…nach knapp zwei Wochen Tumblr-Pause freue ich mich doch darauf, wenn’s Montag wieder offiziell weiter geht, obwohl es in den ersten gut drei Monaten auch ein paar Frustphasen gab.

Sehr gefreut habe ich mich über den kompletten Reblog meiner 7-teiligen Genesis von patefoni, novaexpress93 und soubresauts.

Ein Extragruß an novaexpress93 für den heutigen Tag.

Danke auch an mindbuilding für den Reblog und die Sympathiebekundung, auch wenn diese sich nur auf meinen Literaturgeschmack bezog. ;-)
Nach Genazinos Frühwerk, der Abschaffel-Trilogie, werde ich mich in den nächsten Tagen seinem letzten Roman widmen: Bei Regen im Saal. Auch schon mal als kleine Vorbereitung für die Genazino-Lesung am 23.9. In dem Zuge möchte ich caeliriva ganz lieb Grüßen. :-)

Geradezu rührend fand ich die Erwähnung eines gewissen leuchtend-grauen Blogs im Zusammenhang mit einer sonntäglichen Aufwach- bzw. im-Bett-herumlümmel-Idylle von thepoemist. :-) Das passt auch super, weil ausgedehnte Frühstücke und das Bett als Lebensmittelpunkt sind genau mein Ding.
Sehr schön auch die Idee mit poesieohneabsicht, da bin ich gespannt, wie sich das entwickelt.

Grüße ebenfalls an alle hier nicht erwähnten, im speziellen meine noch übersichtliche Schar an Followerern, die hoffentlich weiterhin Spaß an den Sachen haben, die ich hier so mache.

Allen ein schönes Wochenende, wir sehen uns am Montag wieder. 

 Have a nice weekend all together, we’ll see us again on Monday.


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Starting from Scratch


After my last exceptionally angsty prompt fill, kaidan-pls requested some emergency fluff. 

Didn’t want to post it till you got back, hope you like it!


Shepard was a surprisingly good angler. Kaidan was surprised.

“I think… yes! YES!” Shepard pushed his aviators higher up his nose before grabbing the rod firmly in both hands and reeling in the line. Kaidan had to resist the urge to give him advice again: ‘this one’s tough, let it wear itself out a minute,’ or ‘ease up, nice and gradual!’ They were about to limit-out with a handsome catch, and most of them had come off John’s rod.

“You’re unbelievable, Shepard,” Kaidan chuckled, hauling in his line empty.

“I—I think I’ve really got a feel for this, Kay!” Shepard’s tongue was lolling out of the side of his mouth, watching the water intently as he pulled his line in. Kaidan enjoyed seeing him this way: sitting on a rocky-beach in the BC interior, wearing a dopey brimmed hat Kaidan’s dad used to wear at this same lake. He was wearing one of Kaidan’s old button-down shirts, untucked and unbuttoned halfway down the front, it hadn’t fit Kaidan in a few years, but as long as Shepard was still putting on weight, it suited him just fine—if a little tight around the chest. Wearing shorts, the scars up and down his leg from his latest surgeries were still visible as angry pink streaks.

But he was smiling like an idiot at the idea of catching their supper.

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“Hawthorne has been telling you tales, I see,” the witch says, her lips curled in an indulgent smile, “If I meant to punish him by taking away his toy, I would have him do the honors, as I’ve had him kill all your predecessors. But unlike all those sorry, trembling girls, and unlike your vampire lover, you are not so easily replaced. Tonight, my daughter, you join the sisterhood of witches.” 

Surprised by this revelation, Allannah stands in silence.

The witch waves a hand at the vampire, dismissing him, “Go, now. You have other tasks to attend for me.”

Allannah notes the glare of resentment in the vampire’s eyes as he turns to do the witch’s bidding. He must be Hawthorne’s maker, she realizes. But how did the witch sway this vampire to her will?