lisnten i know trolls doing cat things is played out and all but idont care so heres a hc based on my own cat

karkat sometimes just purrs like automatically when dave is near him or looks at him or says his name, he cant help it and he gets rly embarrassed when people notice

wow im never taking a break from tumblr again i got so incredibly lonely idont care how awful this website is im here for my blog its mine nd i love it nd ican make it what i like

i cant hande myself… i just cant… sorry… im so sorry… i’m really high right now in emotions! i feel like i can run a maraton like 5 times! just just … KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

but… i’m so higt right now… i now that lee appear in 2 squares and Gaara in 3… but idont care, kishi dont tocuh them… and.. and and and… with all the things these…

they are so incredible canon i dont care!!!! 

hope ytou like it! <3

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Real Name: Sydney

Nicknames: Syd, Squid(ney), idk. Tbh people rarely address me by name (and I do prefer it that way) and even less often does anyone use a nickname aside from Syd

Sexuality: fuck if i know but Not Straight

Pronouns d she/her I guess but like. idont’ actually care

Are you a morning person - ?: I don’t like waking up but I do like being awake in the mornings

When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean or in the lake - ?: I don’t really like swimming in public places in general (pools are the worst) but oceans are nice because I enjoy the waves. i haven’t gone to the beach in a few years tho. i haven’t been swimming for a while, which is nice.

Anyone you would like to meet in real life - ?: god. uh i think it’d be neat to talk to an author like stephen king or libba bray. but like the chances of me meeting anyone who has any degree of celebrity status is extremely unlikely as of right now

When did you first join - ?: bruh maybe like. 2011? 2012? no clue.

Your current account: your-jellyfish-senpai i haven’t changed my url in like three years and i dont have plans to. it’s my brand. i also have an aesthetic blog AND a japanese blog that I should really use more and more productively

Any pet peeves - ?: interrupting me when I’m talking, when people act like they know me/my personality (example: jessica came home moderately drunk and was talking about this personality test she took for her work and how she had to go through a class talking about the results and shew as like “i took it for you and you’re a C” and i was the fuck i am you don’t know me and so i then took the test when she went upstairs and i got I, not C, and this was mostly out of spite and partly out of an obsession with personality tests)

Unpopular Opinion: tbh i dont know if any of my opinions are notably unpopular? 

Do you get jealous easily - ?: yeah sometimes

Do you get angry easily - ?: i definitely can, thanks hereditary anger issues 

What’s the very best way to cheer you up - ?: make me laugh and don’t patronize or try to coddle me unless im specifically requesting it. also don’t touch me unless i initiate it. yikes im a handful.

Are you currently in a relationship - ?: nah

Do you currently have a crush on someone - ?: lmfao i dont think so

If yes, might that someone be reading this - ?: bitch i dont have a crush

Do you kiss on the first date - ?: uh….. n/a i think

Do you prefer to go out, or staying at home when it comes to dates: out probably, but in is also cool because i enjoy watching anime yikes

Favourite drink: vanilla coke, hot apple cider, that blueberry bai stuff, also this one redbull acai flavor is banging

Favourite food: salad tbh why am i not healthier


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me, playing mystic messenger

ZEN< TAKE TEN STEPS BACKa And daAmn wait, hold that pose.

Yoosung, my son, the light of my life, the purest beam of sunshine, pls let me help you, just please


Jumin, sweetie,…

seven, luciel, saeyoung, the notorious 707, idont care if your route isn’t an option in casual story at some point  we are running away 2gether i promise you

☻random bios ☻

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✖ Nobody like me ✖

♡ I’m perfect, youre not ♡

。◕‿◕。 idont care 。◕‿◕。

✿ So? ✿

✦ im everything, youre nothing ✦

♡ youre ugly ♡

△ im not fat, my stomach is 3D △

♤ another world ♤

★ i believe in hate at first sight ★

☾ im not lazy, i just really enjoy doing nothing ☽

✘ dont talk when your mouth full of lies ✘

☢ im gonna kill you ☢

☯ You just hate me because I’m handsome ☯

♔ im your queen ♔