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korean fans response to an international fan’s question of whether or not they think that the entire idol industry is “just companies pushing out idol groups like they’re robots”

Just a friendly reminder that our Bangtan Boys had, still have and will have the recognition they deserve. Don't get salty if Twice or Black Pink or whoever will surpass some of BTS' record. It happens. Play it cool 😊

We don’t want anymore to be known as the rude fandom they describe us, right?
I know it will be hard but it will show our maturity. Fighting, ARMY!

anonymous asked:

Has SHINee ever released repackages unpromoted??

the misconceptions of us repackage wasn’t promoted, with the exception of them doing a few fansigns. 

otherwise, they promoted: a.mi.go for like three months (but times were different then both because shinee were a rookie group that needed constant exposure and less idol groups existed), hello for five weeks, and married to the music for two weeks.

What she says: I’m Fine. 

What she means: When are idols like Taehyung from BTS or any idol going to stop apologizing for having tan skin or becoming too tan. They are beautiful  regardless of the color, and what made us fall in love with them was not the complexion of the skin, but their personality and values they’ve demonstrated. So why all the fuss? These micro-aggressions from fans sincerely need to stop because although some accept their skin, maintaining that confidence throughout their career is difficult, and sadly fans have enough power to destroy that by commenting on posts that our idols see with the complaint of  “you’re getting too dark” or “you looked better with lighter skin”.  Their skin color should not be pointed out as a flaw. They are humans too and are working their butts off going without several hours of sleep at night, rehearsing everyday, and being away from their families just to give US attention, while we return the favor by destroying their self esteem. Just stop. 

So BTS Jimin changed his haircolor to blonde

As if we wouldn’t notice they are trying to copy BAP’s iconic warrior look

LMAO nice try. Changing your haircolor to blonde to copy BAP the kings of kpop to gain some attention and relevancy from BABYZ.