idol of life

Vkook / Taekook skype call // Moans 18+

Skip to 1:43 if you just wanna hear the moans you horny bastards ;)

Jungkook and Taehyung are separated, tae gets turned on and starts to touch himself to Jungkooks dirty words. They both ending up masturbating over each other.

why are fans being so immature about hyungwon dating?

really though.

you don’t own him.
it’s not your life, it’s his.
let him live it.
It’s annoying to see fans being all butt hurt about him having a girlfriend and dating secretly. let him do whatever the fuck he wants , he’s literally an ADULT.

while the fake monbebes who are telling hyungwon to leave MX spit whatever other shit they have to throw, I’m over here like:

YOOOOOO GET YOU SOME ASS HYUNGWON YOU DESERVE IT. ( really though , im actually glad that he’s getting some lmao , he’s a hard worker lol)

okay but hyungwon dating is seriously the cutest thing ever I don’t get why people are so pressed-?

this is all coming from a 16 year old girl who’s ult. Is hyungwon

Can’t we all just be happy that our bias is happy?