The filmmakers for Sucker Punch should have chosen someone that isn’t as sexy as Oscar Isaac to play a character that you’re supposed to really hate. Because every freaking scene he’s in, even in that last one where he almost chokes her to death, I just. Want. To bang him. And I just don’t say that about anybody. So, yeah.

I get really really sad when I think about Jeff Hardy.

When I first started watching wrestling, he was my absolute, hands-down, I-will-defend-him-to-the-death favorite. I didn’t take too many wrestler’s storylines seriously, but with Jeff Hardy’s, I was yelling at the TV. It was like that until the day he left the WWE. And I cried.

Then, wasn’t it just like days later when authorities busted his him for all of those narcotics? Yeah. That hurt. It was weird too, because I live in North Carolina and it was like, damn, that only happened not far away from here.

The only thing I wanted that Christmas was his DVD set, and I got it. I watched that thing nearly all in one day. I sat right in front of the TV.

Then, when I found out he was going to be in TNA, I tried to start watching. I’ve never been into TNA and I didn’t know the schedules for their weekly shows at all. So, needless to say, it was really hard keeping up and getting in to the storylines.

Yeah, I gave up and I haven’t watched TNA since.

I know he’s been busted for drugs more since and I know he has a baby now. That latter part is great. Other than that, I have no idea how he is, what his character is now, if he’s a champion or not. I know nothing. I stopped following him on Twitter. I don’t really remember why.

The point is, now I’m just stuck with the memory of being a fan and the reality of not being a fan anymore. But I’m pretty positive that if I were to run into him somewhere, I would cry and just hug him for an unacceptable amount of time.

Wow, all of that was really lame. What a sob story.

Oh my God, I FINALLY found the song at the end of the credits for Project X.

We always clean the theaters during credits, so I know all of the credit music to the movies by heart. I’ve been trying to find that last song in the Project X credits for a few days now and I finally did!

God, I love that soundtrack. So fresh.

Oh, and the name of the song is, “We Just Made It” by Jabbawockeez.

After searching the Rufus Sewell tag, it’s obvious I need to learn about and watch more of his works. I didn’t know any of them. I saw one gifset from A Knight’s Tale and the rest are things I’ve never heard of. Anyone know if anything of his is on Netflix Instant Watch?

Don’t scroll down or click away just yet. Just read what I have to say.

It really bugs me when people hate on Kristen Stewart.

When the trailers for the first Twilight came out, the one thing I heard from girls most was, “She’s not even pretty.”

Excuse me? Personally, I think she’s beautiful. I actually thought she was too pretty for the role.

Now everyone complains about how “emotionless” she is in Twilight. They don’t understand that it’s because that’s how her character was written. If any of those people read the books, they’d find out how annoying, awkward and one-track-minded Bella really is. Stephanie made her that way to appeal to the common teenage girl. So really, Kristen Stewart didn’t have that much to go by because the majority of Bella’s character development came from her lame and boring thoughts.

Twilight and all its nonsense aside, I believe Kristen Stewart is quite well at acting. If you don’t agree, you really need to watch her other works and THEN form your opinion on her.