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How to seduce the man you had a crush on and idolized for the past twelve (12) years, by Katsuki Yuri:

1) Feel extremely socially awkward and down sixteen (16) glasses of champagne and proceed to give your crush the best night of his life by pole dancing in front of him, dancing flamenco with him and grinding your half naked crotch against his own (however it is CRUCIAL that you completely forget this ever happened)

2) Exist

Congratulations! You have now seduced your crush, observe our success story:

My Idol: Part Twelve

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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This isn't really a question, but you are my idol! I'm twelve and I'm new to tumblr, digital drawing and cartooning. I love your art style so much and you inspire me with your work! I love you and I hope you have a great day!

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AWwww :3 I am realy happy you like my drawings :D And I’m even more happier that I could inspire you buddy! <3

One Last Time (II)

Characters: Hoseok (Jhope) & Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff & smut

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 , Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9 (Finale)  

Summary: Hoseok is a member of a very successful boy group, BTS, while you are a trainee, who is getting ready for debut. The two of you have been dating for two years, but he suddenly left you without another word. No explanation. No apology. Nothing. You were left to suffer and find the answers yourself. If only you knew how painful the truth was going to be, you wouldn’t have been so determined to find out.

Hi again! So….. I’ve been having a lot of time on my hand… which is why I’m getting a new chapter out so quickly 😂 I know the beginning is a little more on Y/N’s point of view, but I’m just trying to get some background information going. 😅 I hope you guys liked it? I always love to hear what you guys are thinking about. ❤️ I will try my best to get the next chapter out as soon as I can. Until next time, remember to like, reblog and share. Happy Reading~

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“You wanted to see me?” You nervously asked as you walked into the CEO’s office.

“Yes. Come sit down.” He said.

Softly sitting on the seat in front of his desk, you nervously gulped.

“How are the trainings going?” He asked as he continued to stare at the computer screen.

“They.. uh.. they’ve been okay.” You quietly said.

But that was all a lie, things weren’t going well at all. You weren’t able to follow with the dance moves, you weren’t able to hit all the notes, mostly importantly, you saw how all the instructors stared disapprovingly at you. You knew that they thought that you weren’t good enough and that you would never make it to debut, but no matter what, you didn’t want to give up.

“Hm. Have you ever thought about acting instead of being an idol?” He asked as he turned his gaze towards your frightened eyes.

What…. Am I being kicked out? Does he think that I’m not good enough?

“I… I promise to work hard and practice. I’ll spend extra time on learning. I want to be an idol.” You said with determination.

“Hm. How do I say this… You have the face of an idol but not the talents of one. It won’t work. You can’t debut like this. I understand that your audition was fantastic, but to debut, you need to be able to show another side of you. We need to see that you’re determined to work hard and that you can improve. I’ve heard from all your instructors that amongst all the trainees, you’re placed around the lowest.”

“I…. I…” You stuttered not knowing what to say.

It was your dream to become an idol. You were twelve years old when you first fell in love with the idea of becoming an idol. From the shining bright lights on the stage to the fan screams, it made you want it all. You were sixteen years old when you finally auditioned, which to your surprise, you got in on the first try. Now it was your fourth year as a trainee, and you were close to turning twenty. Though the years have been hard as you watched multiple of your old friends turned into idols, while you were left still a trainee with no guaranteed future, you never gave up. You believed that with hard work, you would make it one day.

“I understand you want to be an idol. Who doesn’t? Don’t mind me sounding harsh, but there’s only so much resource we can spend on each and every one of you until we have to let you guys go, whether that means to debut or giving up your dreams of becoming an idol in this company. “

“I understand. I promise to practice with all my heart. I will do whatever it takes to satisfy everyone.” You promised.

“Hm. How about this. I give you a month. If you can show us all that you’ve improved, we’ll keep you. Heck. We’ll even line you up to debut as our next girl group. But, if you don’t make it, you can one, choose to be an actress, or two, you can try moving to another company.” He said.

“Yes. I’ll prove to you what I am capable of.” You promised.

After wishing you the best of luck, you scooted out of the office. Trembling in fear, you quickly dialled Hoseok’s number. I have one month.. that’s it. If I fail.. I’m done for.

“Hello?” Hoseok answered.

“Ho-Hoseok.. I…” You stuttered as you suddenly felt tears roll down your cheeks.

“What’s wrong baby?” He worriedly asked.

“I… Never mind. You have practice right now, call me when you’re done later.” You said as you wiped your tears away.

What kind of an idiot am I? As if I haven’t been bothering people enough, I’m now even bothering Hoseok while he needs to practice.

“No we have a break right now. Let’s meet. Come to our dorm, no one is in there right now. You have the key right?” He asked.

You knew that there was no way you could reject him, so you simply agreed. Luckily his dorm was only a couple minutes away from your company, because you weren’t sure how much longer your wobbly legs would hold up. Pulling out your key with shaking hands, you opened the door to the apartment and was welcomed with the sight of your worrisome boyfriend staring into your eyes.

“Come here.” He softly said with open arms as soon as he stared at your tearstained face.

Running into his warm embrace, neither of you cared that each other smelt like sweat, because all that was important at the moment, was the fact that you were there for each other.

“What happened?” He asked as he led the two of you to the couch.

“I.. the CEO told me to think about becoming an actress instead… he said he doesn’t think that I’ll be able to make it as an idol.” You whispered as you felt tears pooling in your eyes.

You always knew that not all trainees would end up as idols, but up until this moment, you believed that as long as you persevered through all your hard times, you’d be able to make it, but right now, you just weren’t so sure anymore.

“I’ve seen you practice and sing, you have the most beautiful voice that I’ve ever heard, and you dance so smoothly. Just do your best Y/N. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” He said as he gave your thighs a reassuring grip.

“He said that he’ll give me a month to show what I can do.” You whispered.

“So be it. I’ll help you practice. I’ll be there with you. Don’t worry. I never want to see you fail.” He said as he pushed a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

Feeling grateful from his supportive words, your wrapped your arms and legs around around his long body.

“What am I ever going to do without you?” You asked into the crook of his neck.

“Baby you’ll never have to find out.” He smiled as he hugged you back.



“Y/N. Wake up.” You heard a voice call for you as they shook your body.

