Mati Mati Mati Mati rocking everywhere! This girl, UHMAYZing! Just two quick previews from today and the dopeness we created before she leaves for Cali.
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My Hustle Don’t Go Unnoticed💁💵
I Been Doin This . . They Jus Tryna Follow My Footsteps lmao👑 😏 #iDoWerk #ilovemsnicoleparker💋

My very first drugstore haul…….ish!! I’m coming up in the world :) I’m not just focused on my health. I’m making the other ways I express my femininity a priority as well. I like make-up, I love getting dolled up (but who doesn’t) but I don’t do it as nearly as I would like (for me) or should (for him), as of now all I know is how to give a good eye & lip BUT I WANT TO DO SO MUCH MOAR! Here’s to this woman & beat freak in training I’m becoming more of. I welcome tips, post below! #idowerk #makeup #drugstorehaul #whatsyourshade || this was a I DON’T FREAKING FEEL LIKE IT workout. 1st one back in 2 weeks (side gig delivering yellow pages) and I hated every minute of it but I was proud when I was done. I’m still working on truly loving exercise & not just the results. Cuz you won’t last doing something you hate. I have a feeling that people think it takes some kind of incredible person with unparalleled will power & addiction to working out in order to get and maintain a healthy diet & strong body. Like they weren’t regular at one point. Like they’re not now. Im going to do a blog about that cause I don’t know that those people exist. I know I ain’t one if them. I’m a regular flawed chick that came from one of the most un-healthiest background (mentally & physically) towards food & I’m DOING it. It ain’t over, I’m still renewing my mind, still educating myself, still pushing my limits, still giving into temptation & questioning my progress BUT I’m also STILL getting right back up & fighting when I do. Like you. #WEDOTHIS #idowerk #fitspiration #fitspo #power90 #tonyhorton #weightlossmotivation #teamloseweight #IGfitness || I look crazy lol! I prefer silly faces than a smile any day. Today was circuit on #power90 tomorrow is cardio. My green smoothie that i use to recover because i havent picked up the protein powder by #gardenoflife yet. Dairy & gluten free = WIN. I might do 2 days of cardio bk to bk because the right side of my back hurts. I have got to soak & figure yoga into my life. Who else is putting in work? SAY IT OUT! YOU’RE FIT AND YOU’RE PROUD! #idowerk #teamfit #iworkout #greensmoothiechallange #fitspo

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My Hu$tle Don’t Go Unnoticed💁💵
I Been Doin This . . They Jus Tryna Follow My Footsteps lmao👑 😏 #iDoWerk #ilovemsnicoleparker💋

Before and After…. Child….. It was all in the face!. Completely 2 different people here. The woman I am now was hidden in who I was before. (literally) Before I was the walking dead, straight up. Too afraid to live, be seen, be heard, never felt worthy of anyone’s love. I was always trying to find a way to hide every part of myself… my mind, thoughts, feelings, body while trying so hard not to be a bother. Such a sad & wasteful way to live for over 20 years of my life. Needless to say I’ve gotten over much of that! Lol. The best part of this journey is learning to open my heart up to myself. Really falling in love with everything I am. Once God was able to get me there, believing that another could love me was no longer unbelievable. @boxx314 *winks* Jesus, thank you for helping me see me through your eyes and for keeping me through the really hard times because if I ever gave up, I wouldn’t be here to see the good! IF you really love yourself, you’ll take care of yourself and be better. That’s what I know to be true. Here’s to another year in this marvelous journey.. #selfieSunday #unbothered #weightlossjourney #teamLOVEYOURSELF #idowerk #nowdoyours #nowomanleftbehind #ifitwasntforJESUS

Is approaching. 5 months of 2013 will be gone, then half of the year. Trippy ain’t it? Are you ready? What plans have you made in the most important areas of your life? DO WERK #idowerk

Took both pictures this morning but the one on the left is what I finished last night. This morning I added some lemon juice & freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Few benefits of water: Detoxify your body, prevents dehydration, assists in weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism & washing down fat breakdown byproducts, aids in digestion and constipation, better skin by moisturizing and increasing its elasticity replenishing skin cells and tissue!! DRINK TO THAT. #idowerk #benefitsofwater #gallonaday #vitaminwater #healthyliving #dailywaterintake

Let y'all know a couple of weeks ago after seeing Mankofit & iamemarie_ talk about their 2 gallon a day challenge that I would start drinking 1 gallon a day. I’ve been consistently drinking ½ for about 3 weeks but now its time to play time out. I WILL be posting a pic of an empty gallon jug by the end of the day. Who else is on this or thinking about it? Let me know! #idowerk #IGfitfam #healthyliving #dailywaterintake #teamloseweight

Sigma E-40 blending brush… She’s getting her beauty life one purchase at a time… Amazon $13 bucks I believe. Its not cheaper through them I just had more than one thing to buy and needed to make it a one stop shop. Next is a grown woman makeup bag. Not ready for a train yet but I need something better than these 2 small black makeshift bags. #idowerk #idowerkmakeup #idowerkcosmetics

Courtesy of #mankofit I’m on this. I don’t have a problem with getting my daily intake (shoutout to the Brita bottle. and all other filter bottles) but I want to see what the world look likes when I drink 2 gals a day. #idowerk

Apparently you can only upload 9 photos at a time so #fyi I did NOT start on the 2nd floor. I started on the first lol. It took roughly 8 minutes total to do 10 flights of stairs up and down. I have 45 minutes for lunch so Im starting with 2 rounds & some push-ups (is that the right word then add from there. #idowerk #igfitness