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BTS reaction to you being known as the sexy one but in reality you are cute


This fluffy marshmallow saw you as someone who was purely sexy and admired your aura on your solo stages. He was your silent fan and was always captivated by your sex appeal. One day he overheard you talking about how tired you were and saw how your face automatically lit up after you talked about food and he found it so adorable. He tried to keep his inner fan boy inside as he now refused to believe you were the same person as on stage.

“How could someone so sexy turn out so cute?”

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You were a solo artist that was going to be an mc with V. You both had to meet up at an unpopular restaurant to work out things like what gestures to do. Taehyung found it absolutely cute how you enthusiastically talked about your ideas and loved your playful expressions and thought of you as a girl full of purely aegyo. On the day you both were lively mc’ing and he had not known you were also promoting at the time. He was in the dressing room preparing to watch you and had expected a cute and bubbly performance but was left gobsmacked as he saw those sexy moves and the way you flipped your hair. He was completely taken back and could not hold back the blush. He found you absolutely intriguing.

“Y/N ahh you are an idol full of many surprises and I love it”

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Rap Monster

Namjoon had to help you write a rap verse as you were the only female solo artist in the company. You were known for your sexy image and your curvy body and thats what he expected ‘a girl with a lot of sex appeal’. He showed you some verses that he had wrote to fit your sexy image and had expected you to be familiar with erotic writing but instead you covered your face and blushed. He was not expecting such a cute reaction. The more you spent time he forgot about your sexy image.

“you are too pure for your sexy image”

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His lazy ass refused to get out of the car to go take a break from all the driving and was left alone. He was about to fall back to sleep, instead something caught his eye. You. You were famous for being the sexiest solo artist but at that moment he refused to believe it as he saw you walking down the street, eating a hamburger with so much glee in your eyes. He payed attention to the way you smiled to the manager as you got into your own van and his heart started thumping. The sexy smile he thought was your natural smile turned out to be fake and for once he saw your adorable gleaming smile.

“how could a smile make my heart beat so much”

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He admired how you could sway anyone whether female or male with your sexy dance moves and alluring voice. He decided to gather up the courage to talk to you and soon after a while you had both gotten to the basic conversation stage. He later on cracked a joke and had expected a sexy captivating laugh but instead was greeted with a child like, soft laughter. You covered your mouth and you turned red trying to keep the laughter in. He was amazed about how cute you turned out to be and at some point thought about how you were someone whom he would always want to make laugh.

“Seeing you happy makes me happier”

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You and Jungkook were the same age and saw you as an inspiration on how you could have such a sexy and mature image at such a young age. He had only saw you performing on stage and never interacted with you in real life. At a mama concert he was performing after you and had gotten time to interact with you. He saw your bright cute smile as you walked backstage after the song had ended. You came closer to the group and bowed down with such a bright playful vibe that had left a lot of impact on him.

“She is like me after all”

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After a performance he had seen you in the midst of putting on makeup. He saw you pout as a makeup artist put some lipgloss on you. He never knew you could make such a expression and was so captivated that you noticed. Upon noticing you accidentally turned your head too far and the makeup artist had spread the lipgloss across your cheek. Jin was expecting a diva or sexy like reaction but instead came across you laughing at the mistake. He blushed at your reaction and bowed down in apology causing you to laugh more at his cute reaction. 

“How could a sexy person have such a innocent laugh?”

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-Rose Hope its how you wanted it to be like!

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We know Ramadhan..its a fasting month the month of Ramadhan,
its a very well know month..
—  Rap Monster on the coming ‘biggest’ month of Ramadhan for muslims
Happy Birthday Chanyeo-

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Chanyeol

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,265

Summary:  Fluff, reader request. Chanyeol imagine where you’re both idols and you surprise him onstage for his birthday. 

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Imagine the other members of Seventeen making sure that Jeonghan has an amazing birthday celebration despite being on tour and away from his family.

✧・゚: *✧ happy birthday BTS ✧*:・゚✧

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Its 13/06, and its BTS’ anniversary again. I remember exactly 365 days ago, i was lying on my bed when i trampled upon a fanfic. The fanfic was a beautiful amalgam of love, warmth and tears and i couldnt help but feel so incredibly proud of BTS for being able to come so far. Yet another 365 days have passed. BTS is now 1 year older, 1 year wiser and 1 year better.

In all honesty, i wasnt the first few armys who stanned them since No More Dream. In fact, i stanned them really late, only around the beginning of last year. It was their weekly idol episode that surprised me.

“How can someone be so incredibly funny?” i remember thinking to myself. And that was it, that was how i became an army. 

BTS came a long way, from nothing to where there are today. But despite these, they are still the young, energetic group of boys that sings about the beautiful moments in life, who wants to spread their wings to achieve greater heights. Their hard work and drive and things i genuinely look up to, and how they still stay humble and down to earth despite clinching awards they never thought they could.

 Thanks to armys all from around the world who voted, thanks to their diligence and perseverance, thanks to BTS, who made dreams realities.

 I admire how forthcoming and genuine they are with fans, and are honestly always pampering armys with new and quality content like gayo, run,and vlives. They update their social media regularly and create spotify playlists to share their interests with us. They always try to engage armys internationally by trying their best in english, or speaking in different languages at various locations during world tours. Its amazing, you know, to be able to find someone like them.

Armys also had countless fan projects, and in the recent BTS week, i found myself captivated with what each fan account had to say to the various members. Honestly, it warms my heart to know that im in the same fandom as these wonderful people.

 In just a span of 2 years, they have had countless comebacks, countless world tours and countless new memories with us.

They came together for their love and passion for music, and together, their teamwork made their dream work.

I have never regretted stanning BTS, not one day, ever.

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 Thank you Seokjin, for always trying your best in everything you do, being such an amazing “mom” to the other 6 members, taking such great care of them. 

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Thank you Yoongi, for being the really cool member, but yet always secretly making sure that all the members are okay. Thank you for opening up to armys through your mixtape, Agust D.

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Thank you Namjoon, for being the best leader ever for BTS. Thank you for being their pillar of support and for always trying your best to engage international armys by translating or speaking in english.

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Thank you Hoseok, for being such a sunshine, always spreading happiness and joy wherever you go, be it to the other members or the armys.

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 Thank you Jimin, for being the angel of the group. Always taking care of them, ensuring they are happy, and always hoping the best for them. Thank you for being so selfless.

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Thank you Taehyung, for being the dorky member, bringing the hyungs and armys lots of joy and happy moments. Thank you for showing us the other side of you as well, which is incredibly tender as you recently released a soundtrack of 4 o’clock with Rapmon. 

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Thank you Jungkook, for being the golden maknae, and always trying your best in everything you do. Thank you for releasing countless covers for Armys, and for being a maknae the hyungs and army adore.

Thank you, BTS for bringing out the best in each other, and for being there for each other. Im proud to say im an army, and i wont be going anywhere.

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Happy birthday BTS! 


Together, forever