“Huh? What?” You asked as you saw a worried Seoyoung staring into your eyes.

“You were dreaming.”

“Oh.” You said as you got up.

Of course it was a dream.. I already lost him.

“I called for you a few times, but you didn’t answer so I thought you were talking on the phone. You’ve been crying, what’s wrong?” She said as she tried to wipe your dried up tears.

“I… I called Hoseok.. but instead of him picking up, his ex girlfriend picked up. So that basically means that they were hanging out right after he broke up with me. Which in other words… doesn’t that mean that he broke up with me just to be with her?” You whispered as you stared at your broken phone with the screen’s glass shattered all over the floor.

“Y/N… Forget about him. If he actually cheated on you, he’s not worth the tears.” She said as she started pulling you outside the room.

“I…. I don’t know how to let go. This time hurts so much more than ever before. I feel like he took a part of me, and I don’t know who to carry on anymore.” You whispered as you slouched against the hard wooden chair at the dinner table.

“We’ll get through this. I promise. Eat something please. The debut is in two weeks. We need to perfect everything. So when you’re done eating, let’s rest a bit and then go back to practicing okay?” Seoyoung asked as she went to reheat your dinner.

You used to hate the idea of every meal consisting only of fruits or sweet potatoes, but this time around, you were grateful of it since you were certain that your stomach will barely be able to hold anything down.

After a quick couple of bites and a little break, the three of you headed back into the practice room, and carried on practicing for the next couple of hours. You were grateful that practicing was the one thing that allowed your mind to go completely blank. No time to think about Hoseok. No time to think about Jessica. No time to cry over him.

After multiple hours of continuous practicing, Vanessa was the first to ask the instructor to call it a day.

“Okay. Good job today. See you guys tomorrow.” She said as she gave everything a pat on the back.

You were slightly hesitant to leave, because you knew fully well that the moment you leave the practice room, your mind would drift back to Hoseok. You couldn’t bare to think about him without crying.

“Good job Y/N. You did really well today.” The instructor smile.

“Wait. I want to practice more. You go ahead.” You weakly smiled.

It wasn’t rare to see that you wanted more time to practice, since ever since the idol incident months ago, you have been staying until late hours to practice by yourself. In fact, it was pretty normal for the members or other staff to find you still working until early mornings. They all knew that besides Hoseok, being an idol was something that you put all your heart into.

If I can’t have Hoseok… at least give me this little bit of heaven.

“Okay. Don’t work too hard. You have vocals in the morning tomorrow.” She reminded as she grabbed her bag and headed out the door.

After giving her a wave, you locked the door and turned the music on full blast before you carried on to practice, until the sun started to rise.

You didn’t bother to check what time it was until you heard a knock on the door. Being covered completely in sweat, you grabbed the nearest towel you could find and wiped your forehead before unlocking the door.

“Unni. Did you not come home last night?” Vanessa asked.

“I was practicing.” You answered in-between your heavy breaths.

“It’s six in the morning. We have vocals in an hour. Your voice is going to be strain from all the practicing.” She worriedly said.

“I’ll take a quick shower, drink some honey water and then come back in time for vocal lessons.” You said as you went to grab you bag from the floor.

“Okay… I’ll see you later.” Vanessa quietly said as she watched you quickly walk out of the room.

She’s going to kill herself if she continues to be like this…

As you were taking your shower, you felt how sore all the muscles in your body were, and you welcomed it. The soreness hurt so bad, yet felt so good. The pain made you feel more alive. But you weren’t sure if that was going to be a good thing.

Once out of the shower, you headed to the room and changed into some comfortable clothing. Before leaving, you picked up your phone off the floor, and sighed.

I’m going to have to get this fixed..

After you were done grabbing your phone and your bag, you ran out the door. With a few minutes until vocal lessons, the three of you were sitting at the couch in the recording room. You shifting uncomfortably as you felt Seoyoung stare.

“Unni.. why are you staring at me?” You asked.

“You didn’t go home last night did you?” She asked.

“I was practicing.”

“Until this morning?”

“Yes. I need to perfect everything.” You blankly answered.

More like practicing is the only thing to keep my mind off of him.

“Did you eat this morning when you went for a shower?” She asked.

“No. I’ll eat when we get back.”

“Y/N.. don’t torture your body like that.”

“I get it. I know. Thank you for worrying about my body. I know how to handle it.” You bitterly said.

“I’m just trying to help you..” She quietly said.

You groaned at yourself for accidentally slashing at her. Your mood wasn’t the greatest, but still you knew that you  shouldn’t have talked in such a rude tone. Quickly apologizing you said,

“Unni… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to talk to you in such a tone. I’m just… not feeling the greatest.” You sighed.

“It’s okay. I get it. Just.. be careful of your body. We’re so close to debuting, if any of us got hurt now, we might have to push back the date. We all know you want this debut just as much as the rest of us.” She said.

“I promise. I won’t cause any trouble.” You said as you gave Seoyoung a slight smile.

“I won’t cause any trouble too!” Vanessa quickly added.

As the three of you laughed together at Vanessa’s cute reaction, the vocal teacher walked in, and said,

“Okay ladies. Let’s get started.”

And with that, your morning flew by. After multiple hours of practicing, the vocal teacher along with your manager, finally introduced everyone’s role in the group.

“As you know, your debut stage is getting closer and closer by the minute. After much consideration, the company has decided that Y/N will be main vocal and visual, Seoyoung will be Rapper and leader, and Vanessa will be main dancer and sub vocal.

“Wait… I’m visual? And main vocal?  What?” You confusingly asked.

“Yeah. You have the look for a visual, and we all think that your voice has improved greatly.” The instructor said.

“Oh….. Wow… okay…” You awkwardly said.

“Well that’s it for the day. The last recording for your first track will be done in two days, get ready.” He said before he got up and left the room.

As the members congratulated each other, you shockingly sat in your seat, letting everything sink in.

I’m the visual.

I’m the main vocal.

Main vocal.

My voice improved.

“Y/N?” Seoyoung asked.


“Are you okay? You seem so out of it.”

“Oh.. I just… I uh.. never thought that I could be main vocal… or visual…” You quietly said.

“Why not? We all know that you’ve improved in your singing. You deserve it all.” Vanessa said.

“Thanks…” You awkwardly smiled.

