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The Duggar's molestation scandal is disgusting but seriously do not mock someone's religion. If they really believe that Josh Duggar will be forgiven for what he has done just let them have that. It's not right and they won't be forgiven but don't pin this on the Christian religion, please.

I’m not pinning it on the Christian religion or mocking individual Christians who are not involved in this scandal.  I AM pointing out how hypocritical it is that the Christian right wing claims they are against gay/trans rights and sexual freedom and contraception because of “family values” but actively protects and covers up pedophilia and child abuse and incest in their own community.  

I’m not going to keep silent about the fact that a religious institution is deeply culpable for the mass abuse of children because I’m supposed to respect all religions.  I don’t respect child abusers and those who enable child abuse.  I’m not going to stand idly by while these people say we should forget about this issue because they and their god have “forgiven” a child rapist when they offer no mention of the wellbeing of the children who were abused and no evidence that this is an issue they take seriously or have taken steps to prevent in the future.  Fuck them.

And if you are a member of the Christian church and don’t want to be associated with the child abusers in your midst, push the church to hold them accountable.  Don’t come after people like me and other bloggers and news outlets for simply SHARING information about the case in the hopes that it never happens again.

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Omg your writing is literally the best. How about a Bumbleby Thursday where Blake and Yang pull a prank on Weiss?

[[I feel Blake would be dissuading her, not helping haha]]

“Yang, I don’t think this is a good-”

“Oh, c’mon! You said that about the last three pranks! I’ve dumbed it down this much, so you’ve gotta let me have this, Blake!”

“…Fine. It’s your funeral.”

The blonde’s plan was a simple old prank, which had in fact been altered time and again after Blake rejected her initial proposals of jokes. This was the only one the Faunus girl could settle for, as it wouldn’t potentially injure Weiss - or consequently, Yang - in the process.

Presently, her partner was striving to get the eraser (that was “chock-full of chalk-dust”, as Yang had said) on top of the door while Blake sat idly on her bed with her nose in a book, ignoring Yang’s please for help, wanting to have nothing to do with this. She was going to firmly stand as neutral in all of this.

Although, when the door opened five minutes later, she couldn’t help but look up curiously.

But as fate would have it, it hadn’t been Weiss who’d walked through the door, but Ruby, who had a bit of a sensitive nose when it came to any kind of dust or Dust.

The eraser hit her on the head with a puff of white, making Ruby squeak and leaving her unable to speak due to how much she was sneezing.

Weiss had been right behind her, and instantly went off accusing and scolding Yang, while Blake went to Ruby and patted her back to soothe her.

And that was how Yang nearly put her little sister into a sneezing fit.

A dark red color shot to the Mage’s face at the Night Hunter’s question.

“A… A Date?” She stammered, “W…Why would you want that?” She asked, idly twirling one of the tassels of her outfit around her wrist.

She forced a small cough to clear her throat, and to fill the silence which had descended upon the pair.

“I…err… Sure, Vayne. I don’t see why not.” She said with a smile, the color on her cheeks lightening somewhat.

          Idly do gloved fingers play with one of the many crosses he adorned, brows
          furrowing as the Russian exhales a curt breathe. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Even
          the parasite stirring in his damned form couldn’t distract his thoughts. He
          misses her – simple as that. Has he ever looked so glum in the past?
                                                                            ( surely not. )

Coming Right Up - OPEN

Ismene was working a late night at the bar, but she didn’t complain; it was something to keep her mind off of the emptiness. She hadn’t thought about it in a long time, but as soon as she had, it wouldn’t leave her head. Even though Ismene was surrounded by people she felt incredibly and irrevocably alone in the world. But what did it matter- she was going to live forever, right? She was normal, right? She hadn’t lived past her time… right?

Ismene was glad when a distraction appeared- someone had just sat down at the bar. Ismene didn’t mind if they were underage or not- she sold drinks to everyone. The manager was never around to notice. So, as she idly cleaned a glass, Ismene moseyed on over to the stranger, hoping that they’d be the excitement she craved. 

“What can I get you, sweetheart?”

We are lesbian, gay, trans, and bi Jews:
“You must not go about slandering your kin.” [19:16]
We are your trans, gay, bi, and lesbian siblings:
“You shall not hate your brother or sister in your heart.” [19:17]
We are lesbian, gay, trans, and bi victims of gay-bashing and murder:
“You may not stand by idly when your neighbor’s blood is being shed.” [19:16]
We are your bi, trans, lesbian and gay parents:
“Revere your mother and your father, each one of you.” [19:3]
We are the stranger:
“You must not oppress the stranger.”
“You shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” [19:34]
We are your bi, gay, trans, and lesbian neighbors:
“You must not oppress your neighbor.” [19:13]
“You must judge your neighbor justly.” [19:15]
“You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.” [19:18]
—  Rabbi Lisa Edwards, the openly-lesbian rabbi of Los Angeles’ Congregation Beth Chayim Chadashim, the world’s first LGBT-outreach synagogue, on Vayikra/Leviticus
The Right Side of the Wrong Idea

The right side of the wrong idea permeates through everyone and everything. The wrong idea rightly claims that it has power. At first the right side wrongly sits by.  The right side once what it once. The wrong idea wants what it wants. To be a spectator the right once to be, while the wrong idea wants to be set free. The wrong side of the wrong idea does sit idly by, but the right side idly buys some time. And that wrong idea remains caged for all sides to see.

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