idr the names

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why is sssn pronounced sun. why. i went through two volumes thinking it was pronounced season, and honestly, can you blame me? sssn makes a hell of a lot more sense as s-ea-s-o-n than sss-u-n. they’re even colored, approximately, like seasons, with winter/blue/neptune, sage/green/spring, sun/yellow/summer and scarlet/red/fall.  but no. it’s not team season, it’s team sssssssssssun. like. what the fuck. what the fuck? what the fuck 

Please consider: Bitty and Ransom open up a bakery together. 

  • Bitty can appear pies. 
  • Ransom voluntarily keeps spreadsheets
  • Bitty is shit with numbers that aren’t fractions
  • Ransom definitely aced his required Business classes in his senior year
  • Ransom is a people person- he’s FB friends with everyone at Samwell. You can bet he knows the names of all the customers who come more than once. 
  • Bitty is a people person- he’ll get everyone talking until they somehow order two pies instead of one
  • They are both Social Media Stars on their respective platforms 
  • just
  • please.
  • give this to me. 

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Nicknames: CJ
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’8″
Time right now: 11:45PM
Last thing you googled: cryoprecipitate
Fave music artist: So many! but I’ll go with Fallout Boy
Song stuck in my head: The Hills - The Weeknd
Last movie I watched: IDR the name of it but Daniel Radcliffe played a dead guy and it was really fucking weird
Last tv show I watched: Modern Family
What I’m wearing right now: Black Star Wars PJ bottoms with my “I love Sara F*cking Bareilles’ t-shirt
When I created this blog: like 3 years ago? 4?
The kind of stuff I post: Supercorp, Supergirl, Star Wars, political stuff, anything I find funny, my fics, my random babblings
Do I get asks regularly?  I have been getting a lot of headcanon asks lately I love it!! And sometimes ppl come yell at me about my stories, which I also love! And of course there’s a steady stream of prompts!
Why did I choose my url:  It was my old screen name back on the Star Wars .com message boards and it’s pretty genius so I kept it
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: I have no idea
Favourite color: Green
Average hours of sleep: 5ish
Lucky number: 11
Favourite characters: Root, Lena Luthor, Meredith Grey, Jaina Solo, Boba Fett, Amy Santiago, Claire Dunphy, Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, Hermione Granger, Jo March … So many more that I cant think of at the moment … .
Dream job: Author/Screenwriter - if I ever got paid a living to write, I think I would die of happiness
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

I don’t have the brain power to think of 20 screen names but I really wanted to fill this out!


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A  -  age  :  17
B  -  biggest  fear(s)  :  dying and heights
C  -  current  time  :  11:55 am
D  -  drink  you  last  had  :  coffee
E  -  every  day  starts  with  :  laying in bed until i have to force myself to get up
F -  favorite  song  :  it changes a lot rn it’s this one
G  -  ghosts  ,  are  they  real  ?  :  probably
I  -  in  love  with  :  hm
K  -  killed  someone  :  no
L  -  last  time  you  cried  :  it was kinda recent but idr when exactly
M  -  middle  name  :  jayde
N  -  number  of  siblings  :  2
O  -  one  wish  :  to have a stable comfortable future
P  -  person  you  last  called  /  texted  :  this loser
Q  -  questions  you  are  always  asked  :  "how tall are you?”
R  -  religion  :  christian
S  -  song  last  sang  :  ikanaide
T  -  time  you  woke  up  :  9:15
U  -  underwear  color  :  are you expecting me to check or something lmao
V  -  vacation  destination  :  ideal or usual? we go to my grandma’s sometimes
W  -  worst  habit  :  hair pulling
X  -  x-rays  you’ve  had  :  i don’t remember??
Y  -  your  favorite  food  :  salmon…
Z  -  zodiac  sign  :  aries

