Guys. This was the high school that I went to and graduated from earlier this year. I wasn’t even aware they made this video, but all of the kids interviewed and seen in this clip are my classmates and friends, and the graduation shot was of my senior class.

Amazing school, amazing community of talented artists. I’ll definitely go back and visit someday. I made some of my most treasured friends there~
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I just went to see my school’s jazz major’s concert and holy shit they’re all so talented
Like I walk around this campus like “I draw and paint good yeh” and I have no idea what’s going on with anyone else ever and then I show up to this thing and everyone was kinda sitting still listening until these student-composed songs came out of nowhere and had the audience all nodding their heads and shit and just
I had no idea I studied with such talented people. My mind’s blown.
Y'all great.
u go glen coco