idr the names

Please consider: Bitty and Ransom open up a bakery together. 

  • Bitty can appear pies. 
  • Ransom voluntarily keeps spreadsheets
  • Bitty is shit with numbers that aren’t fractions
  • Ransom definitely aced his required Business classes in his senior year
  • Ransom is a people person- he’s FB friends with everyone at Samwell. You can bet he knows the names of all the customers who come more than once. 
  • Bitty is a people person- he’ll get everyone talking until they somehow order two pies instead of one
  • They are both Social Media Stars on their respective platforms 
  • just
  • please.
  • give this to me. 

When Tom Holland goes on Ellen he should:

heads-up dance edition
never have I ever
that game where people get dunked in the water (idr the name lol)
who’d you rather
•surprise Spider-Man fans
• be roasted by Ellen
• talk about Harrison (he does that in most of his interviews anyway, the love is real)

anonymous asked:

dudeee if you think mint choc chip is aesthetically pleasing, look up goodie goodie gumdrops

i had never heard of this ice cream until now omg!! is this non-american? looks so good omg😳..actually when i went to bed i remembered this really amazing ice cream I eat when i go to mexico to visit relatives and im sure its everywhere but its mango flavored? with mango pieces and its this really beautiful peach color…idr the brand name of it lol

nightchanges-af  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could please help me find a bellarke fic where Clarke is captured by a desert nation and then Bellamy comes to rescue her. Still not finished last seen at 27 chapters. The king or whatever takes a liking to her and it isn't roan idr what his name was but he isn't in canon. Anyways thanks guys I love your blog!

Anon said: I’m looking for a fic where Clarke, Bellamy and the delinquents are capture by the king of the desert, or something alone those lines. The Ruler is barbaric and takes a liking to Clarke, who he makes dress in ridiculous outfits and stay in his castle or something. The rest of the delinquents are kept in some sort of prison.

The Line Between