idx freeflow


This is the Nissan IDx Concept. It comes in two flavours as you go through these images. The beige-coloured version you see first is the IDx Freeflow, and the more aggressive, absolutely awesome-looking one is the IDx Nismo.

This pair is supposed to conjure the memory of the Datsun 510, but everything else is novel.

These plus the BladeGlider Concept… Nissan is on fire with the concepts this year ;)

From the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Photo credits (exterior only) and article:

Photo credits (interior only): Nissan Motor Corp, Inc.

Already Modifying

Damn this car isn’t even out yet and some people are already designing the mods that want to make. I must say that this particular stance and paint scheme is gorgeous. The Longchamp rims look beast as well. Nissan, you better hurry up and steal the tuner craze from the 86 twins!

- Jon Tong

Photo from Retrolism