idunno i had to

I don’t think I’m ever gonna finish coloring it, but here is a doodle of Gaara having a really great day.

aha im done with that school business for the day. it was some history stuff, a quiz and a discussion board post. it is much more terrifying to post something on a class discussion board than to post on here cause? less pressure maybe or the expectation of saying something dumbass on here idunno. i had to reply to 2 people also which was a lot easier

before wednesday ive gotta translate 3 sections from my latin book which is a lot less intimidating cause even though i struggle kinda with keeping all the rules in place, getting into the real translation is much easier for me. anyways, im gonna enjoy taking it easy now :^) ty


okay so rvb facecanon swap!! !!!

I got to draw buddahtheartist‘s facecanons and bc i am weak merc sympathizer i couldn’t draw felix without locus OTL

maybe i am becoming too used to drawing armour…

anyway, I super like your designs!!  they’re very practical and I think it speaks a lot to their characters!  it’s always a fun challenge to see how i can adapt someone’s style and designs to my own style of drawing!

I had fun!! I love facecanons!! ill probably be sporadically drawing facecanons all week. idunno yet bc I’ve had some trouble drawing since I got back to the great white north. the presence of a desk is somehow strange to me now.


Thank you to everybody who sent me kind messages that I only just got back to, haha! I’m so glad everybody is enjoying the comic so far (even though Vincent is such a bRAT).

As for the last Anon message, I understand what you mean. When I was younger I struggled a lot with making “meaningful” pieces, but they fell flat a lot. I still struggle to this day with it! When someone asks me “why did you do x y and z” most of the time my answer is “Idunno”

I wish I had some answers for you other than to keep drawing, but I think that’s all there is to it. Having the meaningful ideas and concepts you want to convey only come with time and experience, and there’s unfortunately no short cuts about it. Be patient! Your ideas only get better with time. : )