace in my soul. I love my Italian me, she is fantastic and I’ll try to be more like her here in Sweden too. 


As I saw that svenska med Idz has been circulating again I thought I’d do a new one this time talking about traveling! Enjoy! :)

Att cirkulera - to circulate 

Det var ett tag sedan … - It was quite some time since …

Att fundera - to think about, reflect upon

Att resa - to travel

En resa - a journey 

Jag ska ut och resa -I’m going to travel

I övermorgon - the day after tomorrow/over morrow 

Sjukt - freaking (lit. sickly)

Att vara taggad - to be excited, looking forward to something (informal)

Ett kloster (same pl.) - a monastery 

Hyfsat - kind of

Centralt - central

Ett vandrarhem - a hostel

Att packa - to pack

En väska - a bag

På hjul - on wheels 

En resväska - a suitcase

Hittills - as of now, until now

En regnjacka - a raincoat

En kyrka - a church

En pyjamas - a pyjama 

En handduk - a towel

Underkläder - underwear 

Ett smycke - a piece of jewelry 

Smink - make-up

Ett pass - a pass port

Pengar - money

Ett europeiskt sjukförsäkringskort - a European health insurance card

Staten - the state

Sjukvård - health care

Dyrt - expensive

Ett handbagage - a carry-on luggage/hand luggage

Att ingå - to be included

En laddare - a charger

En putsduk - a cleaning cloth 

Högmidjad - high-waisted

En gympasko - a trainer/tennis shoe

Att provgå - to test walk (to see if a shoe fits e.g.)

Ett skavsår - a blister

Ett flygplan - an airplane

Ett direktflyg - a direct flight, non-stop flight

Att mellanlanda - To have a stop over

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Ty marna kopio Filipka, tez chcesz być wack'iem bez matury i flow?
Moje teksty miażdżą Cię jak karalucha cipko.
Czepiasz się mojej warstwy lirycznej rymując “idiota ciota",
Ty i Twoim pseudofani to zwykła hołota.
Myślisz, że jesteś taki fajny i zabawny?
Gówno prawda, wypierdalaj,
Jak Ci zrobię wjazd na chatę zaczniesz kurwo bić na alarm.
Kończę tę zabawę, bo jej poziom mi uwłacza,
Idz się gnoju poucz i skończ dupe mi zawracać.
—  Nie wiem jak to nazwać, ale pisarz z Ciebie naprawdę mizerny @cichy-m