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I am confused as to why people keep making the joke that Monsta X are/will become male strippers…? They are kpop idols and trained hard and went through a lot of shit to be a proper kpop idol group–not to be called male strippers. Where and how did that joke come into existence…? Some of them don’t even pull their shirts up all the way during the Hero dance simply because they don’t want to!

And the joke that Wonho likes to take off his clothes just for the hell of it?? I guess you didn’t see how many times he tried to close up his shirt after he opened it during that Stuck performance and that moment during his solo vlive when a fan told him to show his abs and he shyly pulled his shirt close because he hadn’t noticed his chest was slightly showing. The look in his eyes looked so sad and ashamed as though it was his own fault that someone was looking at him in that way. He said he likes to work out for his health and to relieve stress–not to satisfy your sexual fantasies. 

I mean really now please stop.

Keep it real, Monbebe. And non-monbebe…please just respect our boys.

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there's something i never really understood about kpop and that is when idols are dating or it was leaked that they were together it gets called a dating scandal? why couldn't they date if they want to? a post i saw on tumblr got me thinking because it said how exo had not one but two dating scandals, does it have something to do with the fandom getting upset enough to call it a scandal? i'm v confused

This is why i think its called a dating scandal:
Most idol groups have dating bans until like a certain year or something so if they date during that ban it would be considered a scandal. Not to mention they dont really have time to date. But i also feel like idols/ celebrities are like felt the need to stay single…for the fans you feel? But yeah idk. Exos dating scandals were fake tho so i wouldnt really…pay attention to that…
I hope i could somewhat help tho!
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I can’t stand it when people say that you are a “weeaboo” just for liking Japanese idols. There are people who only like idols just to fetishize them, and those people give us other fans a bad name.

Some of us actually love them for their music and appreciate the culture. Don’t group all idol fans in together because not all of us are like that.

I’m actually interested in them for their music, and I treat them like how I do American celebrities. I’m actually learning Japanese and I’m learning about the culture.

Weeaboos only like them because they find them attractive and probably don’t care about their music at all.

Tsukista TV Ep 1 Summary Notes

This was the first episode of Tsukista TV which aired on 4/5/17. It focused on Kiyama Ryuu, who plays Kakeru, and Yokoo Lui, who plays Koi. These guys in Six Gravity talk a lot faster and talk over each other more than Procella, so sorry if I missed some things. With this post, I’ve finished writing notes for all six episodes. I know I skipped over this episode initially, but thanks for waiting for me to get around to it! You can find links to the other summary posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc page, but if you’re on mobile and can’t view it, I made a text post with links to each as well.

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I saw this and thought that more people should see it. I think that this girl is speaking the truth and I have so much respect for her. Plus there are still trainees who haven’t been debuted yet, even if they have so much talent and have been training for years. I don’t think it’s fair to them.

A break down of Arashi’s singing parts on “Miles Away” song from [ Are You Happy ] album.

See? This is one of the reasons this song is my no.1 favorite from that album. Their voices have matured a lot 😭💗

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it must be real fucked up to be a gay idol and know that people will “ship” you with someone of the same gender for their enjoyment but if you ever come out as gay some of those same people will turn around and call you disgusting in the same breath that they called you their “gayby”

Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

1. Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette
2. BOOMBAYAH or Playing with Fire
3. Ooh Ahh or TT
4. Up & Down or L.I.E
5. Closer or Windy Day
6. Crazy or Hate
7. I Am The Best or Come Back Home
8. Like a Cat or Excuse Me
9. Red Light or 4 Walls
10. Me Gustas Tu or Navillera 
11. Pepe or Hobgoblin
12. Joker or Fri.Sat. Sun.
13. Mr. Mr. or You Think
14. I or Why
15. Whatta Man or Very Very Very
16. You’re The Best or Decalcomanie
17. Touch My Body or I Like That
18. Shake That Brass or Need to Feel Needed
19. MOYA or I’m Jelly Baby
20. Secret or I Wish
21. Ring My Bell or Something
22. Only You or Hush
23. Mamma Mia or Mr.
24. Sting or Vibrato
25. Deepend or High Heels
26. Angel or Don’t Believe
27. The Rain or Galaxy
28. One More or Apple Pie
29. You Don’t Love Me or Secret Time
30. Mind Your Own Business or Home
31. Shut Up & Groove or And July
32. Doin’ Good or Nobody’s Perfect
33. Cider or Crazy Dog

