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If there’s something I really really hate about myself… it’s my ass and my legs. My stomach/abs idrc because honestly if I did one ab routine I used to do for color guard every night for a week my abs would be visible and look good. But my legs. No matter what those will always be gross and fat and my butt will never have a good shape. -.- so frustrating looking in the mirror or looking at pictures of yourself and absolutely hating what you see

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AhHhH I love your blog!!! Can I request RFA+V+Saeran just like being friends(maybe implied at the end that they become more?? Idk idrc)with MC and when they meet her for the first time they find out that she has an abusive boyfriend??? I know it's like,,,,,,, a really hardcore topic and all,, but ,, i mean,, yah hehaha, you don't have to if it's too much !!

thank you so much :)))
here you go!


- he is the most protective out of everyone in the group and you treat him like an older brother because he’s always there for you no matter what

- and when he first met you, he was so happy to see you but he’s also very shocked seeing the red bruises on your arms

- you told him it was nothing, but he suspects that it can’t be just ’nothing’

- and not moments later, a man came running after you, shouting your name in a very angry voice

- Zen was quick to connect the dots and when your boyfriend grabbed you by the arm, he intervened

- he literally threatened and almost fought the bastard straight-up but because of you he didn’t

- it took a long time for your abusive boyfriend to back down but Zen was always there for you and sticking up for you

- he didn’t trust that your boyfriend would leave you alone just like that so he offers you to stay at his house for safety

- and once your boyfriend became your ex and disappeared, Zen was relieved

- he still allows you to stay with him, and in fact he believes that you should definitely move in

- maybe he has feelings for you or maybe he doesn’t but the fact that he’s your best friend now and he cares deeply for you doesn’t change


- she was so surprised that you were still staying with an abusive asshole

- she literally found out the day she first met you because you had a black eye

- she will fight him anytime and any day just so he was clear never to hurt you

- and when she met him for the first time, she gave him her signature judo kick which left him curled like a ball on the floor for minutes

- she even clearly stated that she’ll call the cops if he ever tries to do anything

- she promises to keep you safe 

- the asshole never came back


- what? you have an abusive boyfriend?

- he will get you 10 guards to keep you safe and if that’s not enough he’ll get more

- he doesn’t deal with the jerk directly so he’ll have all the CID or FBI or whatever to track the poor excuse of a human being down and have him jailed and far away from you

- you can count on Jumin for almost anything and with his status he helped you greatly

- you can never stop thanking him because it’s such a huge deal and he got rid of the asshat in the blink of an eye

- truth was, Jumin already started to like you long ago so this was no problem for him

- and he wants to do anything and everything he can to make sure you’re okay because you deserve so much more


- he gets so worried about you

- like how could you stand being with a jerk??

- he’s actually afraid of what he could do to you if he ever tried to intervene so he calls the police straight away

- but after calling the police, he feels even more worried

- so he invites you to stay over at his house until the police calls back to say he’s been caught

- throughout your stay at his house, he’s very thoughtful and considerate towards you

- he even makes sure your wounds are cleaned up properly so it will heal in no time

- he’s so much better than your ex and you can definitely tell Yoosung’s actions are genuine


- how in the world did he miss out the part where you were beaten up for years?

- and the fact that the abuse has gotten so serious makes him want to strangle himself for not noticing the signs earlier

- your first meeting was him enveloping you in a tight hug

- and ever since you met Seven face-to-face, you’ve never seen your abusive boyfriend anymore or even hear anything from him

- that’s definitely a good thing but you can’t help but worry if he ever comes back to harm you and Seven

- but Seven assures you that you’ll be fine as long as you’re with him

- and to make the mood more lighthearted, Seven will always tell you jokes so that you’ll forget all about it


- he feels so sorry for you

- how can a sweet girl like you end up with someone so abusive and inconsiderate?

- he will shield you and even hide you if your boyfriend comes searching

- he doesn’t care if he takes the beatings instead of you, just so long as you’re okay and not suffering

- he made it clear that he cares deeply for you so he’ll do anything to ensure your out of harm’s ways

- if things get overboard, of course V wouldn’t keep quiet so he’ll call the cops

- and even though V looks calm, he’s boiling with rage inside and when he threatens, the words that come out of his mouth drips like venom

- your boyfriend is in deep trouble if he ever tries to ever touch you again


- he wouldn’t even waste any moment

- your abusive boyfriend has been beating you up for years so Saeran is going to give him back all the pain but worse

- he goes full-out beating the crap out of him until he’s half-dead

- you had to stop Saeran or the bastard would’ve died 

- Saeran gives one last death glare at him before pulling you away

- he calls you stupid for sticking with him and you silently agree

- but he’ll never leave your side and he’ll make sure your wounds heal properly

- he knows how horrible it feels to be abused and he doesn’t want you to go through that

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guuuuurl, i know 12 year olds drawing steamy gay ol' times (tho if you don't want to draw nsfw art, it's your call)

i mean if they wanna idrc but like im just unable to draw anything ?? nsfw?? the closest thing i can draw is a lenny face

  • korra: *is masculine-ish* *is bisexual*
  • cishet fan: :/ you know...ummm...i don't think this is a good idea...she's reinforcing the stereotype that masculine women are lesbians...i mean...straight girls need assurance that they can be masculine and straight...idrc if lesbians get assurance about their gender expression like whatever...maybe straight girls already got assurance with toph kyoshi lin kuvira and every other woman that enjoyed battling...but straight girls deserve MORE you know what i mean...