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New MLP comics character, from Friends Forever #14. Her name is Mina. She runs a comic shop in the dragon district of Fillydelphia. She has this obsessive fascination over reformed antagonists (Luna is her favorite princess), and is critical of Spike’s worldview on dragons, as well as how the pony population and police view and treat dragons.


This comic was honestly the most easy one to do. Only reason that it took so long was because my co audio editor have to find the sound effects and music. Enjoy everyone!  


To celebrate the release of My Little Pony: Friends Forever #14 coming out tomorrow here is the step by step process of how I created the cover!!

Step 1 - Pencils - I do mine digitally on a wacom cintiq

Step 2 - Inks - I print out the page and lightbox the inks onto a hot press watercolour paper

Step 3 - Tones - I paint all the shadows and shading traditionally. I keep brighter more red colours at the front and on the main characters and blue colours in the distance. This is because warm colours bring colours forward and make the shadows brighter. Cold colours push colours back and helps them sit in the distance.

Step 4 - I scan the file back into the computer. I adjust the line art colour for the buildings in the background. 

Step 5 - Flats - This step is called flats. I add the flat colours to the image. For interior pages I have an assistant that helps me with this step. Her name is Lauren Perry and she is awesome.

Step 6 - I put the watercolour layer into multiply mode so that you can see the flat colours on the layer under it. This way I have the watercolour tones with the right colours of the image.

Step 7 - I add adjustment layers and add the colours to Luna’s hair and also made it look like the sun is rising in the background.

Step 8 - Shading - I do add extra shading in Photoshop after. This helps add more depth into the image and extra lighting. 

Step 9 - Effects - The last step is the touch ups and effects. For the cover it was creating a brush to do Luna’s hair and make it sparkle!

Enjoy and make sure to pick up your issue of My Little Pony: Friends Forever #14 from idwcomics at your local comic store or online on Comixology!