Cheers guys!!

idonotlikethatordoi asked:

TAG. YOU'RE IT! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to 10 favorite blogs and tell them they are IT!


  1. I’ve been bustin my ass at work this week to get some extra money for my accordion savings and my cats and the Alestorm thing, to the point that Sisu was like “You gotta stahp.” I mean it’s an easy job and all but I easily worked over 40 hours these past 4 days. Minimum wage is fun.
  2. I really like cider :>
  3. I sometimes get songs stuck in my head for days straight. And when I say this, I mean that it’s throughout the day, as I sleep, the song enters my dreams if I should have any that night, and it’s stuck in my head in those barely-waking hours before I get out of bed. Treacherous Gods was in my head in this fashion for a good 2 weeks a few months ago.
  4. Sisu’s also been working some extra stuff lately and he’s getting a big enough paycheck that I can actually have a bike small enough for my short legs this week :> Then I can ride it to work so I don’t have to hitch a ride with other people (unless the weather’s bad or it starts snowing, but yeah..)
  5. I collect massive amounts of lip balm D: