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Will You? 
Eren is a jeweller. Levi’s planning for something special. Eren doesn’t know, but he will soon. (“What are you doing here?” “I’m looking for engagement rings.”)
//warning: super fluff and cheesy. 1700 words.

The Special Gift for the Special Someone—it starts with the perfect ring

At least, that’s the idea they’re supposed to advocate for anyway. Tiffany & Co. is holding a Valentine’s event where new engagement ring designs are revealed. Really, it’s all for show-and-tell and Eren can be just as happy with a plastic ring-pop; but he can’t deny the satisfaction upon seeing the glow on his client’s face when they’ve finally found ‘the ring’ to propose to their lover.

And as he watches his customers walk out the door with a little red bag, he can’t help but to wonder in guilt when, if ever, Levi will be one of them.  Three years is a long time, and as old veterans in relationships, they are more than just boyfriends—more than ‘I-love-you’s and sex and romantic dates.

The next breath of sigh comes with heavy longing.

Yet, the topic of marriage has never successfully solidified in their conversations. He eyes the line of new rings set on display. Maybe next year.

The sound of a light bell brings him back to reality and Eren brings his smile for the next customer. The usual greeting halts at the bottom of his throat when an all-too-familiar face comes into view.

“Levi? What are you doing here?”

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Zero isn't a technovirus, you fuckin' ignoramus, he was just the carrier for Wily's Virus, which mutated when Sigma became infected during their first figh, merged with his consciousness, and became the Sigma Virus. You idiot. You absolute buffoon.

Infected by a virus, I said.

I’ll admit Idunno much about MMX but I know Zero was designed as the original carrier and got infected by the same time as Sigma got infected, and then Sigma infected a bunch of things and then essentially became the virus, which is why he could survive his body getting destroyed about 50 gorillion times

edit: made stealth edits to minor details lmao

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favorite eye color? favorite season?

Favorite eye color

I am just this gross, sappy sucker for green eyes. They can melt me like nothing else in the world. It’s funny too, because where my family comes from - it is a very common feature. My family just doesn’t carry the feature - we’re all blue eyes or brown eyes. Idunno, something about green eyes is just really soft and gentle and ahhh I love it.

Favorite Season

So those of you who know me - you know I’ve lived like.. all over. I’ve lived in cold places, hot places, and everything in between even if just for a short while. Universally, I have to say that I just love winter. The air is crisp and sharp and the trees are bare and in this state of renewal and it just reminds me that everything shifts and moves - nothing is static.

Aside from the esoteric, I really like cold-weather camping and outdoors. I have a siberian husky who really doesn’t get enough cold days where I currently live in the southwestern US, so I’m thankful for any fun cold adventures we can go on together!

Thanks @isoldegreyffxiv! Sorry I got a little long winded!

Neymar and Messi wanted to play no matter what. It wasn’t easy. Important to point out the sacrifice Messi made to play today
—  Luis Suárez after the CWC final [20/12/’15]

So I tried making a thing..

An SPG group I am in on deviantart was having this little contest to turn Steve into a robot and I was like, hey that sounds cool sure why not.
I like the dragon Steve headcanon so I gave him dragony features like horns and stuff :>
Idunno about the face, I just kind of drew a bunch of lines because I wanted it to look complex. That’s how that works right?
He has a speaker on his chest and his dreads are twisted wires capped with wire connectors.

Also: behold the most half-assed soundboard ever drawn, only existing cover the fact that I was too lazy to draw a full body. lazyartx2combo

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that episode was a great time for garnet to say 'people who dont love you for everything you are dont love you and are not worth your time or energy' or idunno, something relevant about racism and xenophobia but we got these neo liberal cucks down at the clown farm that think turning the other cheek actually works. what fucking child is going to sit there while you chat shit about his parents ethnicity and think "Hmm, I bet youre a wonderful person. I wanna know more about you." what the fuck??

“we got these neo liberal cucks down at the clown farm that think turning the other cheek actually works.”

holy shit fucking quote of the century..


Recently Ubisoft has just confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will be the voice actor of the pirate trained assassin Edward Kenway. Here is the link to the article and to the tumblr page. Do you think this is a good way to go for the Assassin’s Creed franchise? If not drop by the tumblr page and state why.