Chibi Jolteon #135 - 6/25/2011

Original Drawing:

  • An Electric Pokemon. Jolteon is a Fennec Fox-like Pokémon with a very short tail, surrounded by a fringe of spikes on its rear, and yellow fur that has the sharpness of needles (Glaceon shares this same trait, but it is not as obvious). Jolteon also has a white, spiky collar, and pink paw pads.
  • This was always my favorite eevee evolution :)

Chibi Growlithe #058 - 6/25/2011

Original Drawing:

  • A Fire Pokemon. Growlithe resembles a puppy. It has bright orange fur with black stripes. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. Unlike its evolution, Growlithe has two claws on its forefeet, and its paw pads are brown (instead of pink).
  • It took awhile to find the right shading that suited me. Even though it’s not exactly like the picture.
  • After Pikachu, this is one of my other favorite pokemons. <3

Mudkip #258 - 6/26/2011

Original Drawing:

  • A Water Pokemon. Mudkip is a small, blue, amphibious Pokémon with a large head, wide mouth, black, beady eyes and an orange, star-shaped external gills on its cheeks. It also has a fin on the top of its head and a light-blue fin for a tail. It moves around on all four legs, and has a light-blue underside.
  • Another request made by one of my friends :)
  • Sorry the shading is a off, but I got lazy xD

Chibi Sandshrew #027 - 12/31/2009

Original Drawing:

  • A Ground pokemon. Sandshrew is a ground-dwelling pholidote notable for its defensive capabilities. Its body is mostly covered in a dry, tough hide which is colored to blend in with the sands of the desert. It can curl into a tight ball about the same size as a basketball to protect its soft underbelly. Its primary weapon is the small but sharp claws on its paws, which are also useful for burrowing and can sometimes be poisoned.
  • Dawh :3

Cyndaquil #155 - 6/27/2011

Original Drawing:

  • A Fire Pokemon. Its fur is bluish on top of its body, but a milky color on the underside. Although called the Fire Mouse Pokémon, Cyndaquil seems to be a composite of features from the echidna, seen in the flames erupting from its back, and the shrew, the general shape of its body. Its eyes are often closed, as it is still young. It has four red-colored spots on its back from which its flames erupt. It lacks claws on its forelimbs, but has a single claw on each hind foot.
  • Request made by two of my friends :) done. Enjoy!

Gardevoir (black background) #282 - 6/26/2011

Original Drawing:

  • A Psychic Pokemon. The tutu-like skirt that Gardevoir had as a Kirlia had became an elegant ballroom gown, with a similar green underside. Its ‘hair’ style has also changed, with ‘curls’ down the sides of its head. Gardevoir has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown that are never seen in the main series games. Gardevoir’s arms are now green; its arms are connected to the hand with no defined wrist. Gardevoir owns long, slender fingers that are connected to the arms directly, appearing more glove-like. The red fin-like horns it had on its head before evolving have now moved to its chest and its back. Gardevoir also has spikes to the side of its face that has a close resemblance to a masquerade mask. Gardevoir has a band of green extending on its chest to the centermost horn and then connecting to the sleeve-like arms, almost appearing to resemble a Torso or top-like part to a dress.
  • As requested by one of my other friends :)

Chibi Charmander #004 - 12/31/2009

Original Drawing:

  • A Fire pokemon. Charmander is an orange reptilian creature resembling a bipedal salamander with some dinosaur qualities, particularly like those of theropods. Charmander has four small fangs visible on its upper and lower jaws, a cream underside and an expansive cream coloration on the sole of its foot. Its most notable feature is the flame burning on the tip of its tail, which is there even at birth. It is said that if this flame goes out, the Pokémon dies, although this has never happened in the anime, manga, or video games.

Charmander has been described as cute in appearance, but despite this one may have to regard it with caution as its slashing claws are sharp and strong, and thus potentially dangerous.

  • So cute :3

Suicune #245 - 12/30/2009

Original Drawing:

  • A Water Pokemon. One of the three legendary dogs. Suicune is an elegant, slim, blue cheetah-like Pokémon with white diamond-shaped spots and a white underside. Suicune has a purple, cape-like mane that resembles a northern aurora (Aurora Borealis) or a flowing river and two white streamer-like tails. It has a long, white snout that could be likened to a wolf or a horse. It has a hexagonal, aquamarine-colored crest on its forehead, red irises, a protrusion on the underside of its chin and small paws. Its paws have a small white oval on their underside.
  • I used a little shading on his mane.

Dragonair #148 - 12/30/2009

Original drawing:

  • A Dragon Pokemon. Evolved form of Dratini. Dragonair are long, serpentine Pokémon that can be up to 13 feet long. They have dark, glossy eyes and a small, unicorn-like horn on their foreheads. On either side of their heads are small feathery wings. Dragonair are covered in sapphire-blue scales, except for their bellies, which are a bright white. A feature unique to Dragonair are the small blue orbs that appear under their necks and on the ends of their tails. They somewhat resemble larger versions of their pre-evolutionary forms.
  • One of my prouder moments as an artist. I finally used shading in a way.