It was rare to hear people compliment you, so for once, you finally felt like you were succeeding in life. You are finally becoming the person that you wanted to be. You were finally starting to give yourself the future that you wanted.

Suddenly feeling the urge to cry, you awkwardly picked at your shirt.

“You deserve it. Really.” Seoyoung said as she patted your shoulder.

Giving her a smile, the sound of your phone ringing suddenly distracted you.

“I thought you broke your phone… how could someone still be calling you?” Vanessa asked.

“I’m not sure… maybe it’s only the screen that’s broken.” You shrugged.

Once you took out your phone you saw that the phone was indeed black, but it was ringing for sure. As you were about to click the accept button, the line died.

“Hm. I should get it fixed. When is the dance practice going to be at?”  You asked.

“You have a couple of hours.” Seoyoung said.

“Okay. I’ll be back by then for sure.”

After waving to the other girls goodbye, you quickly went to the nearest phone store to get it fixed.

“How long do you think it’ll take?” You asked.

“Hm… give me an hour or two. Why don’t you walk around for a bit, and come back around the  hour and a half mark? ” The store’s employee suggested.

“Yeah okay. Thank you.” You thanked before you headed out the door.

Walking to your favourite cafe nearby, you warmly greeted the cashier and order an iced americano.

“Are you alone today?”

Yes.. All alone..

You used to always go to this store with Hoseok, so you didn’t blame the cashier for not knowing that the two of you broke up.

“Yes.. I am.” You quietly answered.

Seeing your slight change in mood, she quickly changed the topic and said,

“Oh. I heard that your debuting soon.”

Lightening up to the sudden topic change, you smiled and said,

“Yes. Next next week.”

“I’ll be rooting from the very beginning.” She smiled as she handed you the drink.

“Thank you Unni.” You smiled as you took your drink and headed towards the second floor of the store, where you chose to sit at a seat near the window.

As you stared out the window, you couldn’t help but reminisce on the past when you used to come with Hoseok and sit in the exact same spot.

We were so happy then…

“Can I sit here?” You heard a very familiar voice asked.

Turning to the owner of the voice, you were welcomed by a man wearing a black cap and face mask. Even if you were only able to see his eyes, you knew for certain that the man was Hoseok.  

“I… uh… sure.” You mumbled as you took a sip of your drink, hoping that it could clear our mind.

“You didn’t answer my text message.” He simply said.

“What? You texted me? Wait.. I mean even if you texted me why does it matter? We broke up. Actually you broke us up.” You reminded.

“I texted you this morning. You never answered me.” He said completely ignoring you last part.

“I asked why does it matter. We broke up. You have no need to ask me anything.” You said.

“I wanted to know if you got home safely last night.” He mumbled.

“Why the fuck does it matter? Do you seriously think that you could just break up with me and still be able to hear about my wellbeing? And why did you ask Seoyoung unni to pick me up last night. I don’t need you trying to be a hero for the last time.”

“I care for you…” He quietly said. I know I should’t.. but I can’t help it.

“Oh fuck you. If you cared about me then you wouldn’t have broken up with me or had hung out with your ex girlfriend right after we broke up.”

“What?” He confusingly asked.

“Are you seriously going to pretend like nothing happened? You went to go out and drink with Jessica last night.”

“No I didn’t. I went alone last night.” He confusingly said.

“Oh don’t fucking kid me. I called you last night but instead of you answering me, she answered and said that she would tell you to call me in the morning. Don’t you dare lie to me.”

“What? No? I was alone last night. I went to the club alone and I went home alone.” Hoseok said as he started to get pissed off.

“If you’re so sure then check your call log.”

As he took out he phone, he clicked into the call log, and couldn’t seem to the find your phone call from last night.

“I don’t see it.”


Grabbing his phone, you scanned through yesterday’s call log, and you indeed couldn’t find your name. What the hell?

“Way to try and guilt trip me.” Hoseok said as he gave a disapprovingly shake.

“I swear I did. It was in my call log!”

“Show me your phone then. Where is it?” He asked.

“I… It’s in repair right now.”

“Right. Sure. Whatever you say.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“How could I fucking believe you when I don’t see you name anywhere?” He asked.

“She deleted it.. Yes. Jessica must have deleted it.” You said.

How else could the phone call have went missing?

“Why are you trying to badmouth Jessica? You don’t even know her. She’s not even in Korea right now.” He angrily said.

“Are you trying to fucking protect her? Is this what it is? And how do you even know where she is? You’re mad that I’m putting her on the fucking spot. Whether you want to believe me or not. I called you last night and she picked up. I’m not fucking lying.” You snapped.

“I’m not taking anyone’s side. If you gave me proof, I would believe you, but where’s the proof?” He asked.

“Fuck you. I just told you my phone is in repair. I thought you knew me better than this.” You hissed.

“And I thought I knew you better than this. Why would you accuse me of meeting up with Jessica right after we broke up?”

“For the last fucking time she picked up the phone. And how do I know. Maybe you still have feelings for her!” You accused.

“Whatever. Say whatever the fuck you want. I don’t even know why I came searching of you today.” Giving you a disapproving look, Hoseok got up and left you boiling in anger.

What. The. Fuck.

You watched Hoseok’s figure disappear as he headed downstairs. You were feeling angrier by the second.

She deleted the call. She must have.

After another hour of staring blankly outside, you saw that it was about time to get your phone back.

Throwing away your drink that you barely touched, you waved the cashier good bye and headed out the door.

With your brain still swarming around with the words that Hoseok said, you were mad, furious even, that he would think that you’re lying to him.

Once you had reached the cell phone store, you thanked the employee and payed. As you walked out of the store and turned on your phone again, you were overwhelmed with the number of unread notifications, but there was on in particular that got your attention. It was a text message from Hoseok last night.

Clicking into it, you saw that it was a picture, of Jessica and Hoseok. Where Hoseok had his arms around Jessica’s waist and his face in the crook of her neck, when she was smiling into the camera.

Closing the conversation with shaking hands, you were fuming with anger.

So he was the one who lied.

He told me that he was alone. He wasn’t alone. He was busy with her.

“I thought I knew you better Jung Hoseok.” You whispered as you felt a tear roll down your cheek.

Trying to not attract any attention, you covered your head with your hood, and started walking back towards the company.

