I think this EA’s kitchen is perfect for an elegant and modern house, garnished with a little bit of idustrial style. This is my saturday afternoon proposal!

Thanks to all the CC creators. You make a great work!

- Curtain by ShinoKCR

- Decoration by Pilar

- Lemonade by TheNumbersWoman

- Pot by ShinoKCR

- Wok by ShinoKCR

help fat folks find good doctors!

Hello! This is a brand new blog for a brand new project - welcome. I decided to start this blog after years avoiding seeing doctors out of fear and anxiety - beginning in childhood, doctor’s visits have been shameful and humiliating for me. I’m always told to lose weight - regardless of the reason for the visit, and regardless of my requests to not talk about losing weight - by doctors who don’t know my story.

Fat Safe Medical’s goal is to facilitate fat people helping other fat people find good, fat-friendly medical care. Fat folks are invited to (anonymously or non-anonymously) submit reviews of doctors/medical establishments/therapists/etc; FSM will post the submissions tagged with the city/town of the doctor so that folks looking for doctors in that area can search the relevant tag.

This blog’s usefulness depends on the number of submissions it receives! If you are a fat person who’s been to a doctor, I encourage you to submit. If this gets a lot of attention, it can become a very cool resource. Reblog, circulate widely, send to your fat friends who aren’t on tumblr, send to your favorite fat acceptance blogs, show your cousin, show your date, show your dog. Thank you for your support! 

He guides you into the relatively silent night air. It seemed even crime had taken a break for New Years. The roof at the Wayne Idustries building was clean, the strong concrete scratching against the bottom of your shoes.

But most importantly the building oversaw the lake where the fireworks would take place.

You two stood side by side, elbow to elbow as you leaned on the railing. Your hands cradle a styrofoam cup full of mystery punch with the strong aftertaste of vodka.

Your lips puckering around the straw as you take another sip. You glance at Damian, his cheeks and nose are red from the cold, but his eyes are still just as sharp.

“Are you sure you don’t want some?” You ask shaking the cup, he glances at it and then at you.

“Driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law.” You almost snort, of course he would respond like that. Any normal person would have just said no.

“One sip isn’t going to make you drunk.” At your encouraging smile, he takes the cup you’ve already outstretched to him.

He promptly takes a sip, and then promptly gags.

“How can you consume that willingly?” You giggles pour out unwillingly, earning a pointed look from Damian.

“It’s really not that bad.” You try to imagine what he would be like taking shots of tequila. The mental image alone is enough to almost send you into another fit.

He shakes his head and glances at his watch. And noticed the fireworks go off a minute early. His mouth curves into a grimace. But it fades when one of your hands abandons the cup, and folds into his hand.

“Happy New Year’s Dami.” And despite there still being thirty seconds until it is officially the new year, he grins.

“Happy New Year my beloved.”

designoza  asked:

hello, i'm currently a junior in high school and planning on majoring towards visual communication/graphic design. However, i'm having troubles in assembling my portfolio. Do you have any tips on what I can prepare and how to (hopefully) get a scholarship within the major as well? thanks in advance :)

hello, sorry for not answering before, but im right here to do it

on the scholarship thing, im sorry i cant help you there,

on the portfolio thing, at my school they don’t required a portfolio

but i know, that you need to put your best stuff on it, and i always here from friends or teacher who works on the idustry, that is good idea to show your sketchbook, keep it with you, and if they ask you about it show it, sometimes they like to see the process of your creations, and if you do investigation and all that, they like to see that you can do it by hand and in a tradicional way, 

kpop questions tag

thanks for tagging me, my loves @ridethatjhorse and @slut4rapmonster <3 i’ll tag @kor-ena @96lena 

1. Who was your first female bias?

- 2NE1′S CL

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2. Who was your first male bias?

- he will always be my bias <333 Super Junior’s Donghae (MY BBY IS BACK I’M SO HAPPY)

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3. Who are your current biases? Other than the ones above.

- alright here we go xD this is in no particular order.

