rendering of the IDS Center

Minneapolis, ca. 1970

Philip Johnson, John Burgee, architects

This rendering shows architect Philip Johnson’s proposal to use bronze-colored glass and painted white steel on the facade of the IDS building. Thankfully, he ended up choosing blue-tinted glass and nearly-black anodized aluminum for the facade, allowing the building to reflect the beautiful blue skies. I also love the dramatic use of color in the reflections on the building’s glass–yet another example of unrealistic renderings by architects. I could go on and on about this iconic building’s storied past, including suicide, Mary Tyler Moore, and it’s fight to stay the tallest building in the upper Midwest, but I’ll be kind and direct you to the Wiki article:

This postcard was sent to me a few years ago by an old friend who found it an antique store. I love it so much I’ve had it framed.