“I’m home.” Hoseok sighed as he took off his hat and face mask.

“Oh. Hyung you’re back?” Taehyung asked as he tore his attention from the television.

Not being in the mood to talk, Hoseok quietly hummed in response.

“Oh. Someone came by and said that they have something to say to you. They’re sitting in the bedroom.” Taehyung said.

“Oh. Okay.”

Who could it be?

Opening the door filled with curiosity, Hoseok was stunned to see Jessica sitting on his bed.

Without a doubt, Jessica is beautiful, but in Hoseok’s mind, Jessica was no way near as beautiful as you. He loved how you looked so effortlessly beautiful without any makeup. He was always stunned by how gorgeous you looked. In his mind, you had the face of an angel.

“J-Jessica.. What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I came back for you.” She purred as she got up from the bed.

“W-When did you get b-back?” He stuttered.

“Yesterday silly.. we saw each other last night. You don’t remember?” She smirked.

It was then, that her words sent chills down his back. Y/N was right.. Jessica was back..

Shit. Y/N.

One Thousand Years

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter o9.  A Thousand Years  

It was raining.  It’d always been raining those days without him…those days you desperately guarded his grave.  The ground was wet until soil turned into quicksand and earthworms drowned into a heap of rotten flesh.  For without Chanyeol, this forest was no longer your home.  For without your heart, how could you live?  And yet you did, for the child inside of you willed his mother to keep going.

He will be back…

You stroked your growing stomach as you sat down on the hay in front of Chanyeol’s buried body.

One thousand days – you remembered reading on the manual that after taking the magical pill, one had to be guarded by his/her lover for one thousand days straight for it to work.

Peering up into the sky, you allowed the rain droplets to drizzle onto your colorless face.  One thousand days was long but for the promise that you could be able to see your lover again, you’d wait.  All things good come to those who wait.

Just like that glimmer of hope that appeared just before his body bled dry of blood.  As you rocked his lifeless form against your smaller one, the familiar green glow shone through a fracture of a large willow tree.  With an alarmed inhale, you sprinted forward, bent over, and examined the radiant orb.



I knew you didn’t steal it…

Blinking back your tears, you finally recalled that you had accidentally dropped the enchanted sphere from your hands when Chanyeol began to kiss you during your marriage night.

Swiping it into your palms, you harshly wiped away your tears and paced back to Chanyeol.

“Seobangnim…” you called, stroking his chin to encourage him to open up.

But he was rock solid so you pried open his mouth and inserted the pill.  In an instant, he jolted a few times.  The mystical orb lit through his flesh.  When he began to gag white bubbles out and shake convulsively, you held him down with the entirety of your small frame.  Obviously in agony, he flogged around and growled.  A strong gust of wind traveled through the forest.  And then he was limp again.  Sobbing, you planted your lips on top of his one final time before following the manual and burying him six feet under so that his body could mesh back with nature and be reborn as a human.

Even though you knew it was the only way to save him, it still felt like thousands of needles had punctured your chest as you threw him down into the hole.  Blood from your fingers trickled down to accompany him for you had dug out the hole with your bare hands.  With all your remaining strength, you pushed the dirt onto him.

Chanyeol-aaah…” you wept when the soil covered those beautiful ears you used to kiss until every inch and every centimeter was covered.

There was this lingering emptiness and void that you couldn’t describe into words even if you had to.  This feeling of longing but not really…this feeling of separation even when it was a mere six feet apart.

How…how did happiness turn into such dread within a day?

You jerked up in bed.  Blue skinned and glittering with sweat, you huffed and puffed, willing yourself to calm down from the image that haunted your sleep every moment for the past one thousand years.  At the sight of the chandelier lights, you almost fell off the mattress again.  With the bed sheets wrapped over your head, you peeped out to study the intricate ice-like ornaments of the light.  It didn’t even need fire.  Just a tap of a button and it glowed brighter than all the candles of a Buddhist shrine.


Your little bum popped up into the air before settling back down onto the soft mattress.

Wh-what…was that?


Tormented by the foreign noise, you slapped both hands over your ears.

On the vanity table, a rectangular slab lit up and spun in circles while producing the sound of bees.  When it continued its mission to drive you mad, you took this weapon with pink feathers and a handle and began to poke at the slab, thinking that if you did so, you could free the captured pollen lover from its cage.  Though you must have missed its flight of freedom for the buzzing stopped and the slab darkened.

You took a deep breath.

But then thirty seconds later, it started again.  With a startled yelp, you brought the fluffy pillow and feather duster into your arms as a shield and sword duo.  You know…just in case the rectangular enchanted crystal decided to attack you.

Instead, words appeared on the rock, “Dal-nim, Manager-nim, everyone’s waiting for you.  W R U? – Chanyeol”.


With your body tilted several feet back, you stretched out your arm and poked the glowing material.  Settling on the fact that it wasn’t going to come alive and strangle you to death, you took it into your hands and brought it mere inches from your face.


Shyly, you smiled.

So even though Savior is now a human, he still knows super powers!

The light turned off.  Disappointed, you shook it and tapped on the front to revive it but it was dead.  However, you had recalled that Chanyeol’s message had asked for your immediate appearance at the twelve wolves’ dorm, so you slid out of bed and got dressed to wield the large shiny enclosed wagon.

Gripping the wheel, you raised your right foot and tapped a few times on the two flat rubber squares hidden under the driver deck.  One made you go forward (almost crash into another vehicle) and the other saved you just in the nick of time before you slammed against the car in front of you.  It was definitely weird but since it was one of the requirements needed to fulfill the manager role for Chanyeol’s…uh boyband (what?  Like a male bandana?) called EXO, you forced yourself to learn it within five days.

It was drizzling outside, the long slits of rainwater dirtied up the transparent glass, debilitating your vision, so you drove as slow as a turtle.  By the time you got to the boy’s dorm, the twelve “idols” were already standing outside.  Some sported shades, others face masks.  One hopped on after another until the car titter tottered back and forth.  With a wide yawn, Chanyeol took the front passenger seat beside you and threw you a toothy grin.

“Noona!” one young man with crescent moon eyes greeted and then suggested, “Can we stop by the café to get some bubbletea before going to our schedules?”

