idols assemble


UR rings for School Idol Festival themed icons!!

I wasn’t very satisfied with the off-model ones I found on google so I made my own! The rings are transparent, so all you have to do is throw in a character to make an amazing new icon! I also threw in the sparkly backgrounds if you wanna go for the full effect. Happy icon-making!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Summaries of Animes in a Nutshell

Free!: Abnormal ab defintion and boys swimming.
Steins; Gate: Scientist laughs about a banana inside a microwave.
Tokyo Ghoul: Boy dates an older woman only to find out she wants to eat him. Literally.
Attack on Titan: Naked big people eat smaller people and a boy wants to kill all of them by joining a legion when he grows up.
Dangan Ronpa: A boy watches his classmates die and finds out who the guilty one is.
Akame Ga Kill: Boy joins rebels with really high tech weapons, gets one of his own and fights with them.
Love Live!: Girl assembles an idol group to save their schools reputation. Get sucked into gay idol hell. *\(^o^)/
Deadman Wonderland: Young boy gets framed for killing all his classmates and gets arrested.
Zankyou no Terror: Human like terrorists theaten the region in Japan they’re in.
Kill La Kill: Girl finds clothes that actually has super powers when it came to life when it sucked her blood.
Puella Magi Madoka Magic- School girls make a deal with this white cat thing.
Akuma no Riddle: Teenage girl protects another teenage girl against other teenage girls from killing her.
Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso: A piano and a violin that give you too much feels.
Owari No Seraph: Two boys who treat each other as siblings get caught by vampires and is used as livestock.
Boku no Pico: Basically porn.
Parasyte: Alien like species inhabit the earth and take over the brains of humans but one doesn’t succeed and inhabits the main characters arm instead.
Hetalia: Countries, countries and more countries.
Angel Beats-Boy wakes up in what seems life after death and attacks you with feels.
Death Parade: Girl wakes up in another place and helps judge the dead and makes you question your religion.
Corpse Party: Almost everyone dies. [Do you need an explanation for that?]
Pokemon: Pika Pika! [I bet you read that in pikachus voice]
Shugo Chara: Girl finds egg. Eggs turn out to be cute little beings that hatched and annoyed the girl.
Another: Boy enters a new school and doesnt know about the legend of his class.