- BTS’s V

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- BTS’s Jimin

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- Exo’s Lay

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- Super Junior’s Yesung

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- 4MINUTE’s and Triple H’s HyunA

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- 2NE1′s Dara

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- SNSD’s Hyoyeon

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- Blackpink’s Lisa

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4. In the entire kpop idustry, who is the closest to your ideal type?

- this took a lot of thinking since i don’t really have an “ideal type” but i think it would be either Super Junior’s Eunhyuk or Siwon

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5. Have you ever attended any kpop concert/ fan meet/ fan sign?

- sadly no :(

6. If yes, which group / artist? How was your experience?

- n/a

7. Which group would you like to see live?

- Super Junior, BTS, and Blackpink! I can’t choose.

8. How did you get into kpop?

- this one girl i used to be friends with introduced me to B1A4 and 2NE1 when we were in seventh grade (i’m a college freshman now)

9. Who are your OTP’s?

- i don’t do the whole otp thing but i guess i would say kyuhae and vmin.

10. When did you start shipping?

- i tried to since it was the thing when i got in to kpop but i never liked it so i stopped in the eighth grade.

11. What was your favorite fanfic genre?

- oneshots and occasionally nsfw lmao

12. What is your favorite music genre?

- whatever sounds goods

Supposed to be together - Part 2 (Luke)

Part 1

A/N: about to break some hearts so I apologize in advanced .. flashbacks and memories still italicized 

It was hard to listen to music when so much of it kept reminding him of her. He felt like he was skipping every song before he finally gave up and just let them play. He thought back to the day she first told him how she felt.

He was sitting in his room not doing much but pining over the fact that he kissed her, but hadn’t heard from her since. He closed his eyes listening to the sound of the rain pounding on the roof of his house.

He sat up when he heard his phone go off three times. It was her. Finally.

-We should talk
-Meet me in the park by your house

He was nervous, he didn’t know what to expect. She either felt the same way about him or wanted nothing to do with him. He sent his reply without thinking and regretted it immediatly.

-Its raining

She responded right away.

-Use an umbrella
-Please its important

When he got there she was sitting on a swing gently swaying back and forth. It was only drizzling now, but the hood of her sweatshirt wasn’t doing much to keep her dry.

When she saw him walking towards her she stood and met him halfway.He smiled when he saw her but something was different. She didn’t have her usual light. He held out the umbrella to sheild her from the rain.  

“Hi” she whisperedd, looking up into his eyes.

“Hi,” he said “is everything okay?” he asked stupidly.

“No, not really.” she paused, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” she admitted.

He smiled, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot too”

She looked anywhere but at him, “The past couple of days have been kind of hard for me,”

His stomach tightened knowing this conversation wasn’t going in the direction he had hoped for.

She continued, “I shouldn’t be kissing Mali’s little brother’s friend.”

Her words stung and his facial expression must have shown it. She reached up placing her hand on his cheek, then tracing his jaw line before resting it on his neck. Her touch forced him to look at her.

“Listen,” she whispered, “I’ve never felt the way that I did when you kissed me” He watched her carefully, becoming hopeful again, “Thats what’s making things hard.. its like I’m torn between the way I feel about you and the reality of the situation … then I realized I’m probably overthinking all of this because thats what I do.. and the fact of the matter is you very well may have only kissed me because I was the closest girl to you at midnight and that maybe this is just a friends thing .. so thats why we’re here right now.. at a park in the rain.. because I can’t get you out of my head and I need to know if you feel the same way” she exhaled.  

He didn’t say anything, he just pulled her close to him leaning down and kissing her for the second time. He let go of his umbrella letting it fall. He wrapped his arms around her lifting her from the ground.

He pulled away from her only for a second, and whispered to her softly, “I want this, I want you.”

“Luke, dude,” Michael shoved him, “The flight attendent is talking to you.. are you getting a drink?”

He pulled out one of his headphones and ordered a beer, thanking the woman before looking down at his phone. He didn’t know why he kept checking it, the plane had shitty wi-fi and she wasn’t going to try and contact him anyways.