Another young man, this one with milky white, porcelain doll skin that challenged yours in paleness, rolled up a newspaper and smacked the maknae on the head for his childish behavior.

“Ow!” Suho hyung!” the younger one whined.

“Ignore him, Dal-nim-ssi, we’re already five minutes late!” the leader of the pack exclaimed.

“What?  Really?  Noona, what time is it?” one guy with unique cateyes, spoke with an accent.      

He tried to strain his neck to peer at the front seat but his hyung kept disciplining him and demanding for him to put his seatbelt back on.  Beside you, Chanyeol was having the wildest reactions ever.  Clapping his hands together, like a seal, he laughed until his stomach belched.

At the sight of a red flat color glowing on a three tier light fissure, you stepped on the left pedal.  The car jolted forward then back.  With a makeshift hand visor, you squinted up to nature’s golden egg and concluded, “Forty five degrees from horizon”.

The group of wolf boys snapped their head around as if you had just announced the oddest thing they have ever heard.  Your former lover’s chuckles resonated the interior.  Pointing to the glowing green lights encased inside a box on the car’s dashboard, he corrected, “It’s 9:03”.

Gasping in awe, you turned around and began to admire that striking half smile half smirk of his.  How was he able to just tell the time of day by just staring at the light?  When he continued to grin happily to you, your cheeks fired up into a bright coral.  Biting your lip, you turned back to the wheel to drive.

In front of the elaborately decorated and vast venue, the members all filed out like a flock of released baby ducks.  Suho, who you now knew was the leader of the group, turned around and fixed his dongsaeng’s bow tie.  The tanned skinned baby giant grinned and flung his arm around his hyung’s shoulder.  They played follow the leader into the building.  Grabbing your notebook and their schedule, you exited the car as well.  Notwithstanding the fact that the charity event didn’t even begin until the evening, crowds and crowds of young girls were already camped outside.  Screams and shouts erupted as soon as they caught a glimpse of Sehun’s hair or Kai’s smirk.  Like veterans, each and every one of them smiled widely and waved at their fans.

If you said that you weren’t intimidated, you would be lying.  Never in your life have you seen so many humans.  They were so beautiful; the color of their skin ranged from soft whites to cooper bronzes.  Some even had spiral hair that looked like the aloe plants back in your home.  Automatically, you spun around to stare at your lover.  His tall structure stood out like a tower among peasants.  His lips spanned the entirety of his lower face as he chucked at a fangirl’s reference to him being a “Happy Virus”.

“Chanyeol Oppa!!!” girls screamed as they rushed forward.

The metal barricade see-sawed back and forth as the local security shouted with all their might to make them stay back.  Your lips parted when you witnessed tears stream down the girls’ faces.

“Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!”  Chanyeol pumped his fist and started the chant.  And just like that all five hundred or so observers chanted along until the noise traveled from the streets, into the stadium, and back.

With one final bow, Suho motioned for his brothers to follow him in.  They were scurried into a private room filled with large shiny silver canvases.  You almost screamed when you saw your own reflection.  Curiously, you stuck out your finger and poked the hard surface, making it seem as if your reflection and you were in contact through the tips of your fingers.

Older females ran around the room with palettes filled with colorful powder and fluffy brushes.  One patted the brush along Chanyeol’s already flawless face.  Biting your lip, your legs curiously guided you forward to observe the art of painting on people’s faces instead of of people’s faces.  Dust particles sprinkled into the air as the artist patted on her three-dimensional canvas.  Like pollen tickling your nostrils, the scattered specks caused you to let out a sneeze.

Chanyeol’s large eyes opened wide; his pupils landed on you.  Leaning over, he grabbed a small brush that looked like a rabbit’s tail and motioned with his index finger for you to go over.  Brushing off his face of mischief, you obediently walked over.  The fuzziness snuggled against your nose.  Instantly, you let out a sneeze again.

“Ah, Kyeopta!” he grinned, taking another matching brush to path both sides of your cheeks as if you were a doll.

Though, you weren’t sure what he was doing, you submissively let him continue for you finally got the chance to gaze into those mesmerizing orbs again.  They weren’t honey gold anymore but still held the same glint in his mortal form.

Digging through the vanity drawers, he pulled out a round shaped locket-like case, opened it, and then dabbed the cotton pad against your cheeks.  He mouthed a “woops, too much”, before proceeding to wipe off the excess blush with his own thumb.  Momentarily, he dropped everything, backed up a bit, and peered at your face in the distance. You bashfully fidgeted around with your hands and hung your head to avoid eye contact.  Like a pro, his long fingers lifted your chin up so that your glistening orbs stared back into his.  For a split second, you swore you saw a flicker of gold cast over his eyes as they narrowed like a wild beast marking his prey.  But then his smile widened from ear to ear.          

“Wahh!  Manager-nim is so pretty!” he sat back, with arms folded up as a makeshift pillow, and observed.

Curious, you turned around to look at your reflection yourself.  With the added on color to your face, you actually looked alive and healthy.  A black outline helped enlarge your already big, round eyes until they looked like that of an innocent bunny’s.  A shy smile spread across your face.  

“Hmm…” Chanyeol hummed, broadening his shoulders proudly at his masterpiece.  

Still…so handsome.  Your eyes lined on the verge of tears.

“Lunchtime!” a staff came in and clapped her hands.

The hungry beast idols climbed over tables and chairs, abandoning the wrappers of their snuck-in-snacks to follow the lady in red as she brought them to the cafeteria to fill up their starving tummies.

“Let’s go,” your past lover suggested.

Returning to reality from your lost daze, you nodded and followed him.  The tall gentleman took a seat down on the long table and patted the empty spot next to it for you to join.  Half of the spread out buffet were already devoured.  With a chopstick in his mouth, Chanyeol stood up and actively began to collect food before his brothers ate them all.  You debated whether or not you should follow suit especially since your stomach had just grumbled but before you got up, a plate was placed in front of you.  In the center of it was a white powdered rice cake shaped like a bunny.  On either side were fluffed up coral circles so that it looked as if she was blushing.  You giggled, squeezing it lightly with the tips of your fingers.

“Looks like you,” Chanyeol chirped, pinching your cheeks.

You blinked.

But suddenly, he pouted and held you by your shoulders to scrutinize your face again, “Hmm…I think I added too much blush…”

It only made you blush deeper.  

