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I was rewatching Stakeout (as one does) and wrote down all the items from the No-no list(all I could read anyway).


No butter-syrup
No talking about Die Hard and 2 and 3 or 4 or 5
No eating mayonnaise from the jar
No peanut anything from the jar

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Kara Should Wear a Two-Piece

This is a continuation of @autumnknight17 ‘s swim instructor!Kara fic which is fabulous and can be found HERE. 

I just really like Cat ogling Kara, what can I say?

Cat Grant had seen many fine biceps in her time as Queen of All Media (not least of which were Idris Elba’s). She’d even consider herself, as with many other things, an expert on bicep quality.

Kara Danvers had the most beautiful biceps Cat had ever seen. Not the largest, of course, but by far the most beautiful.

Carter had swimming lessons with the girl again and Cat didn’t need to go and it’s not like she wanted to go, but she was worried about Carter. She’d delayed his swimming lessons because he didn’t like to swim. What if he gave Kara trouble? What if Kara pressured him into swimming when he didn’t want to?

So it was perfectly reasonable for Cat to rent out the pool for two hours every Monday and Thursday evening to watch her son swim. She brought work too, it wasn’t like she was wasting time.

Besides, while Carter practiced his strokes Kara would ask Cat questions about journalism (no, giving her an autograph had not overly-inflated Cat’s ego). Cat couldn’t just leave this poor girl to go it alone like Cat had. And when Kara walked back over to the pool side it was perfectly reasonable to watch her go. The girl could slip.

Perhaps Cat’s eyes strayed a little to Kara’s skin tight shorts and everything hugging one-piece. Also, why did Kara wear a one piece? Cat could swim in a two-piece, certainly this swim instructor could.

“Good evening Ms. Grant! Hey Carter! Sorry, I’m late, there was an accident.” Kara was never late. It was Cat’s fourteenth favorite thing about her.

However, the cardigan Kara was wearing was definitely not going to make Cat’s list. How could Kara justify covering her arms in such a hideous outfit? In fact the only skin Cat could see was at Kara’s ankles, wrists, and face. What year was it? Had this girl time traveled?

“Kara! Are you okay? What was the accident?” Carter, the dear boy, had completely come out of his shell at Kara’s gentle teaching style. Of course he would worry about her.

“Oh I wasn’t in it!” Kara lifted her hands in comfort and smiled, “And there were only a few bruises, nobody got too hurt.” Kara blinked. “A-At least, that’s what I heard anyway. I didn’t see it of course.” Kara readjusted the glasses perched on her nose. It’d be adorable if Cat found anything adorable.

Besides Carter obviously. Cater was adorable and smart and talented and witty and charming and Kara wore glasses?

Cat watched Kara as she chatted with Carter and opened the pool door. She was, indeed, wearing glasses. Kara had a bag though, Cat shrugged, hopefully her contact lenses weren’t too uncomfortable in the pool.

“Are you coming Ms. Grant?” Kara looked at her expectantly. Those glasses framed her face quite nicely.

“Mhh, just contemplating who I’m firing today.” Cat didn’t walk with extra sway in her hips. She always walked with this much sway in her hips. She did however notice that Kara’s eyes blinked down to her hips.

Even glasses couldn’t hide that look.


Kara excused herself to change and Carter did the same.

“Hey mom! Watch this!” Cat sat down and booted up her laptop, a smile quirking over her lips at Carter’s call.

She looked up just in time to watch her son leap into the deep end. He was so proud of himself, he really had gotten much better at swimming over the last few weeks. Maybe Cat should pay Kara more?

Carter hadn’t come up yet.

“Carter?” Cat stood from her chair and walked toward the pool. Carter wasn’t coming up. “Carter!”

Cat made it two more steps before she felt air whip past her and heard a body hit the water. Not even three seconds later Kara was at the surface heaving both herself and Carter up over the edge of the pool and onto the pool deck. Kara had him flipped onto his side and pressing on his sternum before Cat could even kneel beside them.

