My TF Optics tutorial

Someone requests me to make a tutorial how I color my TF optics. Just to remind I’m not very good at teaching my style but I hope it will be understandable;; ><

Alright, let’s use Magnus as our model! 

1. Fill up the eyes with the Light neon blue.

2. Draw white circle in the middle, it’s up to you where you want draw the white circles, depends of where the character looks at

3. Select the neon blue part and put darker color of it. Don’t include the white there, leave it out.

4. Put Gradient of dark neon blue on both of selected area to make a shade. Still leave the white area.

5. Finally select the white area and put the light neon blue on where the darker area falls.


You can also add up some effects to make it look better, like put on some glowing on it!



(W) Bob Gale & Various (A) Marcelo Ferreira, Chris Madden (CA) Dan Schoening, Agustin Padilla, Chris Madden


The past present and future come crashing together as only BACK TO THE FUTURE can do it!

Secrets between the McFly family and Doc Brown are revealed… and what happens to the inventions that don’t quite work as planned?

All thanks to the guiding hand of BTTF co-creator Bob Gale and co.!

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That’s way too arrogant,and obviusly hierachical.The necrobot call himself a neutral observer,but doesn’t bring sparks of colonies to the afterspark.Only native Cybertronians have the right to be recorded and mourned?Aren’t colonies people transformers too, and  in which way were they inferior to those on Cybertron?

What’s more, I  discovered  that those flowers only represent Cybertronians’ death.Have the writers forgot what transformers’ war bring to the whole universe? 46 billion transformers died,while over hundreds of billions of other sentinel beings in universe were killed. Nobody ever cared about them,except only one autobot Rewind. 

Who can take the responsibility of their death?



(W/A/CA) John Byrne

A mysterious message draws Mr. Spock on a solo mission to a distant part of the Federation, where an old friend awaits, as well as a menace with the potential to threaten the entire galaxy.


(W) Mike Johnson (A/CA) Tony Shasteen

The Mirror Universe epic continues here as the evil counterparts of the Enterprise crew gain the upper hand!

Captain Kirk finds himself allied with the mysterious man known only as Singh, while Spock comes face to face with his deceased mother… now alive and well in the Mirror Universe!

Don’t miss this all-new original STAR TREK adventure!

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New MLP comics character!

Her name is Cirrus Cloud, a pegasus that attended flight camp with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. She used to bully Fluttershy when they were young. But after she grew up and heard about Fluttershy’s adventures since moving to Ponyville, she meets up with her at the Flight Camp Reunion to make amends and congratulate her for her accomplishments.

Also, piercings and dyeing wings confirmed for canon.



(W) Mike Johnson (A) Angel Hernandez (CA) David Williams, Tess Fowler

The galactic civil war reaches a critical point as the Yellow Lantern Klingons, Orange Lantern Romulans, and Red Lantern Gorn fight for supremacy, with Hal Jordan, James T. Kirk, and the crew of the Enterprise caught in the middle!

It’s a dark night for the Federation… and the arrival of Nekron and his Black Lanterns will only make things worse!

Don’t miss the penultimate chapter in the blockbuster crossover event of 2015!

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