(Panda is spazzing)

At night, after the charity event, all the tired boys plopped down into the car like zombies.  Snores, groans, and whimpers immediately ensued, creating a melody similar to that of a pig’s barn.  You shook your head and inserted the key to start the engine.

Artificial lights tainted the night sky, stealing the spotlight from their ancestors – the stars.  You opened a small slit on the car window to breath in fresh air, but even that was contaminated with dust and smoke.  It made you miss your home so much.  


You parked in front of the dorm but made no move to wake the boys up yet, because you knew how much they valued their beauty sleep.  Unconsciously, you turned around to gaze at the sleeping angel beside you.  His long lashes lined his closed eyes like lace curtains.  Your hand lifted to touch the warmth you yearned for for one thousand years but upon close contact, he murmured something in his sleep so you hesitantly withdrew your hand.  A tear slid down your face.

Chanyeol-ah…do you know how happy Dal-nim feels to finally meet you again?

His eyes abruptly snapped open as if he was able to read your mind.  Without removing his gaze from your watery eyes, he slowly sat up from his slouched position.  Large hands brushed against your face, taking the salty liquid with it.

“Dal-nim-ah…” he called, your name rolled out of his tongue just like how it did a thousand years ago.    

a/n: omg my kokoro can’t handle this chapter TT_TT!!  Everything is so cute and innocent but there’s this looming poignancy/melancholy.  This is probably one of my favorite chapters.  

Did you guys enjoy the chapter?  Any guesses of what really happened in the past?   

I have always looked up to Michael Phelps. He’s the biggest name in swimming, how could you not? He has the most Olympic medals in all time and everyone in every sport has to respect that. I got into swimming kind of late, right after my twelfth birthday. Michael was kind of the only athlete I even knew about at the time, and as a twelve year old I was kind of offended when Ryan Lochte came into the scene and started beating him. I’ve also always been impressed by how versatile he remains at that extreme of a level, swimming (and placing) in so many events. I’m a flyer, but I can’t imagine doing fly, free, and im, and backstroke, sometimes all in the same meet. He continues push through through some questionable times, like DUIs, drugs, and repeated retirings, but he always bounces back for me.

okay now that subs have been out for 24+ hours

Can I just say that as much as I love the kiss, I actually love the buildup to it more?

lbr Victor hasn’t been the least bit subtle about his attraction to Yuuri, and Yuuri has never said he doesn’t like the attention even if he was very confused by it. I mean, who wouldn’t be in his shoes? Weird enough your idol since you were twelve barges into your house and says they’re going to personally train you – add in the flirting and most people would be ???!?

But! – and this is what made me so ecstatic about the kiss that I literally made ugly crying noises for an hour – what I love most of all?

Even though Yuuri’s been the one idolizing Victor, even if he’s been the one who’s been a little in love with Victor from childhood and it’s grown and changed into what we see today

Victor fell first.

[text heavy below with some screenshots. there were more pictures originally but oh well]

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angfdz-deactivated20160505  asked:

I know you talk a lot about steven being Usagi and vice versa-- I definitely see why you could think that, but I was thinking that if Steven ever met anyone like Rei he'd probably just cry or feel bad, not scream n say she was mean (or whatever dynamic UxR have). Have you thought about that at all?

I think you may have a bit of mischaracterization of Rei going on here. She isn’t this unstoppable maelstrom of random meanness. Rei is brusque and direct and abrasive as shit, yes, but she isn’t mean for the sake of being mean.

So you suggest that if Rei and Steven met he would cry and feel bad, but I can’t imagine why this would ever be a scenario in which they’d find themselves. There’s really nothing about Steven that would set off any of Rei’s hair triggers. He’s sincere, he’s kind, he’s funny, he’s enthusiastic. At best, she’d be prone to snap at him when it looks to her like he’s maybe not taking something as seriously as he should, but we’ve already seen that Steven’s response to that is to either let it bounce off him or direct all his enthusiasm into SERIOUS STEVEN, so.

I mean if there’s one thing Rei loves, it’s someone who fucking listens to her, and if you think Steven isn’t going to be staring at Rei Hino with stars in his eyes while he absorbs her every single syllable then I think we may need to arrange a rewatch of both programs for you.

More than anything, though, one of the things that sets Rei off fastest is a trait that’s completely antithetical to Steven: not trying your best.

Steven gives 100000% in everything he does, and Rei respects the shit out of someone who tries. Steven may fuck things up, but as the theme song promises, he always finds a way. Rei would be wholeheartedly in Steven’s corner, as she is wholeheartedly in Usagi’s, only there’d be a hell of a lot less pushing and shoving (and yelling) to get Steven moving.

A very special post that is extremely personal and close to my heart.

Here is the photo of myself and Lights. This was taken almost two years ago, and a lot has happened since then. Some negative, and some positive. During the negative times her music has kept me inspired and helped me through this horrible rough patch I am still currently going through. I wish I could meet her once again and explain how things got worse in a way, but I was finally able to face reality of what had happened to me.

When I met Lights I could hardly speak. I was all gross and sweaty, hence why my face is blacked out. She had been my idol since I was twelve years old and I was finally standing right before her. Right before the woman who changed my life. I was at the barricade and I was the only person singing along to every single word. For some reason everyone else was just taking pictures. I never understood why people would view the live concert experience through their phones. To me that was pointless. I wanted to enjoy every single moment, and I did.

When I met her the very first thing I said was, “I just wanted to say without you and your music I would literally be dead right now.” At first she didn’t understand, I was shaking and whispering. She said in her gorgeous accent, “I’m sorry, what was that?” But within a millisecond she understood what I said and whispered, “Oh my God.” She then gave me the biggest hug and we embraced for a while. It was a moment that felt like it could last forever. We talked for a bit, she signed my shirt and then I gave her my letter. It had a Batman cover and she said that was awesome. We were both being sarcastic idiots by this point and she promised me that she would never stop making music and we evil eyed each other and did the I’m watching you finger symbol as I walked off. I could never forget that day, and I never want to.

Road Trip

Hey!!! I’m glad we’re still getting welcomed even though it seems ages ago! I made them especially miserable for you! Hehe, enjoy!

(Look at them all! They look so little here. They’re all grown up now ;; )

“Have we got everything packed?”