The coughing that came from her son was one of the sweetest sounds Cat would ever be graced with. It also made her acutely aware of her own heartbeat.

“Carter, are you alright? You will never do that again! You won’t even look at water again!” Carter was breathing hard, but he was breathing, and he smiled up at Cat.

“Mom, mom, I’m okay.” He coughed again, “but I won’t do that again!”

Cat frowned and pulled him into a hug. Her brilliant boy could be such a fool.  

Kara leaned back on her knees and breathed a sigh of relief. Cat looked up in time to see Kara smiling at them. Kara hadn’t finished changing.

The water that had soaked her hair, still down, she hadn’t got it pushed back into her usual pony-tail yet, was cascading down her chest. And pooling in her bra. And then continuing down to her jeans. Her abs.

Cat blinked. Kara should really wear two-pieces. Cat could still feel her pulse but it wasn’t in her chest anymore.

“Go dry off Carter, I think that’s enough swimming for today.” Cat rubbed his back while her grumbled but he shook a little getting up. He didn’t walk very close to the pool either. Cat frowned.

“ Sorry Ms. Grant, if I hadn’t been late, that wouldn’t have happened.” Kara reached up to adjust the glasses that weren’t on her face.

Ah, so that’s what that movement was for. Cat shook her head, “No, it’s not your fault, I should have forbidden him from swimming until you were by the poolside.” Cat glanced down again at Kara’s bra and frowned. “How did you get out here so fast? I was already walking toward the pool when I shouted for him. It looks like you were mid-changing. How did you even hear me?”

Kara looked down as well and the blush that raged over her face was priceless. “Oh, goodness, sorry Ms. Grant, I’ll go change!” She stood faster than Cat could reach out to her and charged back into the locker room.

Well, her curiosity hadn’t killed her yet. Cat stood and followed Kara.

Kara’s hair was wrapped in a towel and she was fumbling with her glasses when Cat caught up with her. “How bad is your eye sight anyway? You couldn’t have put on contact lenses that fast.”

Cat narrowed her eyes as Kara fumbled about. Something just wasn’t adding up here. A ping sounded on Cat’s phone but she didn’t look away from Kara.

“I uh, I didn’t need them to get to the pool Ms. Grant. Uh, they’re mostly for distance reading.” The only dry part of Kara was the cardigan she was holding to her chest. The action only made her biceps stand out more.

No, Cat would not be distracted. “And what? You’re an Olympic class sprinter and weight lifter? You pulled Carter out of the pool over your shoulder.”

Kara wasn’t looking at Cat. She was looking at anything that wasn’t Cat. “I-I, well, I work out,” Cat scoffed. “A-and I do run. It’s not that amazing. I-it’s not amazing at all! I have a cousin who swam and he could pull grown men out of the pool! In fact lots of people-”


Cat turned but not before watching Kara all but sag with relief. “One moment Carter, I’m just talking with Kara.” Kara straightened when Cat turned back to her.

Cat sighed, maybe she was over thinking all of this. Kara had just saved her son after all. “Thank you for saving Carter. I do appreciate that.”

Kara smiled, “Of course Ms. Grant. He’s an amazing kid.”

Cat nodded and looked at Kara’s now drenched cardigan. “Do you have other clothes to change into? Or would you like my driver to drop you at home?”

Kara blushed, “Oh, uh, actually that’d be nice. I didn’t bring a change of clothes. Didn’t think I’d be jumping into the pool with-”

The babbling had only recently made it onto Cat’s list. It was number twenty-eight. “Yes, yes, you can use my jacket to cover up with until we get to the car too.”

The cough that Cat heard before she walked out stopped her. She turned and Kara was very distinctly still not looking at her. “You, uh, you may want to use the jacket Ms. Grant.”

Cat looked down. Ah, she’d worn white. Carter’s hair was wet. She looked back up at Kara. “Mhh, most people would pay good money to see this.”

