Itai Lonely Christmas

So I found this gem in my ‘on this day’ of my deadname account on facebook and I completely forgot I did this. My boyfriend made the title joke when I said that this song is very painful to sing bc of the high notes and I decided to use what I knew of the language after 3 years of the class and make parody lyrics. 

If you haven’t guessed, this is a parody of C-ute’s Aitai Lonely Christmas.

Itai dake, Itai dake

(It just hurts, It just hurts)

Boku no kao wo ne sukoshi itai dake

(It only hurts my face a little)

Kurisumasu ni kusuri wo nonda hou ga ii

(Better drink medicine for Christmas)

HIT shinaide kudasai

(Please don’t hit me)

Densha ga kuru no jikan ga ne

(The time the train comes)

Sukoshizutsu wasurechatta

(gradually slipped from my mind)

Densha torakku no mannaka ni wa,

(While in the center of the train track,)

idou dekimasen deshita

(It was impossible to move)

Itai no, tada, tada,

(It hurts, even even)

Anata ga suki, suki suki,

(Though I love you, love you, love you)

Wasureyou toshite mo itai, itai, itai

(Or if I try to forget it still hurts, hurts, hurts)


Demo ne, shinjite,

(Though I believe)

mada densha wo matteru

(I’m still waiting for the train)

Sonna fuu ni Iikikasete…

(That is what I tell myself)


Itai no ni, kuchi ni sezu ni

(It hurts, but I can’t say it)

watashi no koe ga ushinatta kara

(Because I lost my voice)

Kurisumasu no purezento kau dekinai

(I can’t buy christmas presents)

Dakara, hontou ni setsunai

(And so, I am very miserable)

sukekiyo - ADORATIO - Aoguroi Hysteria romaji and translation

12 – Aoguroi hysteria (Seduction hysteria)

I hate you           I hate you

Hearing the same words over and over again everyday

Daikiraidesu       Daikiraidesu

Onaji kotoba o  Kurikaeshi kiku                  Mainichi

I hate you           I hate you

[NOTE: Now that?] I feel insecure, I’ll be conscious of it.

Daikiraidesu       Daikiraidesu

Fuan nanda mon, jikaku mo shite haorimasu.

Because, see…

Datte hora…

Forbidden touch

Furete wa ikenai

From the bluish-black stained wrist        The rope to untie

It has a distinct odor but what is love?

Aoguroku nijimu sono tekubi kara          Hodoku na wa

Sukoshi bakari nioukedo ai to wa nani deshou?

Put the gloves on and off to the bathroom with me [NOTE: ??]

From here, I will let your imagination take over.

Tebukuro shite                Yokushitsu ni idou

Koko kara saki wa souzou ni o makase shimasu.

Old keepsake.   Deep down to the bottom

You cherished this body part too… didn’t you?

Katami o 1(hito)tsu.                       1(ichi)-ban fukaku

Anata mo daiji ni shite ita bui… nan deshou?

Because, see…

Datte hora…

blind for love

Forbidden touch

Furete wa ikenai

From the bluish-black stained wrist        The rope to untie

It has a distinct odor but what is love?

Aoguroku nijimu sono tekubi kara          Hodoku na wa

Sukoshi bakari ni oukedo ai to wa nani deshou?

Isn’t that cheating? I’m number one?

That’s a mistake, right? I don’t even want to understand you now

Ato dashi janai no? Atashi ga tagai 1-ban na no?

Machigaideshou? Imasara rikaishitakunai

good-bye with a smile

I love gossip

good-bye with a smile

Addiction is really scary… lol

good-bye with a smile

good-bye with a smile

Uwasabanashi aishiteru [Note: *]

good-bye with a smile

izontte hontou ni kowai no ne… Warai

good-bye with a smile



As you can see, some of the lyrics were too white-on-white to be readable, and dissecting the Japanese did not even allow me to figure out what the missing words were. Therefore, technically all I can read is “I feel insecure”, however there is clearly  something before that sentence. Furthermore, there does not seem to be any other option for what follows “off to the bathroom” than “with me”, as there is clearly a ‘w’ or ‘v’ before the white segment.

The 'emi’/lol is not really pronounced, or am I mistaken?

* This sentence is cut into three segments, each getting interfered by “good-bye with a smile”. Therefore, it is sung as: “good-bye with a smile, uwasa, good-bye with a smile, banashi, good-bye with a smile, aishiteru”.


超感覚的知覚 (choukankakutekichikaku) - extrasensory perception

予知 (yochi) - prediction, precognition

千里眼 (senrigan) - clairvoyance

念力 (nenriki) - psychokinesis

瞬間移動 (shunkan idou) - teleportation

念写 (nensha) - spirit photography, thoughtography, thought-projected photography

発火能力 (hakka nouryoku) - pyrokinesis

After Kuvira's Gambit
  • Doctor: Hello, new intern right? Follow me. Here we are, Patient 307. Probably one of our longest cases. And most interesting.
  • Nurse: Why sir? What happened to her?
  • Doctor: It was on December 12, 2014. The date know.
  • Nurse: *GASP*
  • Doctor: Yes...THAT episode...
  • Nurse: Dear spirits above, you don't mean?!
  • Doctor: Im afraid so...she along with most of the fandom fell victim to the absolute mind fuck that was Bryke's idea of a suitable cliffhanger. They are all suffering from WTF-idous.
Shuuen -Re:Mind- lyrics (2/2)

I wrote all the romaji lyrics of the Shuuen -Re:Mind- exclusive songs, and will be posting them in 2 posts. Still, be aware of REALLY long post under the cut. PART 1 HERE.

The songs in this post are: Yonchoume no Himitsuya-san, Bokutachi Days, Tereze no Tameiki, High-Collar Corp Park and Schroedinger no Neko. To look for a specific song, you can use ctrl+f and put the song title in the search bar :3

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