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Not to sound dramatic but becoming a Kpop Fan is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not reget it at all.

i don’t want to be rude, but it makes laugh when people say that Teen Top aren’t legendary? Like honestly they accomplished so much for a group coming from an agency that literally started with them, their agency is just bad at promoting them and you only care about popular and new groups tbh

The term “knife-like choreography” was invented for them, not for Infinite or SHINee (who are amazing dancers btw I love them so much), it pisses me off so much when they’re not even mentionned in best dancers because they are some of the best dancers, Changjo was in the TOP 10 best kpop dancers, they have some of the hardest dances in Kpop so excuse me but seeing some groups whose choreography is not even that hard compared to Teen Top, Infinite or SHINee is seriously sad.

They were one of the very first groups to have an European tour in 2013, even bigger groups from bigger agencies haven’t done it yet, that’s huge. 

Supa Luv was the promotional song for Beastly in Asia and that was less than ONE year after their debut, how is that not legendary? How can you look at them and say that they do not deserves as much respect as other older groups just because YOU don’t know them? Just because you don’t take the time to explore KPop and think that only groups who have millions and millions of views are great you think no one knows about them?

Naughty Boy*

Pairing: Jungkook x Fem!Reader
Prompt: You leave Jungkook in desperate need of your touch, so he decides to tease you for the entire day. Little did he know what you had in store.
Word Count: 3292
Genre: Smut + Fluff [a little bit? maybe?]
Warnings: Smut [duh], cursing, teasing, orgasm denial, dirty talk, bondage

It started out like any other day.

You woke up with Jungkook’s arms wrapped around your waist, your back held taut against his chest. Although your body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, you couldn’t imagine a more comfortable position. Lazily rolling your head to the side, you glanced at the clock on your bedside table. You groaned upon seeing the time—5 AM.

Why, you asked yourself. Why was it that you’re cursed to naturally wake up so early every morning?

Truthfully, you knew why. It was because of the idol sleeping in your bed. It takes fifty thousand alarms to wake that boy up, so you’re the one stuck with the task. Gently, you pressed yourself against him, giving yourself some wiggle room, and turned your body around to face him. Pressing your forehead against his, you took a moment to bask in all of your boyfriend’s cute, sleeping glory.

You observed him with a small smile on your lips, your eyes tracing over every detail of the face you already knew so well. You noticed how beautifully his long, dark eyelashes contrasted against his pale complexion, how his perfect, pink lips were parted ever so slightly, letting out small wisps of breath… You sighed and closed your eyes, preparing yourself for the tiny storm that was coming next.

You started by whispering his name.

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This why maki can't have nice things
  • *Phone rings*
  • Maki: shh, guys it's my mom. Hello.
  • Kotori: Hi Mama!!
  • Nico: Oh Maki don't stop!!
  • Rin: Yo! Pass the alcohol, Nya!
  • Nozoeli: *various loud sex noises*
  • Honoka: Whoop! TAKE IT ALL OFF!!
  • Hanayo: OMG it's everywhere!
  • Umi: Kotori wear are my pants!?
  • Mrs. Nishikino: (0_0) ?!?!
Kpop idols + sleep

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Also me:

Weird sleep deprivation based AU where Molly becomes an idol in Japan. Her group is wedding themed. They dress like bridesmaids and brides and sing about true love and wedding expenses.

My knowledge of Jpop kinda stops at Gackt and Vocaloid and my knowledge of those stop at like…2009? 2013 for Vocaloid? I don’t know. Enjoy some frilly dresses and don’t ask questions.

Idols happy, healthy, having a great time, not being hated on, not being ignored, being loved, being respected and laughing.