“Slow loud and bangin all in my trunk…”

Z-ro is probably the most underrated rapper to those outside of the dirty south. people can say what they want but Z-ro is the closes thing to Pac in the south. Mr. McVey dropped his 1st album, “Look What You Did to Me,” in 1998 and has dropped as many albums as some rappers careers. I can easily compare The Mo City Don to Pac. The only thing that I can say that is different about them both are that Pac was known nationwide and also found a “major” major record label. Z-ro, not so much. I will spare the similarities only because there are so many.

I have heard of Z-ro since early high school. (No, i will not give away my age) It was a time where screw music was at its peak. A time when you would not dare say Chamillionaire without Paul Wall and vise versa. A time where when you would memorize a screwed song, hear the regular version, memorize the chops and think the regular song was too fast.  A time where “You ain’t sh*t if you ain’t screwed up” was nothing short of the truth. And it was a time that artists would really freestyle on album. When I first heard “ The Life of Joseph W. McVey" I knew we had a superstar, not in the making but in our hands. I continuously wonder why a major label would not pick up such a talent but upon further thinking I have decided that it is either because he is a liability (many run ins with the law) or he does not see the offered contracts suitable.

After talking to my brother from another, who currently resides in the H, we came to the conclusion that another Z-ro album was need. The big man up stairs heard our requests and promptly delivered 5200. That was all I needed. Southside Groovin brought back that feel good, southside southside, turn it up way too much type of feel. As i completed listening to the album, I could not shake the feeling of inconsistency. 5200 seemed full of fillers. Honestly what I need is some quality Ro. I need that emotional music that everyone can relate to regardless of your age and race. Yeah, I will be hard on him but only because he has set his own benchmark. For now, I will safely assume that 5200 is only a teaser to a more cohesive piece of work that we have heard from one of the most talented rappers to rep Screwston.    -"screwedreamer”

Gimmie 5 on...Andre 3000

#5…doing a couple of surprise stops on any tour.

#4…acting in another movie.

#3…popping up anywhere.

#2…actually saying, “forever? forever ever?” besides on Ms. Jackson.

#1…and Big Boi getting together and making a guest appearance on “insert any/favorite artist/musician."  Let’s face it, we want to hear them team up on anything.



Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious Thugs

Classic. Period.


At what point do we consider someones artistic expression a cry for help? Of course some of our most favorite songs are the ones that are most personal to us. I personally love songs that that put you in the place of what the artist is expressing. It is not difficult to look at our society and realize that something is not right. First hearing of the news of her passing, I was not shocked to read some of the things people have said or come up with. Is it fair to say that we knew she was troubled? Well, if we answer yes, is it fair to say that we have in some way “enabled” her lifestyle by not finding ways to actively help? (In no way am I putting the blame on anyone. I ask the question to encourage thought, not to point fingers.) We all value our right to Freedom of Speech but is there a point that we can consider some of that “speech” as an outreach for a helping hand? I don't think that we should be dissecting lyrics to the point where we come up with our on conclusion of what is safe and harmful but I do think that we must realize that there is an unmentioned problem of mental health that we choose not to address. Honestly, without looking up the definition, do you know what proper mental health is? I don't and I don’t think that I’m alone. I don’t have answers for all my questions but to have an answer, you must have a question. I will always be a Amy Winehouse fan, period. I only hope that her family, friends and fans can find acceptable peace. Let us not forget that she was a person first and foremost.


So…i went to the Kendrick Lamar show and i was honored to have witnessed this. Look out for Detox = Look out for Kyle Gonzales? (Sorry, i forgot my camera and had to use my phone for the actual show)


“Every time I write these words they become a taboo

Making sure my punctuation curve

Every letter is true

Living my life in the margin and that metaphor was proof

I’m talking poetic justice, poetic justice

If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it ?”

-Kendrick Lamar