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The amount of people confused as to why you shouldn’t tell idols to speak English on v live worries me…. yeah it’s nice when they do speak English and we are lucky when we have multilingual idols that translate as they go or have v lives completely in English but it’s not their job to translate for you. Idols deserve to have the freedom to speak in whatever language is most comfortable for them, or even just whatever language they feel like speaking without having hundreds of people repeatedly commenting “speak English”. Trust me, I know how much it sucks to be an international fan watching a v live and having no clue what they’re saying but they are (most likely) KOREAN. Not all idols are comfortable or confident enough (or even know enough) to speak English on v live. Even idols that do speak English fluently dont owe it to you to speak English.

If they choose to speak English that’s great! If not, PLEASE respect them and enjoy the fact that they’re taking time out of their already busy days to go on v live for us, even if they’re not speaking English. There will be translations eventually, and if you’re so desperate to understand that you expect them to learn a completely different language for you why don’t you do the same and learn Korean?

“girl groups only do cute concepts”
“i don’t listen to girl groups bc they all do the same concepts”


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Your ugly if you....

Sexualize underage idols

Say that you want to be “reborn” korean

make fun of idols pronunciation when they speak english

Fetishize korean men/women

Defend blackface and any other form of antiblackness idols do because “ they don’t know any better”

Also defend them when they disrespect any culture

Put your unseasoned 2 cents in black folks business ( credit to @idroppedthefries)

Say “it’s just hair” because in reality it’s really not so keep that “it’s just hair” bullshit to yourself

Constantly try to speak over black fans feelings

Whitewash the hell out of idols

Tell idols to kill themselves

call girl groups slutty for doing the same thing male idol constantly do

if you fake wokeness just to hate on a group (credit to @stellarcollision-arsvita)

Fetishize gay relationships while being straight and treating them like dirty secret

ask for other members on vlive

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I MEAN . Im in no place to say what should be appreciated and loved in other culture . By this blog i just want to express my love for the bronzed skin idols and just koreans in particular. Every skin each is beautiful and “rich” in their own way . Please don’t misunderstand, love you x ( Please excuse my previous way of expressing 😌💕)

Okay. When idols are 100% trying their absolute best to speak English, it is not cute. They are TRYING. Do not call it “adorable”, that belittles an attempt and makes it almost to be a joke. If they are, in all seriousness, trying to pronounce and read English properly, do not scream “OMG OPPA/UNNIE IS SO CUTE LOOK AT HIM/HER TRYING TO SPEAK ENGLISH THATS SO ADORABLE”… no. It’s an applied effort and they deserve respect and encouragement. Not being called “cute”.

Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

1. Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette
2. BOOMBAYAH or Playing with Fire
3. Ooh Ahh or TT
4. Up & Down or L.I.E
5. Closer or Windy Day
6. Crazy or Hate
7. I Am The Best or Come Back Home
8. Like a Cat or Excuse Me
9. Red Light or 4 Walls
10. Me Gustas Tu or Navillera 
11. Pepe or Hobgoblin
12. Joker or Fri.Sat. Sun.
13. Mr. Mr. or You Think
14. I or Why
15. Whatta Man or Very Very Very
16. You’re The Best or Decalcomanie
17. Touch My Body or I Like That
18. Shake That Brass or Need to Feel Needed
19. MOYA or I’m Jelly Baby
20. Secret or I Wish
21. Ring My Bell or Something
22. Only You or Hush
23. Mamma Mia or Mr.
24. Sting or Vibrato
25. Deepend or High Heels
26. Angel or Don’t Believe
27. The Rain or Galaxy
28. One More or Apple Pie
29. You Don’t Love Me or Secret Time
30. Mind Your Own Business or Home
31. Shut Up & Groove or And July
32. Doin’ Good or Nobody’s Perfect
33. Cider or Crazy Dog

Here’s a concept…

Not hating on K-Idol’s partners.

There have been rumours circling that some idols from well-known K-groups are in relationships.

And that’s great! Good for them, they’re happy! I totally support that!

What I don’t understand is why some people decide it’s a good idea to bitch about, hate on, send hate to, create false rumours about and (you won’t believe this but this is actually happening) threaten these partners.

That is abuse on a major level and you can get reported for it for starters, but it’s just plain wrong!

Shouldn’t you be happy for the idol? They’ve found someone they’re comfortable with and who they (might) want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Just because “your Oppa” has found someone they love doesn’t give you the authority to bully their partner. Or them for that matter!

And this doesn’t just stand for male idols either!

Have some goddamn respect and self-decency and DON’T be a douchebag.

Okay. Rant over.