When you can let go of the idols of relationships, wealth, intellect, success, beauty, and career: you can actually enjoy them for what they are. You don’t expect salvation or redemption from them. You don’t crush them with expectations or demand them to serve your every whim. You instead see them as gifts, as privileges, as an honor to respect and to cherish. Treat the earthly as divine and you will lose both; treat the divine as your treasure and the earth will be just as beautiful.
—  J.S.
If you don’t see the greatness of God then all the things that money can buy become very exciting. If you can’t see the sun you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt thunder and lightning you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of God you’ll fall in love with a world of shadows and short-lived pleasures.
—  John Piper

Dec. 14, 1963: Audrey Hepburn with her Yorkshire terrier, Assam. The actress “represents a new breed of motion picture idol,” gushed The Times, “scrubbed, well-groomed and neat, with no flamboyant fox coats or daring décolletages to support the image.” Photo: Carl Gossett/The New York Times

When we focus on one individual sin we can very easily convince people with that particular struggle that in God’s eyes they are only guilty of a single sin.

The problem of the greedy banker isn’t just his greed, but his rebellion, deception, lust, gossip, and laziness.

The problem of the homosexual isn’t just homosexuality, it’s the cheating, favoritism, isolation, theft, and slander.

The problem of the racist isn’t just the racism, it’s the coveting, impatience, violence, secrecy, anger and disrespect.

The problem with myself isn’t just one thing. I am so far from God’s standard of righteousness because of my pride, hatred, judgement, idolatry, self-reliance, unforgiveness, and hundreds of other things.

We’re all is a pretty bad place. But God’s grace covers a multitude of sins.

Don’t worry about having to give up your “favorite sin.” When you accept God’s forgiveness and accept His Lordship you’re undertaking a comprehensive life-change that will require you to get rid of ALL your sin.

The good news: God is patient, and it’s totally worth it.