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A - age: 21
B - biggest fear: Heights and not knowing what happens after death
C - current time: 10:06AM
D - drink you last had: Water<3
E - every day starts with: get uppp, brush my teeth make tea and breakfast
F - favourite song: I have waaaay too many, I really can’t choose
G - ghosts, are they real? I think so
H - hometown: Long Island, New York
I - in love with: my doggy Lyra, she is a Shiba Inu <3
J - jealous of: nothing
K - killed someone: never
L - last time you cried: uhhhhhhh idr
M - middle name: dont have oneee
N - number of siblings: i amm an only child 
O - one wish: to pursue my masters degreee, live comfortably and have a high paying job
P - person you last texted: groupchattttt
Q - questions you’re always asked: “how are you” always
R - reasons to smile: the fact that i am livingggggg
S - song last sang: Eric Bellinger- Hangover
T - time you woke up: 8:00am
U - underwear colour: greyyyyyyyyyyyy
V - vacation destination: puerto ricooo to visit my familia
W - worst habit: picking on my faceeeeeeeeeeeee xD
X - x-rays you’ve had: xrays of my mouth only, reg dental checkups
Y - your favourite food: Fav food has to beeee pasta
Z - zodiac sign: Virgo!

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a - age: 17
b - biggest fear: big open bodies of water
c - current time: it was 202 in the afternoon when i started this a few days ago but now its 1132
d - drink you last had: cherry 7up
e - every day starts with: idk??????
f - favorite song: i dont think i have one rn?
h - hometown: lousiville, colorado
i - in love with: hhgkhshjsnd too many people
j - jealous of: literally everyone that has a more interesting life than me
k - killed someone: no????
l - last time you cried: probably like two nights ago or something idr
m - middle name: elizabeth!
n - number of siblings: one brother, one stepbrother, and one stepsister
o - one wish: be happy
p - person you last called/texted: my best friend abbey q - questions you’re always asked: “why does it not bother you” idk anything else theres definitely more
r - reasons to smile: i for some reason have started to accept myself more and more and thats good
s - song last sang: idk??? you suck charlie by joji ig
t - time you woke up: like 720
u - underwear color: i think its grey
v - vacation destination: not being a weeb but japan bc it looks so fancy
w - worst habit: biting my cuticles/nails and going back to people that dont care about me anymore and clinging to people too often and being too emotionally available
x - x-rays you’ve had: none i dont think?? excpt those ones for ur teeth
y - your favorite food: biscuits n gravy yum
z - zodiac sign: libra


It seems I was tagged to complete this survey. @annoyinglyatomicphilosopher, yes. I fear that I will have to murder you. Before I proceed with that, however, I will fill out this questionnaire. 

1) age: 25
2) biggest fear : falling behind on work, not reaching my full potential
3) current time: 10:53 p.m. 
4) drink you had last: bourbon and soda.
5) everyday starts with: a cold shower. It helps energize me for the workday ahead.
6) favourite song: I don’t think I have one, but I like almost any piece featuring classical guitar.
7) ghosts are real: I’ll believe it when I see one.
8) hometown: Dry Fork, Virginia
9) in love with: well-designed floorplans
10) jealous of: people who have made history in my field, but it’s productive jealously. They inspire me to do better.
11) killed someone: No.
12) last time you cried: I honestly could not say. 
13) middle name: Roderick.
14) number of siblings: 0 
15) one wish: to become accomplished in my field, hopefully in large part through an upcoming academic venture I’m collaborating on with some close friends.
16) person you last called/texted: called: a co-worker, texted: my friend, Ingrid
17) questions you’re always asked: “Do you ever leave the office?” Answer: “Eventually.”
18) reasons to smile: good friends, a bright future, and knowing that hard work always leads to great success.
19) song last sang: I don’t sing much, but I have caught myself humming along to Gustav Holst this evening.
20) time you woke up: 5:45 a.m., as always.
21) underwear colour: that’s personal.
22) vacation destination:  Italy
23) worst habit: I’m a workaholic, and that sometimes puts me in danger of losing balance in my life. 
24) x-rays you’ve had: 2
25) your favourite food: pasta. All varieties. All recipes. I love the stuff.
26) Zodiac Sign: Virgo