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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite earrings on idols? I'm getting my ears pierced tomorrow and I like the style idols go for, they're cool and really stylish but I can't find much photos of them since a lot are the same or similar. Ily~💕

this is such a cute question like omg?? 

G Dragon’s earrings are always hella nice but maybe it’s bc he just makes everything look better lmao but I love the long ones that hang off the ears like the big crosses and chains

Alianne Cooper is everything a female protagonist is not supposed to be. She is her own savior, both romantically appealing and unattainable, a love interest fully capable of saying no to advances just because she isn’t ready, a woman in control and possessed of great and unique power. She doesn’t need men to survive. She doesn’t play by their rules, unless it suits her. She is both flirtatious and truly independent. She is a dynamic, strong woman holding a position of real power that goes unrivaled, inspite of her often distinctly “girly” behaviours, and ability to engage emotionally. 

Alianne Cooper.