Today is the Ides of March—infamous day of Julius Caesar’s assassination in ancient Rome in 44 B.C. The “Ides” were part of the Roman calendar, signifying the midpoint of the month.

In his diary entry on the Ides 60 years ago today, the Getty’s founder J. Paul Getty wrote, “2000 years ago today Julius Caesar was assassinated. I have always considered him as the ablest man that history records. A consummate statesman, politician, general, orator, prose writer, builder and a very human man with great personal charm. For his day he was a man of good character and kindness. His one great weakness was his inability to distinguish between the possible and the impossible. Had he lived another 15 or 20 years the history of the world might have been different.”

Fun fact: the month of July is named after Julius Caesar, who was divinized by the Romans after his death.

Artwork: Julius Caesar from the calendar pages of the Stammheim Missal, an illuminated manuscript made around A.D. 1170. It’s currently on display in the exhibition Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes at the Getty Center.

honestly, with the philly pride flag adding brown and black stripes, it got me thinking that maybe they should be on the trans flag as well? in the center id think, because twoc have always been community leaders

Summary: After Betty confronts her dad about Polly’s and Jason’s engagement as well as learning about the Coopers - Blossoms feud, there’s only one person that can take her mind off things. (Takes place after Betty’s and Hal’s fight and before Bughead’s scene at the Blue & Gold.)

(Taking a small break from your prompt requests to write something that stuck in my head and I had to get it out lol. I was listening to Let It All Go by Birdy feat. Rhodes and I had way too many feels so yeah… Hope you like it guys!!)

The Hitchcock blonde was once again locked in her floral pastel room that nowadays didn’t seem to match the air of depression that spread around the whole town and, most specifically, this very house. Soft music was playing in the background, the girl wanting to silence down the million thoughts that were running inside her head and suppress her still boiling anger and deep disappointment at both her parents. Usually, her mother would always win first place in the list of people Betty felt smothered by but after that evening, her dad was ranking a close second. She was at least thankful that he had the good sense to let her be, keeping himself busy in the house office downstairs for hours.

Dear Diary,

I don’t even know who my parents are anymore. How can the two people that are supposed to be everyone’s most valuable confidants in life, hide behind so many lies and weave webs of conspiracy and mystery around innocent teenage kids? How can I not know what is going on in my own house, with my own sister? They keep pushing me to drop the subject, stop snooping around and bury it all under the carpet like they did and for what? An idiotic vendetta that probably costed the life of two kids that did nothing wrong but fell in love. Why do we have to break so hard? Why does my life get to be filled with such uncertainty and fear of what the future will reveal next? I dread even to think about the obvious, I try so hard to hold my mind back, for it to not go there but it is already there and I feel scared. Sometimes I wish I was just another person, the identity of Elizabeth Cooper to not weight so much on my shoulders…”

The characteristic sound of pen against paper stopped and the red ink covered peak hovered over the rest of the empty line, Betty taking a moment to breath and slow down the gradually quicker raise and fall of her chest. One of her usual panic attacks was the last thing she needed right now, she thought and closed her eyes, dropping her head back against the wall, clutching the teal cover of her diary inside her icy cold fingers. She didn’t know how many hours had spent there, sitting on the wooden bench of her window and pouring into paper the anger and extreme sense of unfairness she felt after the fight she had hours ago with her father. But the worst of all, she felt hopeless, too small in a secret too big for her to handle, something that made her eyes whale up with tears again. She brought a palm to softly swipe the corner of her right eye in hopes of stopping the waterfalls but she failed, letting them finally be and watching as they soaked the paper in small shy droplets.

The chime of her phone had her eyes lazily turning to the side to face the machine, not in the mood of interacting with people right now. The message that brightened the screen surprised her though.

Don’t cry. Please.

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photo by Grizzlee Martin

Pokeshipping Week 2015 Day 2: Afraid of Losing You

The water was cold. Misty was used to swimming in cold water. Being a swimmer since the age of four, it was in her DNA. She was a Waterflower after all. Misty supposedly was trained and prepared to swim in waters like these.

But this water was inhumanly cold. Despite the skill and talent her family honed in her as a swimmer, nothing could prepare Misty for the apocalyptic frigid waters brought on by Articuno’s influence.

“Ash!” she cried out. No response. Misty would continue to exert the most powerful strokes she could muster to propel herself in the wide open water. Her front crawl swimming style had almost perfect form thanks to years of practice in the Cerulean Gym. But it seemed like it wasn’t enough in the vast wasteland of salt water and ice glaciers that surrounded her with no reprieve.

“Ash where are you?!” Misty would continue to cry out, “Pikachu?! Are you there?!”

Misty started to panic. This was like her worst nightmare. Did Lugia survive? If he didn’t, then did Ash? Or Pikachu? If Lugia didn’t survive then how would Ash even…

No, Misty couldn’t think about that. She just needed to try her best to find Ash.

“Ash!” she pleaded, “Please say something if you’re out there!” Misty stopped swimming and treaded water to restore her situational awareness. Her body wanted to give up. Not by exhaustion but because she could tell she was losing control of her motor functions from the low temperature. But she had to keep moving.

“Pikachupi!” Misty heard off in the distance. That was the scant ray of hope she needed for her diminishing morale.

“Pikachu!” Misty pinged back, “Hang on!”

Misty put all her willpower into swimming towards Pikachu’s cries. It was only Pikachu’s voice that was calling to her. Her heart sank into her stomach as she thought about what that meant. Was Ash okay? Was he unconscious? Was he…

No, you can’t worry about that, Misty told herself. The turbulent high seas lifted her up and down. No matter how much she swam, the strength of Pikachu’s cries would not get any stronger.

This really is a nightmare, Misty convinced herself. She wanted to cry. She wanted to give up. But she couldn’t. Because if she did…


The Pokegear on Misty’s bedside drawer mercifully jolted her awake. Misty groggily turned her head towards the mobile device stridently buzzing on the hard wooden surface. She breathed a sigh of relief and reached for it. She relaxed even more when she read the caller ID display. 

“COURIWAY POKEMON CENTER,” it read. It was Ash. Thank goodness. Misty for the moment was still in a bizarre head space where she thought the dream really did happen. And not in the way it played out when Ash and her visited Shamouti Island back when they were travelling in the Orange Islands. She took several breaths to adjust herself back to reality.

“Hey Ash!” Misty answered in her most chipper voice possible, hiding her grogginess and pretending she wasn’t asleep in an oppressive and hopeless dream just moments before.

“Hey Misty!” Ash mirrored back, “I hope I’m not calling at a bad time. I know it’s early and all but…”

“Oh no, you always call at the perfect time!” Misty interrupted, shortly realizing that her statement wasn’t exactly a lie.

“Oh great!” Ash said in response to Misty’s assurance, “I can’t wait to tell you about this Pokemon we ran into. Bonnie befriended it and my new Pokedex couldn’t even tell what it was and…”

Misty closed her eyes as she listened to Ash’s voice pleasantly ramble about his week. She looked forward to temporarily sleeping without nightmares for at most the next several days .