Titus I’doodle Competition 

Here’re some photos that I took on that day. ~took me long enough to convince myself to publish these photos bc I sometimes hate the image quality here in tumblr~.

 My friends and I went to support Pat, Jay, and Kuya Nel (Arvy’s older brother) who joined the Titus I’doodle competition last July 30 held at Robinsons Mall. It was a wonderful day to spend with my friends after a month of not seeing each other because of our conflicting schedules. A month felt like months. 

A day full of randomness, waves of laughter and taking a lot of photos on the 3rd floor of the mall because of the white wall and yeeeep….good lighting. 

Pulling On Your Heart (To Push My Luck)

Title: Pulling On Your Heart (To Push My Luck)

Drabbler: howdoesonewrite-help

Doodler: @i-like-you-thats-why-i

Doodle: x

Beta: @landphil

Warnings: unsafe sex // spaniking // teacher-student relationship // underage

Summary: Dan is punished by his teacher…too bad he likes it

Dan hadn’t turned in his english homework for the millionth time that semester, and he knew his teacher had it up to here with him. It wasn’t Dan’s fault, his teacher was utterly hot, making it hard to focus in class.

That’s not how Mr. Lester saw it though, to him, Dan was a bad student.

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