idris hopper

At long last the news was back; yes. Four weeks along and the fetus seemed healthier than it had right to be. Maybe Idris was imagining it, but she swore she could see the belly of her partner already swell to accommodate the young. Then again, when you were as small as Agent Flynn, that was pretty much to be expected. Idris smiled as Ena stretched and started to yawn, lifting her arms up and opening her mouth slightly.


Idris knelt, her hands pushing up the soft blue shirt, her eyes closing as she kissed the bump gently before resting her nose against Ena’s stomach. She remained there, her eyes closed. One had was on Ena’s thigh, the other behind her back - supporting her. Briefly, it crossed Idris’s mind what Tony and Steve would think of their child - after all, Ena and Idris had sworn to silence until they knew for sure.

Sometimes she thought Steve had guessed. But Tony? The man was as thick as his iron armor when it came to matters such as these. Idris couldn’t want to see the look on his face when she told him.

OC S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Idris Hopper (Kneeling) & Ena Flynn (Standing). Flynn is owned by RamblinGinger here on Tumblr<3