idols sleeping


📣📣📣📣  yall seein this???

Maki can’t help herself when she’s alone with Umi.

This why maki can't have nice things
  • *Phone rings*
  • Maki: shh, guys it's my mom. Hello.
  • Kotori: Hi Mama!!
  • Nico: Oh Maki don't stop!!
  • Rin: Yo! Pass the alcohol, Nya!
  • Nozoeli: *various loud sex noises*
  • Honoka: Whoop! TAKE IT ALL OFF!!
  • Hanayo: OMG it's everywhere!
  • Umi: Kotori wear are my pants!?
  • Mrs. Nishikino: (0_0) ?!?!
My birthday wish ...
  • <p> <b>Mom:</b> happy birthday! Hurry make wish!<p/><b>Me:</b> i wish all kpop idols would take care of themselves , I wish that the fanfom wars would S T O P, I wish people wouldn't send hate/kill yourself type of messages to them, I wish kpop idols would eat well, sleep well and get to see their families more often, I wish people would treat them as human NOT AS SOURCE OF MONEY, I WISH THAT THEY WILL NEVER GET DEPRESSED, BRING THEMSELVES DOWN, NOR GET HURT. AND I wish that they all know how much I love them, wish them all the best, will always talk good and no matter what will never want anything bad to ever happen to them<p/></p>