hi everyone I’m Natalie! not many of you know me because well i don’t have a lot of followers or online friends yet but taylor means everything to me. I can seriously say that she has saved my life. like literally. words can’t express…. this is the first tour that my parents are willing to let me go to a tour/I’m old enough to go (I’ve loved Tay since I was 8 and I live in alaska so it’s kinda hard to get to places…) but the thing is I can’t afford tickets right now. I got accepted into Idyllwild Arts Academy, an amazing performing arts boarding school to major in musical theater, my art is the one thing I love as much as taylor and she was the one who inspires me and my art every single day. this is a dream come true for me… seriously I’m so happy to go! but it’s crazy expensive tuition so my family is spending all our money on that and we don’t have anything extra for things like concert tickets :( so I finally accepted that it was okay and I live off crappy cell phone videos of the tour and they make me SO HAPPY! but today at dinner when I was talking about how much I wish I was going my mom told me if I could get taylor or taylor nation or xfinity to give me tickets she would find a way to get me there!!! I haven’t had my hopes this high since I was waiting to see if I was accepted Idyllwild. I’m going to tweet and blog taylor and taylor nation as much as I can, and I also wrote taylor a letter but I do still need as much help as I need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me and use your magic blogging fingers and help me get those tickets I will seriously love you forever and it will help me make more friends on here. I love you all so much :) -Natalie❤️❤️❤️


Guys. This was the high school that I went to and graduated from earlier this year. I wasn’t even aware they made this video, but all of the kids interviewed and seen in this clip are my classmates and friends, and the graduation shot was of my senior class.

Amazing school, amazing community of talented artists. I’ll definitely go back and visit someday. I made some of my most treasured friends there~

Interlochen Coast to Coast

Today is our last day Idyllwild Arts Academy.  We have spent the last five days in the gorgeous mountains southeast of Los Angeles collaboratively writing a play with Idyllwild’s creative writing majors and a handful of their talented actors. Today will be spent on script re-writes and rehearsal.  Tonight the play will at 7:30 pm PT (that’s 10:30 EST), so send good vibes out to us around that time.

Meanwhile on the opposite coast, Interlochen creative writing seniors Annalise Lozier and Alexa Curnutte are in Miami preparing for their own performance. Annalise and Alexa did not make the trip to California with us because they are national finalists in the Young Arts Art and Writing Awards competition. They have spent the week in workshops and masterclasses with other finalists from around the country.  We are sending good vibes out to them as they prepare for their 6 pm EST (3 pm PT) final reading, which will be livestreamed here:  

We hope to share a recording of our collaboratively written play ASAP!