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Red new old building in the Sulzerareal once a big idustrial quarter in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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I'm actually a bit scared to learn how to drive. I tell people it's because of my eyesight or that I live somewhere with good bus schedules and stuff my really, some of it is because I am a bit scared I'll get shitty impulses or space out while driving. I soon turn 20 and then it'll be 4 years since I could've started learning, but I've never tried. I also live in the middle of an idustry area with no ledd than 4 car dealers within a 3~5 minute walking distance so that doesn't help much lmao

hey thats ok!!!!! thats totally alright! i live in a cute lil town so i gotta drive myself places and trust me i was horrified. it was terrifying i was so scared. but eventually i just told myswkf to calm down and be chill abt things and then i started to learn. i learned 2 months late and its totally alright so u start when YOURE ready!!! dont let anyone pressure u into doing it!!! ull be great i promise

Centuries - passed by and burned, and we are none the wiser
We are kept in blinders, vision narrow and fit for a hunter.

Endlessly we walk but there is no destination, there is no harbor
Three steps forth and six steps back, here is where we stay.

The soil will burn, with the fires of idustry and we will
Watch it go down, desensitized. With Him we will go down.


WHAT THE HELL . Forget the Larry shipping. It has nothing to do with it. The fact is that, whatever yhis baby is real or not, i expected Lou to say something more. To do something more. Here we are talking about people just using a baby for money. Using a baby for fame. Using a baby to be noticed. Using a baby to grow fans. USING A BABY. That’s horrible. And after all Lou’s been trough with his father who abandoned him, I expercted him to: 1) if the baby was real, to take care of the poor little innocent creature. 2) if the baby was fake, to say it our loud not letting the modest make him look like a monster, and not letting this enormous idustry of fame to use such a ting. That’s it. I’m personally done with this. Lou deluded me. Lou deluded a lot fans.