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A Look into Amanda’s Vision, The Princess Advert and IDW Comic Canon: Mona Wilder revealed? (Theory Post)


“Mona Wilder” is the seventh Black Wing subject alias MOLOCH, trapped within the squeaky ‘stress toy’, and currently communicating through dreams and commercials.

She is “The Princess” in both the commercial seen in the main series, and possibly the insane ‘Princess’ child in the IDW Comic Series.

She is who persuaded Bart to get to (and possibly to kill) Dirk Gently.  


Amanda’s “vision” in S1 E3.

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Star Trek Ongoing #53;;

(let’s make a petition to have Gaila in star trek beyond xD)

Let’s go Texans 2015: Melanie Ortiz


Concept and idea: me

The 2015 NFL Season kicks and IDW ongoing series is picking back up this fall after the Get Real crossover is done.
So….2 birds one stone with this tribute pinup!!

..though Mel’ maybe a Cardinal fan.

Here’s to a fruitful season…*crosses fingers for playoff run* and for the return of the IDW Ongoing Ghostbusters series.

Melanie Ortiz © IDW Comics
Houston Texans © NFL

phoofbingo  asked:

So im a new reader for idw, where do you recommend i start? (im really interested in the earth cybertronian interactions too)

There are basically two places to start with IDW - at the very beginning, or at the start of “Phase 2,” the current, very popular run of books. If all the talk of More than Meets the Eye and The Title Formerly Known as Robots in Disguise is what has caught your interest, we - like most people at this point, probably - would recommend starting with Phase 2. There’s a little assumed knowledge and a few bits of continuity that might cause you to raise an eyebrow, but generally speaking you can jump in at the ground floor. To start with that, you’ll want to pick up More than Meets the Eye Vol 1 first:

…and from there, alternate between that and Robots in Disguise as you see fit. There are eight or nine trade paperback volumes currently available of each series, plus assorted one-shots and mini-series like Windblade and Drift: Empire of Stone. IDW put together this reading guide, and TFWiki’s own @jalaguy added the red arrows to help it make more sense! 

An alternate way to collect this era of comics, seen in the bottom left of the reading guide above, is the “Omnibus” collections, which bundle two or three trades’ worth of comics into oversized hardcover compendiums. Only three of these are currently out, though.

As far as Earth interactions go, however, these series have none of that until Robots in Disguise returns to Earth in volume 6, after which it becomes a big part of the story again. If that is where your interest lies, then starting from the very start of IDW will definitely be of interest to you, because the first “era” of the comics is all about the Transformers living and operating in secret on Earth. It’s got a big human presence, lots of shady government stuff - a bit old hat these days in the way of the live-action movies and the Prime cartoon, but it was written years before any of those, and was a very fresh, very “Ultimate Marvel” take at the time of its release that really hadn’t been done before. It was all written by Simon Furman, and is some of how best work on Transformers in the modern era. 

The only downside to explaining how it all played out is that IDW didn’t have any “ongoing” comic books at the time, and instead used mini-series and one-shots to tell the story, which means there’s no easy “volume 1, volume 2, volume 3″, etc, structure. Most if not all of the individual trade paperbacks from this era are long of out print, but can still be purchased diitally. Everything begins in Transformers: Infiltration:

…then carries on through different mini-series titled “Escalation,” “Devastation,” and concluding in “Revelation,” supplemented throughout by three volumes of “Spotlight” one-shots and a few other mini-series. Furman then departs, and the “All Hail Megatron” storyline begins, followed by a two-year ongoing series written by Mike Costa, after which “Phase 2″ began.

The complete “pre-MTMTE-and-RiD” era is available in eight hardcover omnibus collections, titled “The IDW Collection”….

These books are the simplest, most concise way of getting ahold of everything, but they DO collect the stories in a “suggested chronological reading order,” rather than the publishing order, which can affect the impact certain plot revelations have and which I don’t personally think is the best way to experience the story.

One final recommendation for a simple pick-up-and-read book is “Last Stand of the Wreckers,” a complete five-issue mini-series that was published in conjunction the start of the Costa ongoing. The creative team on this one features some of the Big Names behind “Phase 2,” and it’ll be a good taster of the mixture of character work, emotion, and violence you can expect from those books, MTMTE in particular.


B-Day 2015 commish: Kylie Griffin TAS

Concept and idea: me

Rick’s copy:

A little cool homage of to two of my longtime favorite franchises: Batman: TAS & Ghostbusters

Kylie Griffin, from the IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing comic line,  pulling off the famous Batman: TAS “intro pose” after triumphantly catching a ghost!!

*I wonder how many people who know the connection  between these two franchises in this pic!! *



Kylie Griffin © IDW Comics
Batman: TAS © DC Comics, Cartoon Network

anonymous asked:

The all like tfp megatron can you post the photo of megatron?


nah jk TFA megs is a hot tamale too just look

and THAT VOICE holy shiiiiiiit *swoons*

or maybe that badass from All Hail Megatron (you want Megatron?? go read AHM. seriously. it’s fucking awesome)


100% bamf i tell ya

oh and dis guy is hot too

and if i had pics of his Origin comic self i’d totes include that

'all hail megatron' is an understatement rly

looking for some opinions on the Transformers "Chaos" comics

soooo who’s read it? you, ya, you? good! perhaps you can provide with your review/opinions on the series. is it a good read? worth getting into?

basically, I’ve been looking at buying either the IDW Volume 8 Collection (which has Heart of Darkness and all the Chaos stuff/issues #19-31), OR maybe just the smaller volumes (Vol 5 Chaos Theory; 6 Police Action; 7 Chaos).

I’m highly interested in the Chaos Theory issues, and pretty interested in the Police Action stuff. I’m iffy on the Chaos stuff, simply because I find it difficult to enjoy Ramondelli’s artistic style.

or am I just being stupid, starting at the 'end’, and you’re laughing right now as you think “gurrrrlll you’re going to be so lost without reading issues 1-18 wtf.”

so yeah any thoughts or opinions would be greats, thanks much! :)

and here’s the stupid question mark so y'all can reply?

Gonna call it now, Shinigami is gonna turn out to be a villain, or at least a neutral party. Her name means death, she has hypnosis, and she’s the Foot Clan’s mystic. She already shares two key traits of another witch character in the ongoing IDW comic run, and the last time we had a new character introduced as a good friend of another character it didn’t turn out so well.

So my bet is one of three things is gonna happen with Shinigami:

1) She’ll reveal that she’s still on the Foot’s side.

2) She has her own agenda and is actually using the war between Karai and Shredder for her gain (maybe Karai is already hypnotised without knowing, wyk)

3) She’s Gilbert Gottfried in disguise.