“Yo man, you’ve been all mopy and shit for days.” Michael told him.

Luke just glared at him.

“You better get it together before we get off this plane mate, you haven’t spent time with your mum and family in months .. they don’t want to see you like this”

Luke rolled his eyes, knowing Michael was probably right. He couldn’t help but think about the first time she met his mum.

“Luke stop pacing around hunny,” his mom told him as he walked anxiously around the kitchen, “We’re not going to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend.” she assured him.

“It’s not you I’m worried about, Its Jack and Ben.. I haven’t told them yet .. you’re sure they’re not coming home?”

His dad walked into the kitchen placing a hand on his shoulder, “You must really like this girl, huh? Never seen you act like this before.”

The doorbell rang and he went to asnwer it. She stood there smiling, looking incredible as usual. She didn’t seem nervous at all, which calmed him down a bit.

She greeted his parents politely with a smile across her face. She stayed in the kitchen with his mom while she cooked dinner, helping her any way she could. They asked eachother lots of questions, both laughing and smiling as they told stories.

He was happy his family liked her, he didn’t have a doubt in his mind they would. They spoke about her home and her family and what life was like in the states. They told her embarassing stories about his childhood and she giggled at all his dad’s lame jokes.

He remembered thinking that it seemed like they were falling for her as hard as he did.

He shook his head, feeling guilty. His mum loved her, she treated her like one of her children. When the band was touring the world for the first time with One Direction she spent a lot of time with his mom when she would visit him. When she was home in the states she would call to check in and they would chat for hours. When things ended that had to end too, and he knew Liz probably missed her almost as much as he did. Thats why he wasn’t suprised there was tears when they saw eachother at the airport.

“What are you thinking man?” Michael asked, “I gotta know.”

Luke looked at him sadly, “I’m sure you already do.”

“Y/N?” Michael asked hesitantly.

He nodded his head, “I just .. She’s..” he couldn’t find the right words, he just shook his head obviously frustrated.

“You’re still in love with her.. aren’t you?”

Luke slowly took a deep breath, “I don’t think I ever wont be.”

The flight attendent approached, handing them their drinks. Luke took the opportunity to put his headphones back in so he didn’t have to talk to Mikey about it anymore. He thought back to the day he realized just how in love with her he really was.

The band was already on the second world tour opening for One Direction. He laid close to her in his large hotel room bed wearing only his boxers. He held his guitar strumming the chords to one of her favorited Ed Sheeran songs singing along from time to time.

She sat up, her body wrapped in only the white linen bed sheet. He stopped playing and she turned her head to look back at him.

“I love you,” he told her softly.

“I know babe, I love you too.” It wasn’t the first time he had said it to her but this time was different then before. He didn’t look away from her or continue playing.

“What?” she giggled, “Your being weird.”

He smiled at her, chuckling for a second before becoming serious.“I’m so in love with you,” he whispered.

She watched him carefully as he continued to speak.

“I never knew it was possible to feel like this about another person,” he breathed, “you mean the world to me.. you know that right?.. hearing your voice through the phone makes the craziest of days feel normal and seeing you smile turns the worst day into the best.. your the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing when I fall asleep… Knowing that you are mine makes how insane my life has become seem easier.”

She was smiling now, and her eyes looked glassy. She leaned back taking the guitar from his hands and resting it against the side of the bed. She crawled into his arms, resting her head on his chest. She whispered softly, “I feel the same way, Luke,” she turned her head up towards him, kissing him softly, “I’m very much in love with you.”

They were silent for a moment before he spoke again. Staring at the ceiling he asked her hesitantly, “Do you ever think that we’re supposed to be together?”

She sat up now, looking at him through her long lashes. She smiled sweetly nodding her head, “Luke,” she paused, “I know we’re supposed to be together.. this is so hard because of the distance, its like we’re apart more then we’re together.. but it works and I know that its because we’re supposed to be together.”

