All my Disneybounds that i got to do on my Disney cruise and parks vacation back in July 2013! Thanks to my job at Delia*s  i got a nice discount and most of my outfits came from there, some also from Target and the accessories were from a bunch of places.  The BOWS are from Magical Ribbons.

Disneybounds: Pocahontas, Slave Jasmine, Jane Porter, Pirates of the Carribbean, Park Ariel, Little Town Belle, and Ellie from Up.

Elizabeth Swann Disneybound

I personally think Elizabeth Swann is totally underrated and deserves more love! Shes such a bamf and I had such a fun time disneybound as her for the Pirates in the Carribean party on the Disney cruise.

I even got to meet Jack Sparrow and was totally embarrassed like a five year old. The necklace I “made” out of a disney pin I bought last cruise and wrapped a chain around the back to make it an necklace. (They actually sell the necklace on the ship in one of the shops but this was a money free option). This beautiful bow is from Magical Ribbons, I got 2 years ago on the last cruise!

once upon a time theories
  • Wendy and the darling children have something to do with the anti magic organization
  • Neal isn’t dead: he lands in the Enchanted Forest, and that’s where Mulan and Aurora come into play in the finale (heard spoilers that they come back for the finale
  • Hook warns the town about the destruction of Storybrooke (that scene in the Charmings apartment) and he gets them out of town and on his ship (BTS photos)
  • Someone still has some magic beans and in the finale they travel to other worlds
  • Hook is going to be on the “good” side…hopefully
  • Peter Pan isn’t evil that’s just his mischievous shadow
  • Tamara is going to be the character that dies…or Greg. HOPEFULLY BOTH BECAUSE I HATE THEM AND THEIR STORYLINE IS SO RIDICULOUS
  • I just want Hook and Emma to be friends and have scenes together (MEANT TO BE- ABCs true love commercial featured them!) no hate
  • This is more of a hope rather than a theory but I hope they end up going back to the Enchanted Forest for season 3. How much more can they really do in Storybrooke?

My Beauty and the Beast nails in honor of it coming out in 3D!

My pinkies are the magic rose

my left ring finger is Belles Gold Dress

my middle left is BELLE! :) handpainted!

my left index is her blue dress

both thumbs are just a design from my stamp plates lol

my right ring finger is Beasts ballroom outfit

my right middle is Gaston ahaha complete with his chest hair ahaha

my right index is Chip!


All these pictures are of everything her and Jack were going to do together and she did them anyway BECAUSE SHE PROMISED HIM SHE WOULD.

but it makes me sad because its was supposed to be them together…


I am emotional…and Titanic is on and that is not a good combination.

My New Years Nails!

Pinkie- black base with multi colored, sparkley fireworks

Ring- Purple and blue Sparkles

Middle- Champagne base, with multicolored/some sparkley confetti

Index- Sparkley cheetah print, (gold sparkley base)

Thumb- Black base, the New Year 2012, with multicolored and gold sparkle confetti

If youd like to know the specifics of anything just send me a message!