Kyungsoo’s glare drilled holes into Chanyeol’s chest with pin point accuracy. Chanyeol groaned in false pain before repeatedly claiming he was joking around. He stepped backwards to ensure the little one would not hit him.

The bags scattered around the floor seemed more like decorations, since nobody claimed them and they blended in with the furniture. Everyone had finished packing, so they stood around, killing time as they pleased. The members began to settle down next to their belongings as soon as they heard clapping. Suddenly, the scent of sunscreen violated their nostrils. Searching for the source, they each studied each other until the culprit was found.


He raised his hands over his head, accidentally flinging the open bottle of sun screen in the air.

Sehun chortled at Kai’s new hairstyle: pushed back with fresh sunscreen sliding off his hair. Sehun kindly helped him get rid of the new accessory, all while snickering to himself. Baekhyun stifled his laughter when he apologized to Kai. Kai allegedly claimed he was upset at Baekhyun. Baekhyun practically jumped on Kai in order to hook his arm around his neck.

“Why are you taller than your hyung?” Baekhyun ignored Kai’s fake anger and attempted to ruffle his hair. “Get down here!” He made Kai duck his head. 

Kai attempted to push the monkey away from him, but he stuck like gum to a shoe.

“Alright let’s load the vans!” Suho radiated overflowing warmth. He pushed the members along, as if he were trying to direct traffic. Twelve idols could have easily gotten cluttered at the exit, especially when they were blinded by the thought of a vacation. One by one, they loaded their bags into the vans. For easier management they were divided by ‘K’ and ’M’.

Chanyeol was first to get on the van. However, he was quickly kicked out of the van by Kyungsoo.

Before departing, the leaders had a small chat with each other.

“So we’re just going to the beach or…” Suho pressed Kris to fill in the blank.

“That’s the plan.” Kris confidently confirmed, his hands resting on his hips.

“But we could always go to other places. Maybe have a cook out or go to the shopping districts. Why do you always leave these plans for the last second?”

“We’ll decide when we get there.” Kris was already in vacation mode, meaning he did not want to worry about anything. “Meeting adjourned!”

“It was just the two of us there was no need to adjourn anything.” Suho mumbled.

Immediately after Suho entered the van, his eardrums were violated by the booming sound erupting from the speakers. He hollered at Chanyeol to keep his music to a minimum.

The vacation they were about to venture on began with ten lengthy hours inside the vans. Rest stops in between were granted, but they were given the choice to skip them. But the members never skipped an opportunity to stretch their legs and indulge in food.

First hour.

Chanyeol circled the van before reaching the driver’s seat. Since the seat was empty, he appointed himself as driver. No one argued since driving was known to be bothersome. Beside him was Kyungsoo, whom he could tell stories to while driving. Kyungsoo did not bother to even try listening. 

“I’ll turn on the radio.” Kyungsoo suggested, turning the knob. It was an attempt to keep Chanyeol from yapping his mouth off and it worked. 

Kai was second to bother Kyungsoo. Kai had a habit of drapping his arms over the shoulder of the passenger seat in order to mess with Kyungsoo’s hair. What seemed like bothering did not actually trouble Kyungsoo, in fact he did not mind it at all.

“Road trip! Road trip!” In the backseat Baekhyun roared with optimism powering his chant. He took hold of Suho’s arm and tried to get him energized as well. Suho gave him a look at that made him release his grip on his arm. 

As for van two…

Kris was picked to drive for them. Not necessarily picked, but when he finished his meeting with Suho, the driver’s seat was empty. He took it upon himself to drive. 

“Chen, since you decided to ride shotgun, you’ve gotta make an oath with me.” Kris sternly glanced at Chen, his fingers gripping the steering wheel. “If something happens to me, I want you to carry on my role as driver”

“You’re insane; stop talking nonsense.” Chen knew his leader had a habit of joking around, so he countered it by rejecting it. “I don’t even have a driver’s license!”

Kris scoffed, knowing Chen had grown immune to his jokes. Trailing his scoff was Chen’s laughter.

“Are we doing okay in the back?” Kris adjusted his back mirror to where he could see. He spotted all the members except for Tao. “Where’s Tao?” 

“Sleeping.” Lay pointed to the mess of blankets on his right. “Clearly he does not want to be disturbed.” 

“How about you two in the back?” Kris called out Xiumin and Luhan, who occupied the backseat. They simultaneously nodded signaling they were fine. They pushed Kris to hurry up and drive, complaining that they would be left behind. 

Kris surrendered to the complaints, and turned on the engine, following behind van one.

“It’s been so long since we’ve gone on vacation.” Chen cheered.

“It’s rather hot isn’t it?” Lay questioned the group. He tugged at his low cut shirt to get some air into his system.

“Well it is summer.”

“Could you please turn on the air conditioner?”

“I thought it was already on?”

Chen examined the series of buttons on the panel that controlled the AC. He pushed one button that had blue markings over it. Instantly, he was blasted by a gust of cold air. Chen coughed from the sudden intake of air, and flashed a thumbs up at Lay.

“Do you have any idea what the plan is for tomorrow?” Chen switched the vent to blow downward and turned to Kris.

“The beach.”

“That’s it?”

“When we get there we’ll just wing it…”

For the second hour, everything remained the same, except that the members were much more active. They played word games and hit each other whenever one of them got the wrong answer. While Suho was reading his comics, a couple of members looked over his shoulder. Whenever Chanyeol drove over a bump in the road, the members were forced back into their seats. In van two, they began a war against each other, using crumpled paper balls as their weapons. The members dumped a bunch of paper balls on the already hidden Tao to completely bury him. Despite the noises they made, he did not budge an inch. 

They arrived at a rest stop by the third hour, and rejoiced with one another.
Kris took the chance to wake up Tao. He felt that he should also be a part of the experience.  


Tao stirred in his sleep.


Kris cupped his hands around his mouth, and pressed them against Tao’s ear.


As if Kris were a mosquito, Tao slapped his cheek harshly. Kris squawked, jumped back, and bumped his head on the roof of the van. He shielded himself from any more assaults by covering his head. Kris whimpered loudly, and rubbed his head in an attempt to soothe the pain. Tao peered over the blankets, his eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“Kris, why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying!” Kris ran his hand through his hair to check for bumps. “You slapped me in the face. Do you not remember?”

