I remember an anon telling me I was only popping online but like I wasn’t a marketing intern at 17, or as if I didn’t run my own pub at 18, or was Lead Editor for a multi million dollar corporation at 19??? Like I’m not running a successful fashion business while simultaneously working towards a MBA in Marketing??? Like I didn’t work along side your idols and shit.. Like your favs aren’t in my phone contacts!! So because I got a few irrelevant notes on some photos im only popping online??

Make sure you fact check before you try my life please!

Like if any of y'all got the game fucked up please feel free to send me your email and I’ll forward you my resume :)

how about a new trend where, instead of talking shit to idols or harassing them (especially sexual harassment, wtf is wrong with you), we start telling them to eat well and wish them sweet dreams and good health ???

Do NOT blame Lee Soo Man for what is happening to EXO right now.

Do NOT blame Lee Soo Man for what is happening to EXO right now.

Do NOT blame Lee Soo Man for what is happening to EXO right now.

Lee Soo Man hasn’t been the CEO of SM Entertainment for damn near five years. If you want to blame someone, then blame Kim Youngmin; the current CEO.


Double standards on Tumblr. 

So a female idol can do sexy concepts without getting shit because “she is an independent woman, she needs to be proud of her body, she can take all of her clothes off if she wants too”

Male idols put women being sexy on their videos “OMG STAHP OVERSEXUALIZING WOMEN,!!111!,”


I’m worried about Tao first, and foremost. He’s sustained so many injuries over the past 3 years, and the torn ligament in his ankle is the worst of them all. I’m really hoping that the damage isn’t permanent, and that it’s something he can still fully recover from. Tao has yet to speak, and that gives me some hope that things might work out. If it turns out that leaving is the best choice for his health and sanity, then so be it, and I wish him all the joy in the world with whatever he decides to do next. 

Honestly, my best case scenario is Tao stays with Exo, and becomes part of Yixing’s studio while he works on his recovery. There would be plenty for him to do that wouldn’t strain his injury, he knows a whole ton of people in that industry, and they all like him. Heaven knows the modeling jobs would come pouring in, he was practically made for it. 

I fully realize that this probably isn’t going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream. This absolutely sucks for everyone involved, I can’t even begin to imagine what the rest of the members are all going through, and I really hope that they’re all talking about this with Tao. It’s such a huge decision, and he’s so young to have to be making it. I want him to be selfish and actually think about himself for once, and make the decision that is going to be the best for him.