male idol groups as i come to know them

shinee: kings of kings, 5hinee???, once in a blue moon comebacks, always slays tho, taemin has killed people??, jonghyun cries, key/minho is loud, tofu leader onew, dibidibidissing themselves is a specialty, live vocals for days, visuals, rind dinG DONG DIGGY DINGY DING

shinhwa: you thought shinee were kings, actual gods, legends, eats cds for meals, fans are moms, doesn’t let members live/leave, grown men but also smol children, m style, don’t make them dance 2x speed dances, butt grabbing, kissing, they talk about farting a lot, grown men that i shouldn’t like but do, my mom thinks they’re good looking af

bts: any armys here xD, i thought rapmon was a pokemon, fans are kinda :/, lots of in fandom drama, despise exo/exo-ls, screaming, aloof, do they have other friends???, bulletproof boyscouts makes me cringe sometimes ngl, choreo will apparently kill you (lie), lightstick lowkey doubles as a weapon, FIYUHHHH OH AYE OH

got7: literally the easiest name ever jyp what u doin, actually has 7, united nations group, memes, wild af outside of korea, JACKSON, dab7, people talk a lot of shit on bambam :/, dancing kid yugyeom, they have a dog, a DOG, best leader jaebum, it’s jinyoung not junior, dancing kings with bts, gotbangtan saved my life, mark who?

exo: i’m not even gonna start, sm does whatever with them, members left, idk any names, only do and kai, fandom is kinda :/ too, despise armies/bts, CHOGIWA, wolf was a tragic era, no one talks about the history mv, call me (daddy) baby, good music, apparently invented everything????, exo next door was cringey and my life at the same time, kudae oolf naega oolf

seventeen: wait how many members???, boy with long hair (its not long anymore??), good at everything, self producing idols, short angery man writes songs, vernon is a meme, they’re all memes, american hyung josh, only chan is actually 17, they have a general leader????, sub units within a group???, justice for china line, have they ever failed at anything??, carrot is the fandom name???

infinite: hoya hoya hoooya, old man sunggyu, weekly idol’s children, i have never met an inspirit irl, or online, unique sound, quality music, looked a lil dusty in the early days but thats ok

vixx: kinky kpop group???, lightstick vibrates????, i love n, and leo, they got me chained up lmao i’m sorry, i have never met a starlight irl either, where yall at???

24k: who???, just kidding, people don’t know who they are tho, i’m in love with the leader, listen to oasis its a bop, sunbaes to so many of ur faves its unbelievable, give em a listen, go to russia/europe on the regular???, go through so many lineup changes what is their company doin smh, look em up hunnies

toppdogg: T O DOUBLE G, T O DOUBLE G, who???, just kidding, lots of bops, give oasis and arario a try, members keep leavin like no???, stay???, one member is literally named camel, have a good ass fandom name, topp klass, vvvv nice, i have never met one irl, hmu lol

monsta x: i can be your hERO, joohoney, slept on, no one can spell their name???, all in changed my life, wonho is lowkey kinky, no mercy really had no mercy, kings of circle choreos, wheres thEIR FIRST WIN???, shownu is a giant teddy bear, you thought you knew memes, inventor of the meme, stan talent pls ;-;

vromance: STAN TALENT DO IT LOOK THEM UP RIGHT NOW STAN THEM, grown men i love but shouldn’t, vocals slay me, eats cds, so much potential ;-;

**this is all just jokes but @ me if you want lol it’ll just be for a ridiculous reason

Say it with me:
Twice is not just Momo, Sana, and Tzuyu.
SNSD is not just Tiffany and Taeyeon.
Gugudan is not just Mina, Sejeong, and Nayoung.
WJSN is not just Yeonjung, Cheng Xiao, and Exy.
AoA is not just Jimin, Choa, and Seolhyun.
f(x) is not just Amber.
Gfriend is not just Eunha.
EXID is not just Hani.
Red Velvet is not just Irene and Seulgi.
BLACKPINK is not just Lisa.

If you want to like just one or two members, then fine. You do you.
But I am so tired of seeing “girl group stans” trash the other members that they don’t favor. Girl groups already get enough shit from people who won’t even listen to them, they don’t need it from people who supposedly love them. There is a reason that these girls were chosen for their groups and if you can’t see their talent, then cool, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but do not drag them through the dirt. Do not say that they aren’t even useful. Not only is it hurtful, but it’s disrespectful. The girls in these groups love each other and to blatantly scorn them is not only hurtful to that one idol, but to the rest of the group. Think before you speak.