idr the names

story time once I talked to a british actress in her 80s and she told me out of nowhere that when she was in her 20s she got cast as lear’s fool and she had never played a man before but she just decided to play it as a boyish androgynous character “like anybody’s in west side story, you know?” and I was like yes I do know 


All these unfinished drawings I have in my sketchbook. I’ll get to finishing them at some point.

Most of them either need refs in order to finish. Or I just didn’t like the way it was coming out and haven’t finished it yet.

Cough maybe the only fanart ill do of my faves.
Worked a bunch on Super Noobs season 2 as a character key pose artist.
Lets just say…… i died 👉💩👉

Please consider: Bitty and Ransom open up a bakery together. 

  • Bitty can appear pies. 
  • Ransom voluntarily keeps spreadsheets
  • Bitty is shit with numbers that aren’t fractions
  • Ransom definitely aced his required Business classes in his senior year
  • Ransom is a people person- he’s FB friends with everyone at Samwell. You can bet he knows the names of all the customers who come more than once. 
  • Bitty is a people person- he’ll get everyone talking until they somehow order two pies instead of one
  • They are both Social Media Stars on their respective platforms 
  • just
  • please.
  • give this to me. 

Pairings: Oliver Wood/Marcus Flint, Pansy Parkinson/Astoria Greengrass

Summary: Marcus is the heir to a powerful kingdom and Oliver is, well, Oliver

Rating: T

Genre: Royal AU, Prince(King)/Knight, Arranged Marriages, Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friends to Lovers

Words: 5653

A/N: For @hexmionegranger!!! This was something I had wanted to do for a while so thank you for being the spark behind it all!!

Also special thanks to @mxrcusflint for being a wonderful beta >3<




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Zane~Chan Headcanons

-Zane keeps one of those pin roll things to pick up after all of K~C’s fur

-K~C bakes special cupcakes for Zane whenever he’s in a extremely bad mood (otherwise you could say he’s in a bad mood 90% of the time LMAO)

-Zane the ‘hater of hugs’ secretly enjoys it when she hugs him and sometimes gives in to cuddling on the couch w/her

-K~C sometimes steals Zane’s sweaters and wears them just to annoy him (unbeknowest to her that he actually thinks that they look good on her–not that he’d ever admit that)

-They constantly argue over whether to watch Horror or Romance on movie nights and/or going to the movies

-Having to find homes for kittens or puppies that Kawaii~Chan finds off the street since she won’t do with 'just leaving them there’

-Them BOTH being the alpha’s of the relationship (tbh bc even though K~C’s like super sweet and bubbly I don’t see her as the submissive type but that’s just my opinion lel)

-MARATHONS OF (my little cutie?? idr the show name)

-Having a shelf completely dedicated to collectible MLC(?) figures


-Zane making th emistake of letting K~C make his coffee, only to have him spit it out full force because it’s beyond sweet instead of being black (like his soul–)

-K~C excitedly bouncing up and down and shouting about something in public while he just stands there with an 'I don’t know them I swear’ look

-Pranking Zane with her and Aph’s infamous make-over while he’s sleep

-K~C knitting Zane the cutest, pinkest, most adorable scarf ever and forcing him to wear it all Christmas, though overtime he comes to love it and treasure it

-LOTS of sleeping in

-K~C teaching Zane how to bake, and him miserably failing and getting mad but he eventually gets better

-Zane not allowing her to drive whenever he’s in the car because she’s a crazy driver

-Kawaii~Chan dragging Zane to Mall Day with Garroth

-Her also trying and failing to get him to join her yoga practices

-Zane constantly scolding her for scratching up the furniture

-K~C using her annoyingly cute charm on him to get out of situations

The funniest comedy genre gag will always be when someone is introducing their crew and they all have similar names and the last person breaks the naming scheme. Especially when it’s a fantasy setting. (IE: “I am Aborus, this my mother, Arbora, this is my father, Aborius, my brother, Arborium, my sister, Arboria, my younger brother, Arborio, this is my aunt, Aboressa, my uncle Arborigno, and my cousin, Ted.”)

a toast to magnus bane

y’all have no goddamn idea how important shadowhunters is to me. (and to a lot of others who are like me)

it’s a silly fantasy show, i get that. it’s not some emmy award winning art with groundbreaking cinematography or some soul-shaking message. it is a somewhat silly fantasy show on a b network with a side order of lite social issues. 

but i get to see myself in characters on a silly fantasy show.

i am represented on a silly fantasy show and as a bisexual south east asian woman, do you realize how rare that is? i can count on one hand the number of south east asian characters I’VE seen as a regular on a popular tv show.

i am not the first person to say this, and i will not be the last. but magnus bane is so fucking huge for me. (i realize harry is not se asian, that’s a whole other can of worms i won’t get into, but i have nothing against him for getting this role. asian rep in general is fucking lacking, so… GLOSSING OVER THAT.)

but asians and particularly south east asians and south asians… we don’t get to have complex characters in silly fantasy shows.

we don’t get to be characters like magnus bane, the slightly eccentric and wildly powerful warlock who’s desired and has this insane fleshed out past, who has more stories to tell and a life and love.

and if you’re a part of the lgbt community on top of that? forget about it.

we’re lucky if we’re the nerdy best friend or the unattainable hottie who shows up on screen for a couple minutes with a snarky quip but is still second to the white lead. 

growing up i had mulan. and i had jasmine because her skin color was closest to mine. and i still love them both, but it is something amazing to go through life and finally see a character and be able to say … that’s me.

and magnus bane is that for me. aline penhallow is that for me. samantha with only her 30 seconds of screentime is that for me.

and as many things as there are that shadowhunters needs to fix, i will be forever fucking grateful for them.