Tao shrugged. “You must have imagined it.”

“Excuse me?” Kris scoffed, he pointed at his flaming red cheek.

Tao yawned and opened his door. “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

It was amazing how fast Tao could forget something. 

In the rest stop, they all enjoyed a meal together. Members bought their own food, and had a lively conversation about the vacation they were looking forward to. This opportunity gave the leaders time to plan further into the trip. Kris kept on acting stubborn, but in the end Suho managed to add in a barbecue. 

Afterward, they strolled around the facility to buy whatever suited their fancy. They left with empty hands, except for Tao, who stacked up on treats to eat on the way.

The fourth hour breezed by since everybody was sleepy after the food. Suho drooled all over Baekhyun’s shoulder, and Baekhyun took a fond liking to the window — his lips were smushed all over the glass. Kai would wake up with a crick in his neck from the position he was sleeping in. Chanyeol and Kyungsoo attempted to carry on a conversation, since there was no one else to talk to.

Kris mended his slapped cheek with an ice cube. He had Chen hold it against his cheek whenever needed. Xiumin called him a baby, causing Kris to recoil and defend himself. He stated that he was a full-fledged man. Chen and Xiumin laughed, but Lay and Tao dozed off seconds after entering the vehicle. Luhan clung onto Minseok. Another hour passed right by.

By the sixth hour, chaos struck.

In van two, sweaty bodies mustered up the strength to wake up. The temperature inside the van had sky rocketed from the last time they were awake. Lay lowered the window, and stuck his head out. The rest were dying for some air.

“Why is it so hot in here?” Tao emerged from his cocoon, his hair sticking to his wet forehead. He wiped his sweat off, and lowered his own window.

“The AC is broken!!” Chen frantically fanned himself with both his hands.

“I’m dying!” Kris exaggerated.  

The duo in the backseat were suffering the most, since the windows did not open. They stood, wanting to breath the fresh air that rushed inside the vehicle. Xiumin fell over trying to share the seat with Lay.

“What are you doing?” Luhan chimed, looking at the body of his fallen comrade.

“Just help me up.”

Kris called Suho, just to complain. Suho laughed for about a minute. Yes, Kris was counting. Suho suggested that they stop, and call for another van. Kris argued that it could take a while, especially when adding the time that would be used to transfer the items to the other van. Suho mentioned they did not mind waiting. That they were family, and family could not leave each other behind. Kris interrupted the middle of his speech to yawn, and to thank him for his hard work before he hung up. Suho tried calling him back, but the line was occupied.

Meanwhile, the members in van one wanted to stretch out their arms and legs. They all argued that it felt too cramped inside the van. It did not help that Chanyeol thought it was an excellent idea to pump up the tunes to get the members to move. While it did work for a while, the music eventually got annoying.

Van two eventually got their replacement van, after standing in the blistering sun for more than twenty minutes. They all sweated buckets and buckets of sweat. Tao claimed that the sweat made him feel gross. The members teased him by asking for physical contact. Tao pushed them away, and yelled at them to stay back.

After all that transferring, Xiumin kindly handed out some towelettes to everyone. Actually, the members stole the towelettes from his grasp. However, since the members were so generous toward each other, they all shared. Except for Luhan, since he believed in being clean, He said he did not want the cloth to get dirty. 

The seventh hour for van two passed contentedly because they finally had air conditioning. Van one was scrunched up. They were practically begging to use their legs.

“Massage my legs, hyung.” Sehun offered one of his legs to Baekhyun.

Baekhyun struggled to move at all with Sehun’s legs draped over him within the cramped van. That was until Suho rubbed his hands together. He knew a thing or two about stretching muscles. A mother had to take care of his children. 

By the eighth hour, van one could not take it anymore. They pleaded that Chanyeol stop in his tracks. Once he did, the members clambered out. They even completed stretching routines that Baekhyun conducted himself. Everyone participated, even if the instructor was not as flexible as the students. Chanyeol tilted over once or twice, knocking down Sehun with him. Kyungsoo and Kai executed every move smoothly, with transitions that could fool the experts. By the time they were done with the session, van two caught up to them. They overheard whooping coming from the van when it passed them. In return they waved back, just excited to be outside. To the people in van two, they looked like overly excited jumping fleas.

The final two hours were upon them, and they vowed not to stop anywhere. They broke that promise as soon as they spotted fresh food stands in the city. Their mouths seemed to have a mind of their own once they were glazed with a layer of drool. Kris sent selcas to Suho whenever they arrived to a destination sooner then van one. He showed off the piles of food that van two continuously stuffed down their throats, making Suho tear up.

The inside of the van was no longer a place of excitement. Word games had grown stale and sitting down was displeasing. The majority of them had their minds set on the roaring ocean, glistening and refreshing. They tried different seating positions to reduce the boredom. Members in van one took a stab at playing cards. Since the road ahead was under construction, it was impossible to play a hand without the cards spilling on the car floor. 

Van two sought refuge in sleep until they arrived at their destination. In a matter of seconds, they were able to arrive to their lodging for the night. Everyone from van one was exhausted. They could not picture the beach anymore. Instead, they thought of a bed. 

Van one arrived moments later. Tao greeted them at the door, but no one was in the mood to speak. They immediately searched the rooms for beds. As soon as one of them found one, they plopped themselves on the bed and took a well deserved rest. Since Tao could not sleep anymore, he spent the night watching cartoons. 

The morning after, Suho was the first to wake up. He checked the time and found out it was late. He found Tao on the couch, sleeping without a blanket. The television was on and he assumed Tao must have dozed off without realizing it. Suho grabbed a blanket and covered Tao with it. 

“What time is it…” Kris yawned, as he entered the room. 

“Two p.m.” Suho pressed his finger against his lips, in order to signal Kris to be quieter. Kris sighed and motioned Suho to join him in the kitchen.

“So, thoughts on the ten hour ride?” Kris scratched his temple while opening the fridge door.

“Never again.” 

Kris closed the fridge door when he remembered they were in a temporary lodging with no food stocked in the fridge. Seeing that, Suho chuckled. 

“We should order takeout.” He suggested.

“What about the beach?” 

“Forget about the beach. What we need is a proper rest.” 


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