Luke grabs his armrests tightly, suddenly feeling the turbulance of the plane. He looks over at Michael, whose playing a game on his laptop, seemingly uneffected by the shaking of the plane.

Luke laughed at himself for a second, he was so on edge that all of his senses seemed heightend. Thinking about her was making him go crazy. He pressed his head back against the head rest, closing his eyes in hopes that maybe he could sleep and forget about her, just for a little while.

When he finally passed out he began dreaming, except it was more of a nightmare. It wasn’t a dream at all actually, but a memory he had done his best to push out of his mind. He dreamt about the worse day of his life, remembering when they had to say goodbye.

He and the guys had a house in LA. They had finally finished their debut album and things were going better then he had ever imagined they could. They would be staying in LA for a couple of months to shoot a music video and start doing promo for th album release. It was supposed to be perfect, he would be in the states close to her, things were supposed to get easier for them, except they didn’t.

She had come to visit him, to stay for a month while she was off from school between semesters. Things seemed normal to him for the most part, they spent every free second he could with eachother, even though he was very busy.

She was only there for a little over a week when they had a launch party at the house to celebrate finishing the album. There was a little over a hundred people from the idustry there, celebrities and media all interested in his band. They were becoming huge, everyone knew they were the next big thing, by this time Luke already had four million followers on twitter.

He was talking to one of the producers they had worked with when Ashton came up to him with a concerned look on his face.

“Hey man can I borrow you for a second?” he pulled Luke away to talk to him in private.

“Whats up Ash?” Luke asked him, feeling a bit confused by the urgency in his tone.

“Is Y/N okay?” he asked

“Yea, of course what makes you ask that? She’s right over there talking to …” Luke looked around but couldn’t seem to spot her in the crowd. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked him, concerned now too.

“I don’t know dude, I just saw her walking inside.. She looked sad, lost even .. she tried to smile at me but it seemed forced.. I think somethings up.”

Luke didn’t even respond to him before going upstairs to find her. When he finally did she was in is room sitting on his bed and staring at her phone.

“Hey beautiful, what are you doing up here?” he asked her. He noticed her breath hitch, as if she was nervous to see him. “Whats wrong?” he asked moving to sit next to her.

She turnd to face him looking into his eyes, he knew something was very wrong. “Luke..” she paused, “.. its just .. nevermind this is a bad time.”

He grabbed her hand shaking his head, “No, y/n .. talk to me, please”

She looked down at there hands, fingers entwined together. She sighed, breathing slowly, “Its just, I can’t help feeling like I don’t belong here.”

Luke watched her, but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. “This is your world now Luke, not mine .. and your only going to get more famous and things are only going to get harder for us.. for me.” she wiped the tears that had begun to fall from her eyes.

“No,” he forced out his words, “What are you saying”

She looked at him now and he could see the saddness in her eyes, “I always knew I’d have to share you with rest of the world,” She smiled for only a split second, “I always knew your dream was going to come true Luke, from the first night I saw you perform .. I just never thought the rest of the world would get to keep you, I thought you would always be mine..”

“I am yours Y/N,” his voice cracked.

“No Luke, your theirs now.”

“Stop,” he told her, “Why are you saying this?” he pleaded with her.

“I’m so sorry Luke, you know I love you.. more then I’ve ever loved anyone or anything.. but I just think that maybe…” she swallowed hard, “Maybe it’s time for us to say goodbye.” tears were streaming down her face now and he felt them begin to well up in the back of his eyes.

“You’re wrong..” he told her, “We’re supposed to be together, you said it yourself, you looked me in the eyes and agreed that you knew we are  supposed to be together.” he didn’t mean for his tone to become angry, he knew this wasn’t her fault, but his own.

She shook her head, continuing to wipe her tears, “Maybe we were wrong,” she barely choked out.

He stared at her, broken and confused. He hated the fact that he was the reason she felt this way. Even more he hated  the fact that he knew he was losing the girl he loved in exchange for the career he’d always dreamed about. He knew there was no changing her mind.

