Hey Minnesotans,

If you’re looking for a place to eat in downtown Minneapolis, DO NOT eat at the Potbelly in the IDS Center. I work there, and I can tell you the food and safety regulations are terrible.
Today I had to prep tomatoes for tomorrow. The tomatoes in the walk-in were squishy, in some cases miscolored, and otherwise not fit for consumption. I told the assistant manager and was informed to use the ones that “looked good”, in this case meaning the ones that were still red, even if their inside was tomato sauce and obviously spoiled.
There is also a bad habit of people ignoring allergy protocol, to the extent where I can’t eat at work because all the meats get cross-contaminated. Also, if you have a walnut allergy, the employees charged with placing the walnuts in containers do not properly sanitize their hands/gloves or the area where they were prepping the walnuts, so eating here could very likely result in a possibly fatal allergic reaction. The nuts also get spilled into the final salad station during rush, and are usually just picked out of whatever they land in later.
Past attempts to report breaches in protocol have been completely ignored, to the extent where I feel like nothing would be accomplished by my attempting to contact corporate about this issue (especially since during the aforementioned walnut prep example the district manager was in the shop). Any time the health inspector visits the shop, they clean up long enough to pass inspection and then go back to what they were doing. And if they are counted off for anything, the associates are blamed, even when more often than not the managers are the ones breaking protocol and in some cases just not teaching new employees proper health and safety regulations.
Also, actively vomiting employees are made to stay for their entire shift, and are told they lack “accountability” if they can’t. People will run to the back and actually literally vomit, then go right back to handling your sandwich.
If you don’t want food filled with rotten ingredients, allergens, and contagions, don’t eat at this location.


This is how the weapons in the new DOOM look with the ‘centered weapons’ mode on.

From what I’ve read this is only available in Single Player mode, but I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time until they add the same option for SnapMap and MP.

Kicking it old school! The only thing missing is the classic HUD face.