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Hi! May I ask for some book recs? I'm looking for something to read and you seem like you'd have a few favorites to recommend ^^ They can be any genre, Im open to anything!


there will probably be some duplicates from previous rec lists i’ve done but i’ll base this mostly on things i’ve read relatively recently. there’ll be a big mix of genres since some of it is stuff i read for school too.

right now i’m reading “at the mouth of the river of bees” by kij johnson. it’s a short story collection. i’m only halfway through but it’s been fascinating enough for me to rec it if you’re into fantasy or short stories or whatever! my favourite so far has been “story kit”.

other recs:

1. darker shades of magic series by v.e. schwab. fantasy trilogy (with lgbt characters) about magical londons and the people who can travel between. also, pirates and princes. i’ve only read the first two but i’ve been blown away so far! 

2. six of crows/crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo. fantasy ya (with lgbt characters) about 6 assholes pulling off a heist. definitely one of the best series i’ve ever read, i’m still processing crooked kingdom weeks after i finished it. 

3. the things they carried by tim o’brien. connected short story collection based on the writer’s experiences in vietnam – kind of. this book has a lot to say about how stories work and perspective and how we engage with stories. this is something i read for class and it’s hard going sometimes but definitely worth it. 

4. soulless by gail garriger. steampunk fantasy about a woman without a soul solving mysteries with werewolves and vampires. honestly just a really fun read more than anything but if you’re interested in steampunk this is one of the important novels.

5. the darkest part of the forest by holly black. ya fantasy (with lgbt characters) about a brother and sister and the sleeping prince in the forest. if you like fairy tales or stories about the fae, the traditional kind where they don’t give a fuck about you, read this. 

6. the woman in white by wilkie collins. victorian sensationalist novel! about a dude who gets caught up in a mystery involving a woman in white and her doppelgänger. one of my favourite victorian novels i’ve read. 

kyuhyuk moments / interactions ( no order!! ) <3

there are actually alot more videos but those are the only few I was able to find :) enjoy!

Sungmin To The Rescue ... !

Ready,Set, GO ! 

Starts running…

Yellow/Orange team fell down so hard… =(

Sungmin noticed then turned around to see who fell…

He stops immediately and ran to that person…

Teukie came to help too…

Sungmin’s teammates came to the rescue too… 

Sungmin helped him all the way to the side..

He waves to ELFs/Fans …. =)

Yeah…! SUPERMAN !!! more like SUPERMIN !! hehe…

video credits : BEAUTIFULEUNSIHAE .

I’m so proud of you Sungmin … You helped because your instinct and heart told you to do so … You were sincere til the end … Don’t bother about what others say … GO SUNGMIN ! HWAITING !

p.s:If i’m not mistaken the guy who fell was Baek Chung Kang…

[Full] Idol Star Athletics Championship 110913

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