“I’m going home tomorrow,” she sobbed, “I’ve already made arrangements.” ever word she said was killing him, “I don’t think we should talk to eachother anymore,” she shook her head, “once I go home I think we should just not talk anymore .. it will only make things harder.”

“Thats it?” he asked feeling a tear fall from his eye now too, “You’re leaving me?” he was frustrated and sad, he never thought she would leave him .. he always imagined they’d be together forever. “How am I supposed to just forget about you?”

“Please Luke, I’m not asking you to forget about me,” her heart was clearly as broken as his, “just promise me, please, promise me you wont contact me no calls, texts, tweets, please Luke.”

He pulled her close to him as she cried, he held her tight, knowing he was the reason for her pain. He couldn’t be mad at her for leaving, he couldn’t do anything but blame himself.. he was the reason for both of their broken hearts.

“I love you,” he told her, pressing his forehead to hers.. he must have told her a million times that night.. he told her he loved her up until the second they said goodbye.

Part 3


Okay so part one of this got more notes then I’ve ever had before and there was soo many good vibes about it so THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH to everyone who messaged me about it and everyone who liked it and reblogged it your all fucking incredible and I literally love you .. please send feedback and let me know what you think so far!! i really really love hearing from you it makes me so so so happy …. also SORRRRY if this gave you mad feels its deff a sad read towards the end.. ANYWAYS .. THANKS FOR READING AS ALWAYS 

Have a beautiful day fam.. love every single one of you !!!

anonymous asked:

Okay whoa, hang on. I'm a vegeterian and I drink milk and yeah the way factory farming works particularly in the dairy idustry is really fucked up, but humans evolved to drink milk for a reason. It's a really good source of calcium and lots of other nutrients and it's easily accesible to a lot of people-- not everyone has the means to be vegan. It's totally fine that you don't drink milk and I'm super impressed that you've managed to tailor your diet, but you shouldn't guilt other people for it.

“The way factory farming works particularly in the dairy industry is really fucked up, but humans evolved to drink milk for a reason.” Really?

We didn’t evolve to drink milk. We’re given it at such a young age that we tolerate it. But did you know that it’s actually weird if you’re not lactose intolerant? Most adults can’t consume it. I mean beyond that its obviously breast milk, that’s not a red flag to you? When we’re weened we’re not supposed to be able to break down lactose. We are not calves, we are not growing cow babies. It would be more natural to keep drinking your own moms milk all through adulthood (I bet this grossed you out) yet drinking a whole different species doesn’t? Yes all that saturated fat, casein, toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, bacteria and hormones are so healthy for you because that calcium!

Calcium that actually depletes calcium from our bones. "Like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction. Calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer and the biggest storage of calcium in the body is in the bones"- (x)(x) Almond milk has more calcium than cows milk.

Congratulations you still believe all the milk myths. 

Some other things you can look at. (x)(x)(x)(x)

fuck shredz and fuck lil shits that photo shop their photos and fuck companies that sponsors over looks rather than integrity and fuck the people who dont accept that others are learning and in order to learn from their mistakes needs to be taught rather than be-littled and shamed.
this whole fucking idustry sometimes shits me to tears but then i remember how many amazing people with their head screwed on properly with proper beliefs there are and then i have that wonderful sigh of gratefullness

just because bighit doesn’t seem as bad+abusive as other companies does not mean they’re a good company. trying to make these situations sound better by comparing bighit to horrible, corrupt companies with multiple lawsuits against them is pointless and doesn’t prove that bighit isn’t horrible too. we honestly know nothing about how harsh bangtan’s contracts are or how well (or poorly) they’re treated so it’s really sad we gotta be praising bighit for doing the bare minimum of like….allowing their employees to go to the hospital when their life+health is possibly at stake. idk we can be thankful when the boys do get breaks and not freak out every time something small+bad happens but we as armys can also be critical of bighit and not keep excusing how they’re risking the health of their employees just because that’s considered common in the kpop idustry.