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27 Climb - New favorite pony; best pony. 

28. Fall - Skewed perspective pumpkin shakes! -probably made from those pumpkins I drew.

29. United - Still love the way the series ended, but the comic ending is definitely my favorite.

30. Found - eh. Kinda an anticlimactic ending but I wanna be DONE. It all of ur missing socks! Haha.

And with that, I am done with Inktober! Part of me is disappointed I couldn’t get it done within the month but you know what? I JUST DID 31 DRAWINGS IN A MONTH AND A HALF …a month and 3 weeks. That’s something to be proud of. ;P

Best Pony?

My friend Scotty commissioned a sketch of this from Andy Price at Bronycon and I thought I’d line art and color it for the hell of it! Tried to mimic the IDW comic book art style as well!

Original Sketch:
Original Artist:
My buddy that commissioned the sketch:

So let’s talk about this picture, and no I’m not gonna start an argue between Starlight and Sunset .. I love them <3

The issue I have here is why Twilight have an actual pic of Pony Sunset? Does that means she usually visits Twilight and cross the mirror?

I don’t think Twilight just went to Celestia and ask her if she could borrow a photo of her old pupil to put it on her castle right?

I love this detail, seriously it’s like a ray of hope to actually see Sunset on the comics or the series for a special episode.

We need to see that Bacon Pony again 🦄💕☀️


(From the 2017 Annual: Guardians of Harmony)

Awww! Headcanon confirmed! Oldest friend… :P Well, not like it isn’t common knowledge by now!

But really though, I love how Fluttershy just wants to spend a little time with her girlfriend Rainbow like this, it’s cute! RD sure is being a little… distracted, though. Still, I wasn’t expecting to see them interacting one-on-one! So it was a nice treat and made me smile! :D She seriously is acting like a girlfriend who just wants to spend a little time with her partner and it’s sweet!

And RD made me facepalm. XP God damn it, Rainbow! Your girlfriend oldest friend just wants to spend some time with you! :< Aw, I feel bad for Fluttershy here, especially in the last panel when she’s all “And she’s gone again”, that face…. Awww… XP

No wonder it’s a little shippy, Jeremy Whitley wrote this particular issue, and we now know he ships them! XDDDD

Also, Fluttershy’s dry little “Of course she is” remark, I love it! XDDD