Okay, I know we love the idea of SJW!Steve

But have you stopped to think about what an intense, hardcore activist Nick Fury would be?

I mean, come on guys: He’s a disabled dark skinned (bisexual in my headcanon) black man who looks to be in his forties who has DEFINITELY seen some shit. I mean, he’s said it himself that like his grandfather, he loves people(but doesn’t trust them).

Just look at his entire character: Nick has seen the absolute worst of people, has been betrayed and deceived, yet he has a deep live for humanity and dedicated his life to ensuring it’s safety.

I mean, SJW!Nick has SO MUCH potential that, frankly, we’re squandering. Just think about all the antiblack racism he’s had to endure, being assumed to be a menace just because of his race or folks being even more suspicious of him. Or the casual ableism he’s subjected to(the “How does Fury see?” “joke” Tony made in the Avengers & how he commented it sounded “exhausting” to have to turn). Yes Tony, it IS exhausting, living in an ableist society not built to accommodate you & being reduced to “cyclops” jokes.

My point is, SJW!Nick Fury has the potential to be every bit as interesting, if not MORE so in my opinion, than SJW!Steve Rogers. Because while white characters who believe in stopping things like racism is nice, I’d MUCH rather see characters who ACTUALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT fighting against it.


This is how the weapons in the new DOOM look with the ‘centered weapons’ mode on.

From what I’ve read this is only available in Single Player mode, but I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time until they add the same option for SnapMap and MP.

Kicking it old school! The only thing missing is the classic HUD face.


Amy Poehler talks about Broad City season 2 and Abbi x Ilana at the Paley Center’s Id Isn’t Always Pretty: An Evening with Broad City panel.