She chuckled at Kara’s wide eyes and turned to head out to the pool. Maybe she should invite Kara over for lunch and a swim in the ocean? Purely to thank her for saving Carter of course.

Cat didn’t cover up with her coat. Even when she was sitting in the back seat of her car right next to Kara. Carter’s ramblings to the driver in the front seat would usually interest her much more. But Kara’s still bare shoulders were quite distracting.

Not as distracting as the charming blush the younger woman wore while she determinedly stared out the car window though.

I’ll put this on AO3 at some point. 

there are actually so many good things about the new Star Trek movie, but here’s a few that you folks might be interested in.

  • No womanizing Captain Kirk.
  • It gives ample time to all the main cast.
  • Doesn’t focus on Kirk alone.
  • Lots of Bones/Spock dialogue and development.
  • No weird underwear shots.
  • No obnoxious lens flares.
  • A plot that revolves around promoting friendship, peace, and diversity.
  • No sexist jokes.
  • Idris Elba.
  • A wholesome, fun, positive, space adventure that isn’t weighed down by tiresome stereotypes or edginess.
  • The best goddamn use of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.

Please watch it. Please. They know what they’re doing now. Give the movie your money because goddamn it deserves it.

This movie just. GETS IT.

anonymous asked:

Who is on your top ten hot list ?

that’s like asking me to choose ten favorite children

(this is in no order at all i’m just writing down the first ten that pop in my brain so we’re at risk for freudian slips here and i’m terrified of self-discovery)

idris elba

godfrey gao

matthew gray gubler

trevante rhodes

sebastian stan

jeffrey dean morgan

aidan turner

steven yeun

chris hemsworth

chris evans

okay that didn’t end too badly

Character aesthetics:
His Dark Materials
by Philip Pullman [4/?]: Lord Asriel

“But think of Adam and Eve like an imaginary number, like the square root of minus one: you can never see any concrete proof that it exists, but if you include it in your equations, you can calculate all manner of things that couldn’t be imagined without it. Anyway, it’s what the Church has taught for thousands of years. And when Rusakov discovered Dust, at last there was a physical proof that something happened when innocence changed into experience. Incidentally, the Bible gave us the name Dust as well. At first they were called Rusakov Particles, but soon someone pointed out a curious verse toward the end of the Third Chapter of Genesis, where God’s cursing Adam for eating the fruit.”

goddamnittfrank  asked:

Matt Daddario, Aaroon Taylor-Johnson, Diego Luna, Naomi Harris, Idris Elba, and Felicity Jones. This is too random, I'm sorry.

song: “Stay Awake” by All Time Low

Dedication takes a lifetime,
but dreams only last for a night

title: The Second String


In every universe, there are superheroes and then there are…well, less-than-super heroes. The superheroes are the ones you see on the news, shaking hands with the mayor and stopping to save people from burning buildings on their way to catch an alien-filled meteor hurtling towards the earth. 

This movie is not about them.

When an off-planet memorial service for a fallen superhero turns out to be a trap, the world finds itself in peril and its only remaining protectors are a ragtag bunch that might charitably be referred to as the B-Team. There’s James (Elba), formerly known as The Sentinel, who made famous rescues during his day but found superhero egos so profoundly irritating that he actually retired and chose to teach middle school instead. Former shapeshifter/telekinetic tag team Max (Luna) and Gabby (Harris) parted ways when an accident during a battle led to Max losing his powers. He has since buried himself in the tech support end of the superhero business while Gabby patrols the streets as a cop. 

Rounding out the team are Ben (Daddario), an erstwhile meteorologist who recently rolled out of a freak storm with the ability to control the weather and absolutely no training, and Lydia (Jones), a speedster who was deemed too volatile for field work and benched when her superhero mentor realized that her powers fluctuated without warning.

In spite of their hesitance (and in some cases, horrifying cluelessness), they must band together to protect their world from the designs of The Captain (Taylor-Johnson), a superhero who feels the world owes him more than a yearly day of celebration and a twenty foot statue in Central Park, and holds all the world’s superheroes hostage in order to get it.

