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thanx for taggin me @boocreek ♡♡♡♡!!!! :’-) so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! i tag every1 if u c this n u wanna do this consider urself #tagged by bratsim ok ily


Death doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners
And the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep living anyway
We rise and we fall
And we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there’s a reason I’m still alive
When everyone who loves me has died
I’m willing to wait for it

“Wait for it” - Hamilton


idk this mans name :-(: hey dude cool eyes lol

blue: WOW!!!!!! RLY????? THX!!!!!!!

blue: its bc im half alien prince!!!!!!!! half alien half…..?? w/e my dad is.. some kinda giant elf thing idrk

:-( im sry: ……….???????! ok

@pancakemolybdenum merry christmas! i was your santa for @homestuck-secret-santa  :3c youre a hecka good artist so when i found out i was like Oh No, but this was super fun to draw! i hope you have an awesome holiday! 

sim-s-plelife  asked:

Hi ♥ So I was the anon who asked you a few days ago about the dancing doodles on your pictures, and then asked about gimp? I found out how to do it, but it awkwardly skips between frames no matter what I do. I was going to send you an example but we aren't mutuals lol. But I was wondering if you'd be able to help me? -- Side Note ; thank you for blessing my dash with your children ;-;

hi lil buddy!!!! sorry for a late reply!! i wanted 2 help u so bad i was downloadin gimp and my internet was like turtle speed today and it took like 2 hr to DL omg.. but i made u a lil tutorial that if u follow u should be able to make a doodle gif thingy!! 

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ZACK MOORE is NINETEEN and UNEMPLOYED. He has a strong resemblance to Zayn Malik

“I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house.”

Zack wasn’t born into a wonderful family. His mother had left home at the age of eighteen. Things were looking good in the beginning. However, she got involved in a bad group and lost everything. By the mere age of twenty she was on the streets and homeless. Her group of friends all left her to fend for herself as they went on to find other things. Unsure of what to do, Katherine had followed the lead of everyone else in her situation. She started prostituting herself. Shortly after that, she ended up pregnant with Zack’s older sister, Sarah. By the time Sarah was born, Katherine was too far gone to be a real mother.

She had a drug problem and she continued to sell herself. Zack was only a year younger than his sister. Despite that, he did everything he could to protect her. By the age of sixteen, though, it seemed pointless. He had gotten into a heated argument with his mother and things got physical. He pushed his mom off of him and locked himself in his room. Packing only what he needed, Zack then sneaked into his sister’s room and woke her up. By morning, both of them were gone.

The two had an apartment together and stayed together until his sister decided that she didn’t want to hide out in an apartment and eventually end up just like their mother. Zack was taken aback by this, but let her leave and insisted that she stay in touch.

Once he turned eighteen, he realized what his sister meant. Quickly, he got rid of the apartment and moved to Winnipeg. He worked to get his GED and now picks up odd jobs whenever he can. He’s looking for something to make him enough money so that he can go to college. He just hasn’t found anything that intrigues him or will hire him.

“If things go wrong we can knock it down.”

Zack tends to be very closed off and secretive. He’ll sit for hours and learn about your first kiss, your favorite color, where your name came from and what you think of it. As soon as you ask for any information from him, he’ll close up and insist that he has to go. Along with this, Zack tends to be quiet and refrain from social interactions. He’d gladly stay in bed all day or just go to the park by himself. He doesn’t need someone around him all the time.

☑ Helpful, Kind, Protective

✗ Quiet, Loner, Secretive

“My three words have two meanings”

Jagger Cohen | Best friend- Jagger was one of the first people that Zack got close to when he moved to Winnipeg. Of course, he frequented the bar and that’s how the two met. They grew very close, very fast. Jagger is the only person that Zack has really opened up to and Zack is one of the few that Jagger has told about Jasper. The two are incredibly close and are often questioned if they’re more than friends. However, the two are just friends.

Oliver Atwood | Friends-  When Zack moved in with Jagger he, of course, also moved in with Oliver. The two were friendly and never had problems with each other. They just weren’t nearly as close with each other as they were with Jagger.

Justin Waters | Boy thing- Zack finds Justin attractive and the two have done things before. However, Zack is doing his best to not get too attached or involved.

Olivia Knight | Ex-Girlfriend- When Zack first moved to Winnipeg, he was fighting an addiction to a few drugs. He met Olivia and they two began doing drugs together. It wasn’t long until things developed and the two started dating. Zack quickly ended things, though. He hated it when he got addicted to things and knew he had to work on that.



I Am Swen:

Hi I’m Lauren, I’m 14 years old (yes ik im a baby), I live in Canada, and I’m really gay tbh . I draw (idk why i haven’t done fanart yet), I play clarinet, watch TV, listen to music (Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, that kind of stuff) and read (mostly sq fan fiction). I only ever speak/write in text lingo and i typically use like 5 swear words per sentence tbh. okay thats basically it bc I’m a lame ass hoe, hmu on insta @ reginasemma (fanpage turned spam acc where i talk about life) or @ laurenjohnstons (personal)

I Love Swan Queen:

I fucking love Swan Queen so much oh my god. Ever since I started watching OUAT like a year I have loved swan queen bc 1.They are sO FUCKING IN LOVE WHAT THE HELL MAN 2.It’s the perfect love story 3.Lesbians 4.SQ and Lana are what made me realize my sexuality so i gotta love them. Ok idrk what to say so bye.

I Love Swen:

Y’all are so fucking gr8 and so fucking talented and nice and perfect I just  !!! 1! Our fandom has beautiful fanart, amazing fics, creepily realistic manips, and fantastic people, everyone in the fandom is rad af. I’ve met most of my friends through this fandom and I am super thankful for that (I’m especially thankful for theswanqueens, i had to put that in this post idk why i love Emily so much) I JUST LOVE THIS WHOLE FANDOM BYE.