idol star olympic

Reasons I am excited about seeing Bangtan in the Idol Star Olympics
  • Taehyung either running majestically like a gazelle or falling flat on his face (no middle ground)
  • Hoseok shooting aegyo and hearts as he crosses the finish line
  • Hoseok doing victory dances
  • Jimin’s pouty sulk if he doesn’t win, and his adorable surprised face if he does
  • Golden Maknae  Jeon Jungkook getting overly competitive and taking it way too seriously
  • Yoongi being the shortest baller but whipping everyone’s asses anyway
  • Yoongi probably taking out some bigger dudes to make his dunks (he’s the shooting guard duh - shoo+gua = SUGA)
  • Namjin chilling on the bleachers with sandwiches packed by Jin (with the crusts cut off) and a thermos of hot chocolate

140113 idol star olympics: xiumin had an injured ankle and luhan was the only one who took care of him. the uploader said that luhan was looking all over the place, trying to find the ice spray (for injuries in soccer) ♥