Will Max and Gabby be able to unite this ragtag band of misfits to save the day? Will Ben ever stop accidentally creating tiny blizzards long enough for Lydia to get a handle on her powers? Will James’s fourth period Algebra class ever successfully memorize the quadratic equation?

There’s only one way to find out.


Following the news that Joseph Fiennes is to play Michael Jackson (no, really), some letter writers just can’t see the problem because black actors play white fictional people ALL THE TIME OKAY?
'Thor: Ragnarok' Adds 'Jurassic Park' Star Sam Neill
Director Taika Waititi already found a way to reunite with his Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Sam Neill — by putting him in his Marvel movie.

The actor, most known for playing Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park, revealed during an interview with ShortList that he filmed a secret role for Thor: Ragnarok.

“I’m not really allowed to say this and I can’t tell you what it is…I did a couple of days on Thor just before I came over here,” Neill said, noting how he “had to sign all sorts of things. So if I say anything else, Marvel’s secret agents — and they are lethal — will come and get me and probably my children, as well.”

Thor: Ragnarok also reunites Neill with Jeff Goldblum, who played Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park and plays The Grandmaster in the Marvel film. Featured in the cast are Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk, Karl Urban as Skurge, and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.

Plot details are currently under wraps, but the title suggests it has something to do with the apocalypse from Norse mythology, and the Hulk gladiator armor shown at San Diego Comic-Con reveals a connection to the Planet Hulk comic book arc.

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled for release on Nov. 3, 2017. Watch Neill’s interview with ShortList below and skip to the 3:15 mark to see him discuss his Marvel role.

Marvel-ous Messy Time!

So i made desert! This is Raspberry & Cherry Eton Mess. And its GLORIOUS (recipe available on request). 

And here’s the deal; 

Because we all need a bit of fun, and i know how you all like tasty things, you all get to grab a bowl, take a scoop, then grab one of the following MARVELous men. How you combine the two is your choice. 


Late on the Dark Tower casting news

So disappointing. You had Mads Mikkelsen right there! (or Vigo Mortensen as a back up) Race bending characters is always a bad idea but in this case particularly so! I really like Idris Elba as an actor but I just think he’s the wrong guy for Roland. With all the usual people applauding the ‘incredibly brave’ casting choice (gag) it’s odd that none of them realize that this really seems like it’s going to be a bad thing for Susannah’s character arc - I could be totally wrong here but it does feel as though they’re not gonna be doing much of the racial stuff.

(The fact that Stephen King is supposedly fine with this casting choice is completely irrelevant to me because Stephen King is basically never right about the ways his work should be adapted to different mediums, this is a man who didn’t like Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining (which is a masterpiece) and so years later made his own mini series version of it - which is terrible. Plus have you seen Under The Dome? The book was awful, the show is somehow even worse! Stephen King is the George Lucas of making Stephen King movies/TV shows.)


I’ve not been an angel in my life, either—do you know what I’m saying? So to a certain extent, what goes around comes around. But for me in the future, I’m about being comfortable. That’s it. Now that I’ve achieved some of the things that I’ve wanted to achieve, I’m not going to be a slave to it all of a sudden. I respect the artist that lives that way. The people that just go, ‘You’re going to hate me for what I just did, or you’re not going to understand why I made that film or that record or whatever, but what you are watching is someone that’s living their life.’ You know: I’m not watching you; you’re watching me.

Okay I was pleased that Idris Elba got cast over Tom Cruise but “Pacific Rim” sounded like kind of a dry movie like maybe it’s historical fiction or a documentary or something?

And then I looked it up and HOLY JESUS ASSFUCK CHRIST. There are monsters crawling out of the ocean and dudes are fighting them in what looks like the lovechildren of a Gundam and an EVA unit and GLADOS is narrating and the whole thing is directed by Guillermo del Motherfucking Toro? 

Why is this movie not already in my eyes?