These kids have great advice for Idris Elba, who is taking a lucky person out on a Valentine’s day date– for a good cause

From dancing to funny faces guaranteed to seduce, these kiddos have a lot of opinions. But watching the video is worth it alone just to see 007 favorite Elba do the Jim from the Office reaction to one girl’s James Bond crush.

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He’d fallen in love with Idris at first sight. He hadn’t expected that at all. It was like walking into a fairy tale. And not the sort he’d grown used to at the Shadow Market, where faeries were another kind of monster. The kind he’d seen on TV and in books when he was little, a world of magnificent castles and lush forests.

céline herondale

I can never stop myself from thinking about Céline Herondale (née Montaclaire)

We know so little of her, and yet those pieces of information shatter my heart. 

As a child she was abused by her own family (Montclaire) which lead to her constantly running away, but with nowhere else to go, she would always come back. She almost became an iron sister just to get away from her family, but then things changed, she found somewhere, or rather someone, to run to.

Céline then joined The Circle, with the intent of finding a place to belong and people to love her, she trusted Valentine with all she had.

At age of 18, she had to marry a man who Valentine forced to leave the wife he loved to be with Céline. Stephen Herondale was not in love with Céline, we know that from letters he wrote himself, the Montclaire lost not only her name but also the chance to be truly loved. She was now a Herondale, and as such, moved to the Herondale Manor with Stephen (her husband) and his parents. 

Still there was hope, she soon was pregnant of Stephen's child, pregnant of the Jace Herondale we know and love. She was going to give birth to someone who would truly love her like she had always dreamed, she would belong with someone and that someone was her son. But that never happened.

When she was 8 months pregnant, Valentine had her husband murdered, and the same faith encountered her. The one person she trusted to change her life to the better plotted her death, and, if that wasn’t enough, the story that was told was that she committed suicide because of her husband’s death. Imagine having everyone think you took your life and, consequently, your son’s? Suicide is not at all accepted by shadowhunters, so she did not even get to be burned like the other Nephilim, instead she was buried at some crossroad in Idris.

Her child was then taken off her dead body and spent his childhood being raised by the one who plotted hers and her huband’s deaths.

Céline Herondale went through a lot, she deserved so much better and no one even bothers talking about her.

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