🌙THE PRETENDERS//PLANET X🌙 – this is the second part of this two-part trip hop song, off of Wonderland EP! This is the journey into the 9th dimension. #trippy #edm #triphop #electronica #electronicmusic #music #rave #psychedelic #future #futurebeats #futurehouse #house #magic #ableton #high #trance #idm #flume #flyinglotus (at Planet X)

good music recommendations for y'all

everyone listen to:
fire away by skrillex
Natural light by Porter Robinson
Fellow feeling by Porter Robinson
Sea of voices by Porter Robinson

I am telling you these songs are so soothing and amazing and beautiful and you’d think they would not be because it’s “EDM” BUT INFACT these songs are dope and relaxing and FUCKING AMAZING so listen

For your own good

Milk Puzzle Releases “COTILLION”
Stream the album and download it here:

This release began as a full length, 20 track album named Gunk City in the summer of 2014 but due to personal problems I stopped work on the project.

Instead of working on Milk Puzzle tracks from then until now, I’ve been working on my (now main) project, which I plan to continue to put the majority of my time into…. especially because it makes me happy.

This release now embodies the work it takes to push through self-worth issues because if you work hard enough you WILL be happy, and you will turn a new page in your life.

Follow Milk Puzzle here:
Cover artwork by:
Mastered by Mazza:

Our first release of 2016 is out!! With more soon to follow. The AUDMONSTERS have all been busy bees over the winter (Which doesn’t make a lick of sense but then again WHEN HAVE WE) and we’re looking forward to showing you our work in the new year!

For now, enjoy an EP from our wonderful label head!

intelligent dance music for studying

Sleep Sound - Jamie xx

Distroia - Mouse On Mars

Diagram 11 - D'Arcangelo

Wedding Bells - Cashmere Cat

Nil - Autechre

Eva - Jega

Pinnacles - Four Tet

Perverted Undertone - Prefuse 73

Crestfallen - Galimatias

On My Bus - Plone

The Crow - DJ Food

Dreams - Jega

Montreal - Autechre

Corsair - Boards of Canada

Go Down Dixie - Tim Love Lee

Reconsider (Jamie xx Edit) - The xx

Dexedrine Girl - µ-Ziq

Hold Tight - Jamie xx

The Big Clapper - Two Lone Swordsmen

Telema - To Rococo Rot

Wandering - Yosi Horikawa

200 Press - James Blake

For Some But Not for Me - Prefuse 73

Reach For The Dead - Boards of Canada

With a Professional - Dabrye

Horses - To Rococo Rot

Flashlight - Bonobo

Diagram 13 - D'Arcangelo

Unicorn - Four Tet

The Rest Is Noise - Jamie xx

Pelican - Bonobo

Heliosphan - Aphex Twin

Nuits Sonores - Floating Points

Dubble (Organ Swell) - Funki Porcini

Four Ton Mantis - Amon Tobin

Fear of Corners (Remastered) - Dntel

Building It Still - James Blake

Suesse Cheques - Ricardo Villalobos

Satellite Anthem Icarus - Boards of Canada

µ-ziq Theme - µ-Ziq

Eyen (feat. Benet Walsh) - Plaid

Blank Page - Apparat

Chromantic - Mouse On Mars

Piano - Dabrye

German - Jega

At the End of the Day - Amon Tobin

Plaything - Plone

Asheed - Luke Vibert

Tender Hooks - Plaid

Swayed - Kiasmos

With Me - Cashmere Cat

Looped - Kiasmos

Key Nell 1 - Gescom

Bubbles - Yosi Horikawa

Everything You Do Is a Balloon - Boards of Canada

Galaxy In Janaki - Flying Lotus

Letter - Yosi Horikawa


Merzbow - Ecobondage (Ending) Autechre remix

basically the best track on this album… panasonic’s was second…but panasonic’s remix of neubauten’s “nnnaaammm” is pretty much my favorite remix of all time, as i have noted elsewhere


Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam

You get what it says on the label: A track that is pure balsam for the soul. Not something you’d always expect from Aphex Twin, but not the only one of his tracks with that function either. This stands out for me though. A calm yet longing synth piano melody is the main ingredient. Add some analogue drums and claps to give depth and pass them through a filter that lets them seem like a nostalgic memory. The result is a track radiating with warmness and a feeling of safety. Soothing, protecting, healing. Beautiful.


extremely important song + video


The Algorithm - floating point

Making his FiXT debut, The Algorithm showcases exactly what he’s capable of with the new single “floating point” from the upcoming album Brute Force (available April 1st).

Buy floating point (Single): [FiXT Store] [iTunes] [Bandcamp]
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Про музыку и горячие клавиши

Откуда у меня в плеере столько вичхауса? Неудивительно, что каждое утро, стоя на платформе в метро и глядя на приближающийся поезд, я.. Впрочем, остальной плейлист тоже оставляет желать лучшего: ванильно-щёлкающий idm, унылый эмбиент, меланхоличный фолк-модерн, чудом завалявшееся screemo, какое-то уж очень грустное инди, плаксивый дрим-поп и грузовые саундтреки к любимым фильмам и играм.



И вот я сижу у ноутбука, просматриваю папку «Music» и понимаю, что в ней вообще нет более-менее позитивной музыки. Нейтралитет держат разве что подборки старенького гоа-транса и джангла (именно того джангла, каким он был до эволюции деградации в драм-н-басс).



А потом я увидел в зеркале себя и улыбнулся.