“Pyrrho, like Epicurus, represented two forms of Greek decadence: related in hatred for dialectics and for all theatrical virtues, deliberately holding in low esteem that which they loved. Epicurus more naive, idyllic, and grateful. Pyrrho more traveled, experienced, and nihilistic: his life was a protest against the great doctrine of identity.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §437 (edited excerpt).

anonymous asked:

Wait, Waffle House is a restaurant? I just saw a friend of a mutual friend on Facebook works there. I thought it was sort of artsy title, meant to invoke the idea of an idyllic, warm summer morning where you eat waffles. I feel pretty silly right now.

YES! Waffle Cottage (fictional) is absolutely based on Waffle House (ABSOLUTELY REAL). 

And it is my favorite restaurant in the world. For a few reasons:

  1. Their food is actually really, really good
  2. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so when you are on a long roadtrip and want hot, fast, good food, WAFFLE HOUSE IS THERE FOR YOU.
  3. They have a limited menu (it’s one giant placemat front and back) so there’s like, familiarity and comfort there - they just do these 30 things and they do them really well, and they’ll do any combo within that you could wish for, but that’s it.
  4. They’re small and cozy (picture like, six barstools at a counter looking over the giant grill, and eight booths around, with four chairs for folks waiting and a jukebox in the corner) and they haven’t changed in the 20+ years I have been going to them. Like, they still have ugly brown tile floors and yellow aprons and red stools and plates with a brown border.
  5. It is super cheap. A family of four can eat there for $20+tip. 
  6. Which, incidentally, is why it has a special place in my heart - when my family had no money, it was a REAL treat to go out to eat, and we would go to Waffle House. It’s also where my grandpa would take me when he came to visit, and he’d tell me stories about being in the navy (while he ate his two eggs and bacon OR his bacon-egg-cheese-sandwich with a cup of black coffee, and I had my waffle and hashbrowns scattered/covered/smothered - which means with cheese and onions and scattered on the grill)
  7. ALSO THE WAFFLE HOUSE INDEX IS HILARIOUS TO ME like our government literally uses the state of Waffle Houses to determine how bad an emergency is, because they are so reliable and so ubiquitous in the US south.

It’s…one or three steps down from like a Denny’s or an  IHop if you’re familiar with those, depending on who you ask (I will pass on both of those 10/10 times for Waffle House).

So don’t feel silly - I am weirdly attached to it in a way most people are not XD

It’s just a really cozy, happy, yummy reminder of my childhood, which I am blessed and fortunate to say was a good one. 

(When I was 10, my grandma gave me $20 for my bday and I literally bought a waffle iron, that’s how much I love it)

Im so tired of posts that argue “well maybe you wouldnt be so oppressed if you were nicer to the people who oppress you.” As though they cracked the code.

As though homophobia was created when too many gay assholes were mean to the straight folk, as though the world was idyllic and perfect until women forced men to hate them by being so mean, as though trans people get murdered because they just werent nice enough and if black people could be more polite racism would go away, as though oppressed groups somehow threw the first stone and are somehow responsible for fixing things.

No. Just. No. God damn no.